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From Stan Friedman <>
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History Channel
235 East 45th St.
New York, NY l0017
December 21, 1999
Subject: December 13, 1999
program Roswell: Secrets Revealed
Dear History Channel
As the nuclear physicist who began the civilian investigation of the Roswell Incident back in the 1970s, who has co-authored a book "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Story of the Roswell Incident" and numerous papers about Roswell, and, of course, was the first to talk to many of the key witnesses (almost all of whom you somehow missed), I naturally viewed the subject program with great interest, especially since I was in Roswell on December 13... I must congratulate you on providing a Masterpiece of Misrepresentation. A splendid example of propaganda, excellent for teaching purposes . You demonstrated the primary rules such as selective choice of data, false reasoning, positive and negative name calling. You also demonstrated the 4 basic rules of UFO debunkery:
Many thanks for making many of my points here. I should've just waited for this posting first! On the ones you don't make you might direct the History Channel to see the July 1997 MUFON issue that was dedicated to Roswell. Might give them some other folks to talk to.
.. You have blindly accepted a fairly recent statement by Cavitt to Colonel Weaver about him recalling it was just a balloon covering an area only 20' square and easily fitting in one vehicle. Apparently Cavitt wasn't told it was supposed to be a MOGUL balloon which included 23 standard helium filled neoprene balloons (at 20' intervals) and a whole bunch of radar reflectors, sonobuoys, ballast tanks, etc all strung together. Some small pile. Of course Cavitt hadn't remembered that simple fact when asked many times by many people for the previous 15 years, even denying that he had been on the base at the time.
Was is Marcel a better witness than Cavitt? Is it because Cavitt doesn't agree with you?
How ridiculous. Cavitt could have told his new simple tale to any of the many people with whom he spoke over a 15 year period. Surely it wasn't security that made him avoid speaking?
Talk to Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, William Moore, Billy Cox about their conversations with Cavitt.He at one time was trying to say he wasn't even at the base in early July 1947. He not only made up this explanation or thought he was supposed to give it but lied when he said he went to the scene with Rickett and Marcel and never saw the rancher. There was no way for him to reach the debris field without the rancher being involved. Marcel's story has been validated by others. and we have many newspaper stories to check it against.
... He issued the press release because he was ordered to do so by Colonel William Blanchard, Commander of the 509th and of Roswell Army Air Field. Before suggesting he must have been incompetent, as have some who haven't done their homework, I should add he was a member of the West Point All Star class of 1938, became a 4 star general by the time he was 48 and was Vice Chief of Staff of the USAF when he died of a massive heart attack at the Pentagon in 1966. There was ,of course, a lengthy obituary in the NY times. Doesn't sound much like he was thought to be incompetent, does it?
My... He did fly high!
D. Why do you show only the Roswell Daily Record? After all there were front page headline stories in the Chicago Daily News, the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Herald Express, the Spokane Chronicle, etc all evening papers for July 8. The West coast papers in general had done a lot of checking before publishing detailed articles. Too bad you did none.
Yes. It was all over and _everybody_, including the Soviets, took notice.
So what??
...Has the air force invented time travel? There is no other way to get crash test dummies, all of whom were the height and weight of pilots, back to 1947 from 1953 ...this is flat out fiction.
I agree
G. Why did you not talk to others still alive who had first hand involvement such as Jesse A. Marcel Jr. , a medical doctor, who handled wreckage, has served on military aircraft accident investigative teams and was a pilot? Or Loretta Proctor, neighbor of Mack Brazel, who handled wreckage? or Mack Brazel's son Bill who found strange (thin strong memory material) wreckage out in the pasture? How about the sheriff's two daughters? All this testimony has been readily available for many years
One dead and mistaken; two not grown; the rest only heresay.
What is the basis for saying mistaken?
Cavitt is also dead, Bill Brazel was married at the time, Loretta handled wreckage, the sherrif's daughters were in Roswell at the time at his office. Perhaps you ought to view the 105 minute video Recollections of Roswell (only 20$ from UFORI, POB 958, Houlton, ME 04730) which includes testimony from 27 witnesses including Judd Roberts, Bill Rickett, Jesse Marcel (all now deceased) etc Your explanations seem to be worse than hearsay. They are creative fiction.
