Israeli Media Discovers
'Alien Healing'
By Barry Chamish <>
With three very real crop formations this past year and a dozen dramatic video tapes capturing UFOs in the past three, one would think the Israeli media would have a field day covering unexplained phenomena. However, nary a newspaper or tv program reported the very real incidents, yet they all seem to jump on any chance to exploit humorous nonsense.
In the past month, Adrian Dvir and his group of alien healers have received a great deal of media coverage. In the first week of May alone, Dvir appeared on the most popular morning TV show, Jude Morning and was the subject, along with fellow alien healer Haya Levy, of a three page feature in the Jerusalem Post's weekend magazine.
I reported on Dvir's activities last October with great skepticism. Despite rejecting all his claims of aliens guiding his healing sessions, I had to admit that he and his cohorts did film a very real triangular UFO over the city of Rishon Letzion.
Rishon Letzion is now Israel's UFO center. Both Levy and Dvir live there and operate two of the city's three alien healing clinics. In November 1997, young Gil Bar videotaped an air force F-15 chasing a UFO in broad daylight over the city and four other UFOs have been filmed there since. One of the witnesses to a triangular UFO over Rishon Letzion was a twenty year veteran of the Israeli air force, Avishai Granot.
And Dvir is no slouch himself. He is an engineer who develops hand-held military computers for a most staid company, Tadiran. This year he published a book, Healing, Beings and Aliens which is selling well nationally and he is at work on a new book relating his adventures with the alien race in touch with him, the Kliendcontlars.
There are ecological problems on their planet and they are checking out Earth for a possible mass migration of all fifteen million intelligent citizens of the planet. However, their mortal enemies the Morgolius, have also set their sights on Earth and real trouble is a-comin' from them in the next fifty years.
Chaya Levy claims that three alien races guide her healing. One looks human, another is reptilian, while the third is small grey, with bald heads and three long fingers on each hand. Last February Dvir claimed to have begun receiving calls on his cellular phone from the mother ship of the Kliendcontlars. The caller was the wise 200 year old Fenix (Kliendcontlars live to a ripe old age of 400). He sent press releases out to the media and got his intended result; a lot of publicity for his book and clinic, where alien-guided healing costs $35 an hour.
Dvir has found an advocate in Avi Grief, founder and chairman of the Israel UFO Research Organization. Once the premier UFO group in the country, attracting hundreds to its semi-annual conferences, Grief's conferences attract no more than two dozen today, largely because Dvir has been the featured speaker three times in a row.
Says one prominent Israeli ufologist, "Grief is a has-been and Dvir is making a mockery of Israeli ufology. And the media is happily prodding them along. Serious UFO study is dead in the Israeli media and bullshit has won the day."