Validating The New
Majestic 12 Documents
By Environmental News Network staff
REDWOOD CITY, California - With this year's Mutual UFO International Conference in St. Louis Missouri (July 15-17), Dr. Bob Wood and Ryan Wood will be presenting a paper titled Validating the New Majestic Documents. The full paper will be posted to within a few days, however the paper abstract is below.
A number of different sources have provided document copies of varying provenance and quality. The documents appear to have been classified as part of a former top secret program by the code name of Majestic, with the code caveats MAJIC or MJ-12. The genuineness and authenticity of these hundreds of classified pages and thousands of other less classified pages from these sources is continually being assessed. Recent results of ink, paper, watermark, type, and typewriter dating show that many of them are almost certainly not modern forgeries, done with sophisticated computer equipment. The evidence for authenticity, based on numerous examples of scarcely known facts, is sometimes offset by an occasional unconfirmed anachronism whose explanation is unclear. Similarities of chirography and wording with authentic documents, together with an occasional inconsistent fact, pose some problems for the questioned document examiner. The only other viable explanation of psychological warfare against our enemies in the "early" years seems to be awkward and unconvincing. Given the certain reality of UFO crash retrievals from numerous witnesses and the near certainty that some documentation would have been created, the least unlikely conclusion is that the documents are essentially genuine in the story that they tell. The cover-up has been more sophisticated and in place much longer than most have speculated, and several pieces of new evidence point to an early cover-up strategy effectively at work shortly after the crash of 1941.
R Y A N S W O O D & D R. B O B W O O D Majestic Document Investigators

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