Enormous Triangle Over
Connecticut - 'Football Field'
Disc Over New Jersey
George A. Filer <>
Mutual UFO Network Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files - #23
Professor Hermann Oberth, the German rocket expert is considered to be one of the fathers of the space age. In 1955, Dr. Von Braun invited him to the US to work at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency and later NASA where he researched UFO propulsion. Oberth stated,
"It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they are possibly manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our earth for centuries. I think that they possibly have been sent out to conduct systematic, long range investigations, first of men, animals, vegetation and more recently of atomic centers, armaments and centers of armament production."
"Flying Saucers Come From A Distant World" -American Weekly, 10/24/54
BRIDGEPORT -- Skywatch International reports that on June 2, 1999, a large dark gray triangle was observed at 9:53 PM. A friend saw an object from his house 2 to 3 miles away. The witness reports, "I was on the phone and saw a large gray triangle object appear below cloud cover. When it first appeared the UFO displayed two large white lights, that went dark and were replaced by three red lights on its edges. One of the red lights had a flutter to it. The object the size of a 747 aircraft. The rear of the triangle had one half a circle area cut out of it. It moved from the northeast, and made an abrupt turn to the East without making any noise. The object followed the power lines in area for almost four minutes. While the object was visible the family dog was agitated and barking. The weather was partly cloudy. The object appeared solid and was as bright as a star. Thanks to Skywatch International Inc.
CROMWELL -- On June 4, 1999, I was driving east looking towards the rising sun at 5:30 AM. There was a huge brilliant white object hovering in the sky. I normally turn off on a ramp that brings me to Route 9 and north to Hartford, but I drove straight towards the object and the center of Cromwell. At first I was sure it was the morning star, but I knew the object was too large and bright for a star. I observed it for a few minutes more and became bored. So I decided to leave, when the object suddenly shot straight up and was gone. I was wondering if anyone else saw it? This is the third time I have seen a craft like this in the Middlesex, County area. Thanks to Dean Burgess
TRENTON -- Ron De Baecke called me to report his sighting on June 7, 1999, of a huge disc shaped unidentified flying object hovering in the sky. He is a retired Army aircraft mechanic and has worked around aircraft most of his life. He and his wife Patricia were driving north on Route 130 near Bordentown, when a shiny bright object caught their attention in the clear blue sky at 7:30 PM. The object appeared to be solid and manufactured with a shiny metal surface. There were no lights visible on the craft. It was positioned roughly over Trenton, the state capital. Ron estimated the disc to be the size of a football field. Although, there was no other aircraft to help estimate the exact size of the craft, both he and his wife felt the UFO was huge. They drove under some trees along the highway and when they could view the open sky again the craft had disappeared. It was just hovering and then it was gone. Ron stated, "It was so big that others must have seen the craft, this is why we decided to make the report." Until this sighting they were not believers in UFOs. Thanks to Ron De Baecke.
ELMER - On June 10, 1999, Linda Shirley reports seeing a UFO or more specifically lights over South Jersey. I thought at first I was seeing a very bright star in the late afternoon at early dusk. Linda says she saw the lights for only twenty seconds, they were hovering in the air. The lights were bright orange, round, and very bright. Then from a dead stop it descended all the way to the ground, at least it appeared to go to ground because I lost it behind the trees. When it started a direct descent I knew it was not a star. This is the first time I saw one in the daytime. Thanks to Linda Shirley of Elmer.
