High-Flying UFOs Make
Numerous Appearances Around US
George A. Filer <>
Mutual UFO Network Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #19
Thomas McFarland, Vermont State Director reports, "There has been a dramatic increase in the number of military craft flying over. There have been some spectacular views of night time refueling operations that I filmed showing the entire lead jet lit up, it really is very stunning. On April 26, 1999, 10:40 PM, three witnesses noticed three, bright star-like objects hovering in the sky. They stated, "We noticed how they were perfectly spaced out from each other in a straight line. They appeared to be stars at the first. We grabbed some binoculars to get a closer look and discovered that there was a small dimmer star above the first bright star, and a small, dimmer star beneath it as well, perfectly spaced from each other. This formed what we took to be an arrow, pointing slightly northwest. We were fascinated that these unique stars could form such a thing naturally. We measured the distance between the star-like objects with our thumbs. After a while, we measured again, and we noticed the spaces were growing larger and the star-like objects seemed to be coming toward us. We looked through the binoculars at the shiny objects and noticed that they appeared to be made of more than one part. There was a base with two parts on top creating a round appearance. We also noticed two fast moving oval-shaped objects crossing the night sky. The second one caught our eye the most because, even though it was going extremely fast for something so large in the sky, it stopped, zigged back quickly, and proceeded forward at top speed. There is no way that an airplane would've stopped dead in the air, moved backwards and proceed forward within five seconds. We asked my father to come out of the house, but now the arrow had formed a triangle. The flying objects were nowhere in sight." Thanks to John Schuessler, and Tom McFarland
Lsound from Winter Haven, reports he is taking videos of UFOs in his general area. His mother started seeing craft in the 50's, and they might go back earlier than that. He started seeing them in the 70's and now his children see them in the 90's. He has taken both photographs and videos of the craft. He sent me an interesting photo over the Internet of a star like object. When I increased the size of the image, it seems to be a structured craft. He has agreed to forward portions of the video tape that give an even clearer view of the object. In the video the star like object changes shape and appears as a disc. He claims a figure can be seen near a port hole. Having an old computer system I can't upload the video.
Fergus Moffat writes that: "I live by Lake Michigan in Northwest Indiana. I have had two real sightings of what I believe to be alien craft or phenomenon. Here are my experiences. 1.) At the park in my small town, while playing on the gymnasium I saw a black triangular shaped aircraft with other friends. I pointed it out to my friends who were unable to see it, however my brother standing next to me was able to observe it. I think that this had something to do with the angle of the sighting. It flew at a very slow speed. It was flying very low at only 800 to 2000 feet when it disappeared behind some trees. Suddenly, the sky opened up and it began to pour rain. So we just went home. This was in July of 1996. 2.) Currently two odd shaped stars appear in the sky nightly. They do not move but flash red, blue and white at timed intervals. Two weeks ago an odd shaped white ball flew in and seemingly through them. Thanks to: (Fergus Moffat)
CINCINNATI Charles Stuart reports that on May 10, 1999, two residents of Mt. Healthy were traveling eastbound on I-275 when they spotted an unusual aerial object traveling north at 2:30 PM. Lisa H., who was driving at the time, saw it first and pointed it out to her mother, Patty H. (names on file). "It was very large and high up," Lisa stated, adding," it was long and white and cigar shaped." "Then as we passed it, it seemed to change shape and become round," Patty said. When asked if it could have just turned and looked round from a different angle, she agreed that this was possible. When asked if they could have seen a plane reflecting sunlight or a blimp, they both emphatically said, "No." "It was too large for a plane and too pure white to be a blimp," Lisa insisted. " It was not the bright silver reflection you get from sunlight, but pure white, with no markings." The mother thought that the object may have had a "bump" in the middle but wasn't certain. They watched the object for a minute or two until they finally lost sight of it as they traveled east. Note: the area where this alleged sighting occurred has been a local UFO "hotspot" in recent years. Thanks to Ken Young and Charles Stuart -- UFO Research
WEST SUSSEX, England (Wireless Flash) There may be an answer to recent reports of "flying saucers" engaging in aerial dogfights over Puerto Rico. A British UFO researcher claims the sightings are actually two rival alien factions waging war to see who will get control of the island. Raymond Robinson says the war involves the so-called "gray" aliens and a humanoid race called "the Nordics." According to Robinson, the war broke out because the United States government secretly traded Puerto Rico to the gray aliens more than 40 years ago in exchange for ET technology. What the government didn't know back then was that the gray aliens are planning to colonize Earth with alien hybrids. Robinson claims the US has enlisted the help of the Nordic aliens to squash the gray aliens, but so far there's no clear winner in the battle. A spokesman for the Puerto Rican Tourism Bureau says he's unaware of any extraterrestrial wars being waged on the island but he promises to look into it. Copyright © 1998 Wireless Flash News Service. All rights reserved. Thanks to Ufo Contact.