H.One of the first things Major Jesse Marcel told me is that there was nothing conventional to be found on the debris field.. No wires, no vacuum tubes, no rivets. He was very familiar with aircraft and aircraft wreckage and balloons and radar reflectors and rockets. The notion that he wouldn't have recognized balloon wreckage or radar reflectors is frankly absurd.. You are also implying that Blanchard, who had also served in the Pacific, would have ordered the press release and the B-29 flight with the wreckage brought back from the ranch and Marcel to Fort Worth is equally absurd, if all there was was totally conventional stuff. You know of any materials such as the I-beam like pieces with strange symbols that couldn't be cut, burned, or broken? Or memory metals that were like foil but couldn't be cut and, when folded over and over, would unfold on their own? Why couldn't the USAF find any of that toymaker tape in the pictures taken in Ramey's office?
I. Brazel didn't make his discovery on July 5. It was earlier. He did go to the store-pool hall in Corona on the 5 th which is when, not having electricity or a phone or a radio, he first heard about all the saucer sightings and a reward and was told he ought to go to the Sherif in Roswell which he did on the 6th NOT on the 7th as you claimed.. You made it sound as though Sherif Wilcox looked in the phone book to find a nearby Air Base. There was a standing arrangement that anything that might effect the military would be reported to Roswell Army Air Field. There was no other base in the area.
J. I have met with Dr. Schirmer, Dr. Moore, Mr. Gildenberg. They haven't investigated the case. They have made proclamation after proclamation about 2nd and third hand testimony. Why use the term "conspiracy theorist" so many times without ever justifying it? Who are these theorists? I began the investigation and have always provided evidence for the claims that I make which is more than can be said for your trio. They have actually created a conspiracy theory namely that a bunch of stupid UFO researchers and lying witnesses have created a fantastic story for fun and profit. This, of course, ignores the fact that loads of testimony was obtained by us serious researchers long before the cameras started rolling. My phone bills used to run several hundred dollars a month.
By the way, I do know something about security having worked as a nuclear physicist on a wide variety of highly classified advanced nuclear and space system programs for such companies as General Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, McDonnell Douglas, and Aerojet General Nucleonics.. I have also been to 19 different government document archives. Just how much experience with security has Dr. Schirmer had?
K.What was this nonsense about a 1956 plane crash somehow confusing Glenn Dennis about bodies at the base in 1947? A few years ago I went with Glenn to the Ballard funeral home. We reviewed records with full permission of the operator there who obviously respected Glenn. There were a number of military plane crashes for which he handled the bodies even after bad fires. That was his job. No possible way such a crash could have confused him. Yet another false conspiracy theory from your trio.
I notice you don't mention the other part in the History Channel where they basically say that Glenn is lying about the nurse he knows who saw the alien bodies; that no one can even find she ever existed! On that alone he is open to challenge on everything he says. Do not do so is "selected journalism."
You mean like their leaving out crucial witnesses?There were a number of items I didn't mention partly because the letter was longer than intended and partly because I don't have a copy of the program.
L. At one point early on in the program the word UFO was used. Sorry. It was not used until after 1951. Several times when showing balloons and talking about Mogul you showed tear drop shaped polyethylene balloons. Round standard Neoprene balloons were used for all MOGUL launches before July... The same kind that Mack had retrieved. And that rapidly diisintegrate in the sun.
Like your 1947 remark about me using "USAF". It doesn't matter; they used the term UFOs as that is what "flying saucers" have become.
In summary then, the History Channel has presented myth and propaganda in the guise of truth.
You have supplied misrepresentation instead of investigative journalism. You should be ashamed and should apologize to your audience. It seems to me you have also violated FCC rules with regard to fairness, honesty, and accuracy in so doing. My colleagues and I would be happy to debate your trio of amateurs any time. I would suggest that they do their homework first.
Stanton T. Friedman
They have nothing to apologize for. I found it the most enlightening and encompassing documentary on Roswell done. With the exception of the "dummy" story, excellent!
This would seem to be a clear indication that you haven't done your homework
Stan Friedman


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