WANAQUE RESERVOIR -- Jim Cleary of New Jersey Sighting's Website has been investigating the recent action at the Wanaque Reservoir. He interviewed Mike who has always been interested in UFO's and stated, "What I've seen at the Reservoir at this point could fill a 200 page notebook. One time I went with some friends, and usually what we see is numerous lights just kind of sitting there in the sky. They are just above the horizon, fading or intensifying in luminosity and ever so slowly ascending or descending in position. But this time the lights are all sitting there, and I noticed off to our left in the sky is a light. I say to them "Hey check it out. There is one over there, and it turned off." Then I look right and I saw the light, but as I went to speak it shut off. So we were surrounded. That was interesting that time! As I said before usually its just lights that sit above the horizon and either fade in or out or go slowly up or down. If you are not patient you can easily be bored, as my friends often do. Cleary asks, "Would you characterize the lights you have seen mechanical craft of some type or do you think the lights are some types of visible energy phenomena caused by the Ramapoo fault?" Mike said, "There is no way I could tell for sure if they are either craft or energy, but from what I have observed it is my opinion that they are mechanical craft." Cleary asks, "Wanaque has many legends of strange things going on. Are you aware of any of them?" Mike stated, "DuPont has been in Wanaque since at least the 60's. There were a lot of incredible UFO sightings, including one where the UFO actually went into the Reservoir and didn't come out for a week. The Governor went to the schools and held town meetings saying that it was an asteroid. Thanks to Jim Cleary at New Jersey Sightings:
LAKE LEWISVILLE -- Amy Hebert reports that on June 6, 1999, I was in my back yard helping my daughter check on her turtle in our pond. I looked up to the west while talking with my daughter and noticed three, large, bright white lights in a row (horizontal) flying to the west at a steady speed at 1:10 PM. I assumed it was an airplane but something seemed strange about the three white lights. I kept watching it while talking to my daughter. Then suddenly three bright red lights emerged from the left side of the three white lights and flew south faster than an airplane would fly. The three bright white lights continued to fly off to the west until I lost sight of it behind the trees. The first object or the three white lights would have been over Lake Lewisville about the time the three red lights emerged. The three white lights were very bright and unusually big as were the three red lights that were a very, very bright red. The lights were not flashing or strobing. The lights were larger than a dime held at arm's length. Thanks to Amy Hebert:
QUESTA -- Brendan Smith writes, No one is sure what killed a calf and two cows last month on the Tres Ritos Ranch, but ranch manager Tom Reed definitely finds the deaths unusual. The last cow was found dead May 23, 1999, in a pasture near where a dead calf and a dead cow were found earlier in the month, Reed said. The last cow had its udder cleanly cut off and a deep hole with smoothly cut edges gouged into its neck. Each of the three animals had unexplained wounds and missing body parts, Reed said. The 8th Judicial District Attorney's Office takes cattle mutilations seriously, although no one has ever been charged with the crime, Assistant District Attorney John Day said. Dozens of reported cattle mutilations in northern New Mexico dating back to the 1970s have spawned theories about aliens sent to Earth to slice up cows. Gabe Valdez, a retired State Police officer who has investigated cattle mutilations near Dulce, said he is working with the District Attorney's Office in investigating the recent cattle deaths. Valdez is now a field investigator for the National Institute for Discovery Science, a private organization that has volunteered to pay for necropsies and lab tests on the dead cattle. The institute, based in Las Vegas, Nev., researches cattle mutilations, UFOs and reported encounters with aliens. Reed found the first dead cow on May 4 in a pasture on the 3,200 acre Tres Ritos Ranch. The cow's right eye and right ear were missing with a circular cut around the right ear extending down the neck, Reed said. "There were no tracks where she was injured or hurting and dragged herself around," Reed said, "She was just there." The calf was found dead four days later in the same area. The calf's right eye, tongue, and rump were missing and the genital area had been cut open, Reed said. The New Mexico Livestock Board investigated about 30 cattle mutilations in northern New Mexico in 1993 and 1994. The Livestock Board concluded most of the mutilations were not caused by predators or scavengers, but there was "possible involvement of clandestine Satanic groups." The institute has researched about a dozen unexplained cattle deaths in New Mexico or Utah, over the past 3 years, Kelleher said. After conducting necropsies and lab tests, some of those cattle deaths were determined to be caused by infectious disease, accidental poisoning from insecticides, or the work of predators or scavengers. "There are a small handful of mysterious cases for which there are no logical explanations," Kelleher said. Albuquerque Journal, 6/9/99
HOOTON -- John Hayes received this sighting report. The witness stated, "I am from England and on the 2nd of May this year, I saw a blue light above Hooton Leviet near Maltby near Rotherham. It was about 1:00 AM and I was camping in Kings Wood near by and it was just hovering above Hooton. There was no noise and then it moved left and then right and then it was gone. Thanks to: John Hayes
ROSTOV-NA-DONU The UFO looked at first like Venus, but was much larger than any planet or star and it moves!" A Russian girl has filmed a possible UFO on a camcorder and the film was shown in a direct report to the Russian evening news ("RTV"- Moskva "Russian TV" on June 2, 1999. According to a student at Rostov-na-Donu University, the UFO had a bright spherical form and was transforming in shape from time to time on the television monitored in Lithuania. Zoomed in video of the UFO were shown on Russian television. The announcer asked "Whether the UFO could be viewed at this time?" The girl responded, "UFO is at its former place, I see it." The mysterious has been observed by city inhabitants nightly for the last three days. Thanks to Anatoly Kutovoy, who translated especially for Filer's Files.