Editor's Note: There have been numerous reports of UFOs engaged in what appears to be aerial dog fights. I have no information that would substantiate the rest of the report.
FIFE -- A Scottish driving instructor claims that on January 27, 1999, during a driving lesson with a 17 year old pupil, we saw a black diamond shaped UFO flying through the sky at 6:20 PM. It had no flashing lights that you would see on any normal aircraft. The driving lesson continued when 20 to 25 minutes later we stopped to do a 'Reverse Exercise' at a local park known as Fairmuir Park. I looked up in the sky to see if I could still see the UFO. It was hovering high in the sky glowing like a star. I recognized it as the UFO I had seen earlier because of the shape. I got out of my car to look at it and after about a minute it rotated anti-clockwise. Directly underneath there was an orange colored beam that came down from the UFO and went back up again. At this point I shouted to my pupil to come out of the car. I could not see any lights nor could I here any sound. We were both standing in the park trying to figure out what we were looking at. We had never seen anything like it. Several minutes later it started moving away. We jumped into the car and followed its movement for ten minutes. It was glowing a brilliant white/very light yellowish color. It was almost circular but a little oval in the center now. We could not believe what we were looking at, it was definitely not from this world it was extraterrestrial. We watched until it disappeared over the River Tay and into the hills of Fife. The time was now 7:00 PM. Later I learned, that the following morning at 8:40 AM a relative of mine with her two daughters also saw an object over the River Tay. It was hovering over the water with two yellow beams coming from underneath. It rose vertically into the sky but they lost sight of it when a building obstructed their view. They described it as shining like a star, very bright white/yellowish color. We believe all five of us saw the same UFO. Two girls 9 and 13 years, and their mother saw it. My pupil and I saw it the night before." Thanks to UFO Scotland
Frits Westra of the UFO-Workgroup Netherlands says the following message was on the Amsat bulletin board, a mailing list for radio amateurs experimenting with communication satellites. "Christopher Maness" wrote about a Strange Object? I was in Joshua Tree National Park on May 5, 1999, working on an Astrophysics experiment for my senior lab. I took three friends with me on this trip. I told them to keep an eye out for satellites. My friend Timica, spotted an orange colored "satellite" that was moving very slowly in the sky. Eventually, all four of us were able to see it. At closer inspection it appeared to move with retrograde motion. Later, we even saw it make small circles in the sky about 1 degree of arc. Then I decided to turn the telescope on it for a closer look. I saw it pass through the field of view; it definitely took on a very orange color though it did not appear to be luminous itself. My friend Misty actually saw it make the circles in the telescope. I ruled out the possibility that it could be a satellite because a satellite cannot stop in the middle of the sky and turn back (it is traveling ~ 20,000 mph). Thanks to Christopher Maness" and Frits Westra at (Frits Westra) UFO Netherlands.
