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2000 - The Black Triangles
By Harv Howard <>
(c) 2000 (Excerpts Printed By Permission)
From Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. <>
Mysterious aerial craft commonly called "flying triangles" and/or "black triangles" have been elbowing the classic, disk-shaped UFO aside in the last few years. These angular craft are seen more and more persistently. A family in Kentucky this last February witnessed a total of eleven craft moving as a group. What are they? Are they a black budget, highly innovative form of craft from the U.S. government/industry, or are they a new form of genuine UFO visiting us? This paper assumes the first possibility is the correct explanation. That assumption already is widely accepted in the UFO and aircraft enthusiasts quarters, but a detailed look at the possible parameters of such craft has not been explored.
Automatically these devices have been dubbed flying triangles. While certainly an apt identifier for the physical appearance of the craft (aerial, and triangular-shaped objects), that label creates a false impression of what is witnessed. As with the term Unidentified Flying Object, the term is incorrect in its most basic terminology because it is quite apparent from sighting reports of both UFOs and triangles that neither actually "fly" as do conventional AIRcraft. To enable and encourage that differentiation, the word "aircraft" will not be used here as a generic term for either triangle or UFO. Nor will triangles be referred to as UFOs. However, it must be pointed out that both styles of craft seem to use the same basic system for propulsion.
The simple term, flying triangles, identifies only a segment of a radically new form of transportation. Similar objects, such as boomerang-shaped craft, have operational characteristics strikingly similar to the triangles but are of a somewhat different design configuration while probably utilizing the same physics. What was clearly true a half-century ago to UFO investigators is doubly true today with the triangles. These craft are all using a totally new form of locomotion that borders on, if not, is, the ultimate mode of transportation.
To combine the various shapes but similarly performing vehicles into one category, a new term is required to cover all of the machines operating on that basic principle whether they are shaped as triangles, boomerangs, or something else. No doubt there are secret, descriptive, official terminology for these vehicles as well as unofficial slang names. We, however, are left to our own devices. For the wont of something better, we shall use the term Mass Avoidance Transportation System, or the acronym MATS to denote all such craft regardless of shape.
There are differing characteristics of operations between the classic UFO and MATS vehicles, however. Most pronounced is that the MATS craft are exclusively creatures of the night. Rare is the instance of a MATS machine being witnessed in the daylight. UFOs, on the other hand, seem to not schedule their appearances according to light or darkness. This propensity for the MATS craft to operate under the shelter of night is entirely in keeping with past testing of super-secret aircraft. The U-2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117A stealth fighter, the B-2 Spirit bomber and many others were all prototyped and tested in the dark. The first three mentioned were deployed into operational status before the public was aware they existed. The first two were hidden from the public for many years.
Under the cover of darkness the U-2 or SR-71craft could be virtually invisible to the eye even at fairly low altitudes because they operated without running lights. Put them at operational altitudes and they were invisible, too small to see with the naked eye. The MATS are of a different breed, however. Their manner of operations at times evidently can produce various lighting displays. This, then, causes them to standout at night due to the uniqueness of the type and arrangements of the lighting and especially the (usually) brightness of the configurations; not to mention their propensity for low-level operations.
A stealthy triangle by its very nature tells us that this is not a mere testbed for a new "flight" system but that the propulsion system has been successfully mated with a structural form which greatly enhances the effectiveness and capabilities of these vehicles (as weapons of war, of course).
Most, if not all, of our history of flight systems rely upon a three-axis system of control. This is consistent with the three bright lights found in most triangle and boomerang reports, one near each corner. If we are in the early stages of harnessing the alien way of doing things, we may still need to do that part of the system the old-fashioned way in order to get the control we need.
Another indication that the craft are of an earthly origin is evident in how unofficial representatives for the military/industrial complex have handled the situation. In the last few months there have been seemingly revealing and explanatory articles posted on the internet about the triangles. The writer makes every effort to portray the objects as nothing more than advanced AIRcraft. Albeit, extremely advanced aircraft over and above what we are accustomed, but still atmospheric flyers nonetheless, dependent upon jet/rocket engines, wings, runways, and other sundry and typical aviation encumberments. In these articles, by this ever-constant UFO debunker, there is not even a mention of the amazing maneuvers that have been reported by multitudes of witnesses of these craft. Such propaganda from that area is to be expected. The UFO-like capabilities of triangles cannot be discussed even in general terms from that side. For this is part of their self-made trap.
In this trap they have made for themselves, the keepers of the secrets have brought upon themselves an absolutely hilarious paradox. Their arsenal of arguments which they have fired off over the decades to dismiss UFOs is virtually useless with the triangles.
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