New Stealth Seen At
Groom Lake?
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From Norio Hayakawa <>
RACHEL, NV - Joerg Arnu, part-time resident of Rachel, Nevada, Groom Lake investigator and webmaster of <A HREF=""The Dreamland Resort</ A (, website with the most up-to-date info on the goings-on at Groom Lake/AREA 51, reports:
"We have several reports from reliable sources that a new Stealth plane is being tested at AREA 51. Three independent eyewitnesses from Rachel have seen it flying during daytime in the skies over Groom Lake.
It appears to be the next generation of Stealth plane, and is being described aas a larger version of the F-117 Stealth Fighter (about three times its size) with a short fuselage sticking out.
It is remarkable that one of the eyewitnesses was able to hear the accompanying two T-38 Trainers, but not the new Stealth itself".
Also, from Rachel, Nevada December 4, 1999 as reported by Joerg Arnu:
Despite its remoteness, Cedar Gate Road from Hwy 375, mile marker NY 43.6 just north of Queen City Summit to the Cedar Gate of the Nellis Ranges is quite interesting in several ways.
One reason is exactly that remote location itself.
Railroad Valley is uninhabited, and there are only a few cars per day passing by on Hwy 375. This allows vehicles to enter the Nellis Ranges virtually unnoticed here. It used to be a maintained dirt road, just like Groom Lake Road and the Rachel Back Gate Road. Then, in late June of 1999 it was paved and became a smooth asphalt highway leading into the base, easily wide enough for two trucks.
We all know how much our government hates wasting money :) there has to be a reason for this. Most likely is a planned increase of activity on this road. And sure enough, since the road was paved, it is used by a fairly large number of white unmarked trucks with unknown cargo, going in and out of the Ranges every day. On a regular weekday we have observed four trucks within a couple of hours. There are also several new radar installations in the hills south and west of the road. Some of them were completed as recently as 1999, and two of them are unusually large, considering that there is no regular air traffic anywhere around. At least that we now about...."


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