ISLAND PAG The Croatian Television Program, National TV Journal with Radomir Papo aired on May 9, 1999, at 7:55 PM. The program carried a story about a UFO landing trace on the Island of Pag located in the Adriatic Sea in off Croatia. This is a transcript from television program: "The trace in the shape of the triangle is located on a 190 meter high hill "Komarovac" in a very remote area, several kilometers away from the town. The stone mass inside triangular trace is stamped down for 25 cm (10 inches) while the surrounding area is untouched. The length of each side of the triangle is 37 meters*49 centimeters (123 feet). This discovery was found by Zdenko Grbavac the surveyor measure man. TV Interview: Radomir Papo asks: 'And you are 30 years in this business?' Zdenko Grbavac:'Yes.' Radomir Papo asks: 'And you have never found anything like this?' Zdenko Grbavac: "I haven't found anything similar in my surveyor practice, although I have seen allot at those trigonometry points that are all connected with my job. I have seen this trace for the first time." "During my tour of the area surrounding the trace, I found grass, snails, and spiders. I noticed that inside the triangle shaped trace you can not find grass, snails nor spiders." The stones inside the triangle are not crushed as would be the effect from a roller during the construction of the roads. The stones are only stamped down like something has floated above ground with z great strange force that effected the ground. The structure and composition of the stones are not changed, which means there were not high temperatures. The stones at the edges have also been effected by the force. Holes in the stones were found at the edges of the triangle. What kind of formation and with what strength and technology that has occurred is still a question for many scientists and Ufologists. Zdenko Grbavac and his son Kruno gave an explanation. Kruno said, "It looks like a space ship!" Note: During both 1967 and 1997, there were sightings on Pag Island that were monitored by local police and investigated by the Polaris national UFO group. Thanks to Ageti Master at -POLARIS
I have received numerous comments about the Bossack's sighting of a triangle UFO with an insignia in last week's Files. Dennis saw a triangle insignia, an omega symbol at the top with the Earth centered in the triangle. The Earth appeared as it looks from space with both North and South America, the Atlantic Ocean and parts of Africa and Europe visible. Two lightning bolts were striking Earth. This sighting has caused a great deal of comment, controversy and warnings. One writer claimed it must be a military aircraft because the insignia used by the Space Warfare Center has two lightning bolts emanating from Earth with an arrow head above it that is similar. See
A symbol's expert claims the Omega symbol is a very old ideogram for a cave, farm, village or fortress. It appears, for instance, in the mysterious mound of Kivik. It is sometimes found on modern maps to signify caves. As the letter omega in the Greek alphabet, it can mean an end, the end (by being the last of the letters of the Greek alphabet) and it has been used as a staff of a God. See
Byron K. Guernsey writes, "It occurs to me that its most likely an experimental military craft, perhaps based on reversed engineered technology. The lighting bolts could indicate that it is a kind of EM field craft working in part with the Earth's natural EM field. Possibly it is fueled by beams of energy from satellites. The technology of beaming energy using microwaves and other EM frequencies is known to exist. I doubt an Alien intelligence would use the Omega symbol, so it's very likely that this sighting is of a military nature. Interesting report nonetheless though! Thanks to: Byron Guernsey
Chris Lightner writes, "The UFO with the triangle/lightning bolt insignia immediately brought to mind the famous case of Ohio Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur from the report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, October 9, 1966." Spaur and Neff were checking on a car parked alongside US 224 between Randolph and Atwater. The car was filled with radio equipment and had a strange emblem painted on its side, a triangle with a bolt of lightning inside it. Above the emblem was written, "Seven Steps to Hell." Behind them they heard a strange humming noise. Turning they saw a huge saucer shaped craft rise out of a woods and hover above. It bathed them in a warm white light. I have always thought this case was one of the keys to UFOs. See the entire article at Thanks to Christopher Lightner at
Robert Omega writes in part: "Omega is not here to lead or to harm Earth. Omega has offered its knowledge to Earth so that Earth may grow to be a great planet within the Universal Governments. The sightings of dull black triangular craft that have been seen throughout the years belong to Omega. Located on the bottom and each side of the nose of the craft is an emblem. This is the emblem of Omega here on Earth. There are, however, millions of other craft from all over the Universe of a triangular shape. The triangular design has been found to be the most aerodynamic shape for travel, much as the United States, Stealth fighter. Omega,s craft have the capability of traveling at speeds from two miles per hour to as fast as three times the speed of light. Interstellar craft are powered by pure nonpolluting energy.
