Low Flying Triangle UFOs Termed
Serious Safety Hazard - NIDS
>From Colm Kelleher

In late 1999, NIDS announced the creation of a 24-hour hotline [702-798-1700] to receive calls from the public regarding their sightings of unusual aerial phenomena. Since then, NIDS has reported only anecdotally on the large number of low flying triangular craft reports received. One of these cases involved the sighting by four policemen and several other eyewitnesses in Illinois on Jan 5 2000. The case was thoroughly investigated by NIDS. Because of the high caliber eyewitnesses, the investigation gained considerable media attention and was the subject of an hour-long documentary TV program entitled 'UFOs Over Illinois' on the Discovery Channel. This program was shown several times in late 2000 and in 2001.
The purpose of the present paper is to publish a more complete summary of the 127 reports that NIDS has received in the past 14 months on the triangular craft phenomenon. Secondly, we ask the question: does the reported low altitude of these aircraft constitute a safety issue in the United States? Although NIDS receives information on these triangular craft from overseas, by far the greatest number have come from within the United States. It should be emphasized that the craft performance characteristics in these 127 reports is generally not consistent with any acknowledged aircraft being currently deployed by the United States military. The recurring characteristics of the objects described in this report are: (1) Flying at low or very low altitude; (2) Huge or large; (3) Flying silently; (4) Hovering or flying very slowly (less than 100MPH); (5) Very brightly lit, sometimes with multi-colored lights. The majority (60.5%) of the reports in the NIDS database describe recent events that occurred between January 1999 and present.
We report here that the extremely low altitudes of these triangular aircraft, as reported by dozens of eyewitnesses from dozens of separate locations in the United States, probably constitutes a public safety hazard and should be investigated by appropriate authorities.
The full report can be found on the NIDS web site in the What's New section.

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