Polish Village Refuses
To Pay UFO's Power Bill
From Scott Corrales <>
Source ERE News Agency (Spain)
WARSAW (EFE) - Villagers of Wylatowo in the Polish province of Kujawy-Pomerania fear that the UFOs which allegedly visited the area a few days ago will cause them to pay an exhorbitant electric bill.
Farmers are convinced that the perfect circles discovered in a wheat field adjoining the town are the marks left by ten UFOs which fed their engines on power drawn from the high-tension wires which pass by the town.
Polish television stations showed images of perfectly symmetrical circles within which wheat stalks are perfectly flattened in bunches spread out in a clockwise manner.
Many visitors to the site state that the creation of such circles by humans would have required a lot of time, very modern tools, and logistics which would have been impossible to hide from the region's inhabitants.
Employees of the Torun Astronomical Observatory are far less romantic: they claim that the circles were left behind by helicopters which landed in the fields. Elzbierta Sucholas, owner of the field in question, is disgusted by the event, given that thousands of people are visiting her property to see the strange circles and "naturally, the flattened all of the wheat that the Cosmic Visitors didn't flatten."
The press has stated that barely a month ago similar circles were discovered in the locale of Kielanowka, near the city of Rzeszow--on the opposite end of Poland. A total of four crop circles were found at Kielanowka, one of them having a diameter of seven meters, while the three remaining ones were smaller. Researchers of the mysterious circles state that they could have theoretically been created by powerful whirlwinds, but no reports of mini-tornados in the affected regions were ever made.
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