The main craft is seven hundred feet in length and seven hundred feet in width at the rear of the craft, it is fifty feet in height. This particular ship houses the fifteen smaller craft and indicates the fifteen representatives of Omega here on Earth. Within the triangle and above the Earth is the Greek symbol for Omega, this states that the craft does, in fact, belong to an Omegan representative." Robert Omega: Editor's Note: I have learned not to believe everything that I receive on the Internet. Several e-mails claimed Omega is all lies. Has anyone else seen this same insignia on a craft? Is this some kind of deception or a game? See Filer's Files #18 at
Several letters from abductees were upset last week's John Thompson's article about evil Haints or inner-terrestrials (INTS) causing abductions. However, most letters were favorable. Evil according to Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary is: 1. Having bad moral qualities; sinful, bad; corrupt; wicked; perverse; as evil thoughts and deeds. 2. Causing pain or trouble, harmful, injurious. 3. Threatening or bringing misfortune; unlucky; disastrous; unfortunate; as an evil hour. 4. Caused by or considered as being caused by immorality; as and evil name; evil name, evil fame, the evil eye; a supposed power superstitiously ascribed in former times to certain persons, by means of which they could injure whomever they looked at. The Evil one, the Devil. Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Page 634.
The majority of abductees describe being kidnapped against their will, forced to have intercourse against their will, having tremendous pain and torture. The abduction causes great mental anguish and allegedly implants are placed in their bodies. Further they are essentially under alien control. Most of these activities have been discovered under hypnosis, but some abductees have clear memories. The intruders attempt every means possible to keep their activities secret to accomplish their purposes. They tell the abductees they were given permission in a previous life. Frequently the abductee is a child. Can we realistically accept the concept that a child should be forced to participate in sexual abuse? Essentially the opposite of evil is good and to love. This is not love, commitment, or respecting a person. If the testimonies are true it is simply wrong by human standards. Conversely, contactees have generally reported that they are invited aboard and go willingly with the UFO occupants.
Contactees are treated as guests and well treated. This infers there are at least two groups involved in the abductions or our data is corrupted. Either they possess advanced technology or they come from a different dimension. I'm also aware that some abductees believe the aliens have healed them from sickness. It is not unusual for ranchers to heal their cattle prior to slaughter. Healing can be conducted for many reasons. We also receive conflicting reports that the aliens are friendly and do not intend harm. I have concern and care about the plight of the abducttees. They claim they are being violated against their will. If a burglar entered my home, took my most precious possessions, poisoned my children's minds, raped and caused great pain and torture, I'm under obligation to report the crime to the police. If the police choose to ignore the report the burden shifts to them.
They are under obligation to investigate and to catch the perpetrator. The police may not believe in abductions, but evidence would be collected that may show the reality of the phenomenon. The cleverest of burglars leave very little evidence for the police. They use gloves, tight fitting materials, gain entry by surreptitious means, etc. I have watched the police look for fingerprints and other evidence when our home was robbed. Aliens apparently leave behind even less evidence, but abductees have noticed strange tiny particles of a glass, burns and other strange evidence.
Regarding John Thompson's views. Marc writes, "I read your ideas regarding the tie in to alien abduction activity and high school violence, such as the Littleton incident. On Tuesday, April 20th, which I believe was the night after the Littleton incident, I watched the CBS report, with Dan Rather. They began talking to a student whom they described as a friend of the two gunmen. The familiar face of a Gray stared at us from the student's T-shirt. My immediate feeling was that somehow they had something to do with the situation." Sincerely, Marc.
I would like to get in touch with John Thompson. "I have observed the conditioning of abductees and young children in what he describes above and so has Barbara Bartholic with many, many cases." Sincerely, Eve Lorgen
Unfortunately John Thompson ignores the implants being extracted and the scar's. He is using a very limited database to reach his conclusions. He may have piece of the puzzle, but it's not the entire solution. The school shooting's hypothesis is silly. Littleton, CO has not been a rural area for several generations, so I do not know what that has to do with anything. We clearly have evil at work here.
Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine notes Asteroid Klass has been named after Phil Klass. Astronomer James McGaha says, "Asteroid Klass will represent a man who has been a shining light of scientific skepticism." Editor's Note: Congratulations to the loyal opposition!
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