RAF SAXA VORD -- A retired Royal Air Force radar operator reports a strange UFO was captured on RAF radar in the winter of 1964-1965. Dave Ledger of UFO Scotland reports that he recently spoke (for the record) with an ex RAF member who was once based at the northern most Early Warning Radar tracking station at RAF Saxa Vord. The case was also documented by the Royal Air Force. Radar Operators observed a stationary return on their "Type 84" early warning radar, that gained their interest and curiosity. The flying object was observed sitting motionless at a height of approximately 20,000 feet by a "Type 13" radar height finder system. The radar return was a very strong signal that showed up clearly on the radar as a "real structured object." What caused immediate concern was that this particular object could not be readily identified by the personnel on duty. This was during the "cold war," so the personnel had to assume that this anomalous radar return was an incoming hostile craft. It was now approaching the North coast of Scotland from a northeasterly direction. There was no reply from the IFF (identification friend or foe system) so the unknown was treated by the on duty personnel as a hostile, possibly Russian. The unknown object slowly continued to approach toward the Scottish coast. An QRA alert was sent to the nearest interceptor base at RAF Leuchars in Fife. They scrambled two English Electric Lightning fighter aircraft to intercept and identify the incoming threat. The two Lightnings were vectored, via the ground controllers, towards the incoming bogey. As they approached the unknown, it became aware of the interceptors and climbed vertical, rapidly, directly up and up until it was lost on the height finder radar at about 100,000 feet. The two radar operators just looked at each other, shook their heads and said "NO!" It is a well-known fact that no known aircraft on this planet at that time, had the capability of climbing to this altitude. The anomaly was definitely exhibiting intelligent control and was in his honest opinion: "Not one of ours!" These could have not been erroneous ground returns as this incident took place over the North Sea. The interceptors got nowhere near their targets but the whole incident still remains unexplained. Thanks to Dave Ledger UFO Scotland. Editor's Note: I had a similar intercept experience over England while flying for the US Air Force. When we got close, a hovering UFO also climbed at an astonishing rate.
BBC News Online Science Editor, Dr. David Whitehouse reports that: One of the most powerful searches for aliens in space is about to begin from Australia. It will simultaneously listen to 58 million radio channels. "The instrument is one of the most powerful in the world and it's going to sift the skies to look for artificial signatures from other intelligent civilizations, should they exist," says Dr. Frank Stootman, Chairman of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Australia and Co-director of the Southern Serendip Project. "This is a very significant experiment that will contribute to testing some important scientific paradigms about the origin and development of self-conscious life in the universe," he added. Right time, right place The search for ET will use the Parkes telescope in New South Wales. The SETI Center has increased the number of radio channels it can listen to simultaneously from eight million to a staggering 58 million channels. Thanks to the BBC 6/9/99.
