Montana Man Reveals
UFO Sighting During WWII
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MISSOULA - What would it take to make you a believer in unidentified flying objects? For some, it may come down to actually having to see one. A strange "sighting" made a believer out of one Missoula resident.
It,s been nearly sixty years since that night during World War II when Wayne Nordby stood outside the barracks at the airforce base in Salina, Kansas, and looked up into the night sky. That was the night he saw an unidentified flying object.
Wayne Nordby, a WWII veteran, said, "And I know I was sworn to secrecy when I came out of the service not to talk about things, and I haven,t."
After the war, Nordby made a life in Montana as an upholsterer. He raised a family, and retired. These days he,s slowed a bit, and uses oxygen tubes. Now, he has more time to read, paint, and listen to radio talk shows about the paranormal. He also has plenty of time to reflect.
Wayne Nordby said, "The world is not quite everything that we see."
Recently, Nordby read a letter to the editor in the Missoulian about the existence of aliens.
He called the letter,s author, Michael Bishop (a UFO researcher), and shared his experience. Michael Bishop said, "Hey, boys and girls, they,re real, and they,re here."
Recently, a meeting was arranged between the two men.
A certified hypno-therapist, Bishop guided Nordby into a relaxed state, to regress back to the night of the sighting.
During this session, Wayne Nordby said, "It,s not quite dark because the light from the base is shining up against the clouds which are very low, there is a fine mist blowing, as we look up we see this huge, cigar-shaped object. There,s no controls in the back end, there,s no bathtub underneath, I can,t see any lights."
Nordby said the object was three times larger than a B-29. At the time, the B-29 was the largest aircraft the military had. According to Nordby, this was no B-29.
Wayne Nordby said, "It didn,t fit any category that I could make. And I was a trained observer."
Although he hasn,t seen a UFO since world war two, that one time was enough to make him a believer.
Wayne Nordby, "I,ll tell you it will leave you with some impressions that the world is not quite what it seems."
UFO classes were scheduled last year at both the University of Montana Experimental College and the Willard adult education, but both were cancelled for lack of interest.


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