More UFO Spheres Sighted Over UK
North-East Fife UFO Mystery
By Grant Smith
The Courier - UK

A Guardbridge man has added to the growing tally of reported sightings of mystery objects in the skies over north-east Fife.
Mr Raymond Meyer, who works in maintenance at RAF Leuchars, saw a strange sphere with a glowing underside heading north over the sea on Monday last week.
The Anglo-Scottish UFO Research Agency announced earlier this week that an appeal for local sightings had prompted 19 people to come forward.
They recalled incidents going back as far as 1958 and agency chief investigator Lee Close said they would be investigated to see if any genuine UFOs remained after sifting out aircraft, weather and astronomical effects.
Mr Meyer said he had been watching jets overhead around 3pm when he spotted the sphere. He was able to keep it in view in his binoculars for around 10 minutes as it travelled in a straight line north.
He explained that the sphere appeared grey with a glow emanating from below and he estimated that its altitude was around 30,000 feet.
While the jets had left vapour trails behind them in the clear sky, there was no sign of any turbulence caused by the sphere's passing.
Mr Close had revealed that one of the sightings reported to researchers had been of a small gold sphere spotted by someone in Dundee and appearing to be several miles off RAF Leuchars.
Although that suggests some similarity with what he saw, Mr Meyer reckoned his grey sphere was a substantial size, although he has no idea what it was.
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