Joel Carpenter writes that USAF's Stefan T. Possony was a visionary theoretician. He would propose a lot of ideas for the sake of analysis. This didn't necessarily mean that because he committed an idea to paper, he was advocating it. His Air Force Intelligence Special Studies Group was organized to look at "out there" concepts. The whole point was to consider ideas that other intelligence components might think were unlikely, if they even looked at them at all. His hypothesis about a possible relationship between UFOs and meteors was just a hypothesis, and I don't think many scientists took it seriously. It's very clear from Possony's other papers that what he really suspected was that UFOs were Soviet secret weapons. I wouldn't get hung up on the statements about cloud seeding, global warming, and UFOs being a possible threat. Possony DID think UFOs were a possible threat - probably from the USSR. The following Secret memo to the head of USAF Intelligence is revealing:
SECRET: 1 August 1952 MEMORANDUM FOR GENERAL SAMFORD SUBJECT: USAF Interest in Flying Saucers. At the risk of boring you with a tedious subject, I want to submit a few ideas which may be helpful in making a proper decision. What are the Flying Saucers? It is a well-established heuristic principle that the unknown must be made intelligible by referring to the known. If we ask the question: "What known phenomena bear the greatest similarity to saucers?" The answer seems to be that saucer behavior follows the pattern of electromagnetic phenomena. Assuming for the time being, that the saucers are a natural phenomenon of some electromagnetic kind, and accepting the fact that saucer phenomena have occurred at infrequent intervals throughout history, we should inquire as to the cause of the increased frequency of the occurrence. (The increase is about 4000-fold from 19th-century reports, though elimination from current sightings would tend to reduce this figure). Since the increase in sightings started in 1946-7, it may be fruitful to tie the sightings to events preceding them and of which there were no counterparts at earlier periods. Prior to the upsurge in saucer sightings, the following new activities took place: 1. The carrying of radioactive particles into the upper atmosphere by means of atomic explosions and production; 2. The penetration of the upper atmosphere by guided missiles, new types of balloons, and perhaps aircraft; 3. The production of shock waves at higher altitude, due to the breaching of the sound barrier; 4. The increased output in radio and radar signals, including television; 5. The seeding of clouds for purposes of weather control; 6. The great increase in commercial and private flying. Moreover, the present era is characterized by a general "warming up" of the climate in the northern hemisphere. Furthermore, the solar system may be passing through an area in the universe where there is a great deal of debris and where, therefore, an increase in the intensity of the meteoric bombardment may be expected.
It is probable that flying saucers are not caused by any single one of these factors, but by a convergence of causes. If the saucers are really electromagnetic phenomena, there is a possibility that they are connected primarily with atomic activities, and that they are caused by the encounter of radioactive particles and small meteors. In other words, they may be ionized air brought about by the entry of very small meteors into the atmosphere. During burn-up of the meteor metal, the natural degree of ionization may be increased greatly through available radioactive particles, with the possible result that after the destruction of the metallic core, there would be a gaseous rotating ion ball subject to movements in the atmosphere. This "interpretation" occurred to me after an illuminating discussion with General Maxwell, and I emphasize it merely to indicate what type of approach the Air Force should take in tackling the phenomena. Incidentally, there was no temperature inversion in Washington for a long time, and therefore, the mirage theory does not explain the latest sightings. What is the Air Force interest? 1. The Air Force continuously will be "on the carpet" as long as no satisfactory explanation can be given. Should the saucer activity increase, pressure by the press and even Congress will be quite considerable. 2. We cannot yet rule out entirely that saucers do represent a threat. 3. If there is any validity to the assumption that the saucers are partly the result of atomic activity, the phenomenon would tie in directly with long range detection and if solved, might lead to an increase in our intelligence capability... I suggest therefore, that before the ATIC program be undertaken, a very small panel of scientists be brought together and be briefed on the documentation which is in the files right now. Stefan T. Possony. Thanks to Joel Carpenter for obtaining this previously classified Air Force Document.
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