Strange Lights In Sky
Baffle Bavarians


MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - Strange lights in the sky baffled Bavarians late on Saturday as hundreds of panicked callers jammed police telephone lines seeking an explanation for the phenomenon.
Reports of an unsettling late-night natural light show came from all over the southern German state as well as the neighbouring region of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
"It had nothing to do with the weather. It was something burning out in the atmosphere," a meteorologist said.
"It was like a huge firework," a Reuters TV correspondent in Munich said, describing the display. "You could even see it through half-closed blinds. It lasted around three seconds," she said.
Pilots flying into Munich airport radioed the control tower with reports of unusual lights in the sky.
The German police said NASA scientists initially thought the light was caused by space junk -- floating debris in the Earth's atmosphere -- but later said they were still unsure.
The German army reported no unusual movements on its radar.
Scientists said the lights may have the result of a meteor breaking through the Earth's atmosphere.
"There are no signs of impact or damage. We can't say what it was," a police spokesman said.
Eric Hallforde
G'day from Cairns Australia,
On reading the article about "mystery" lights in the sky over Germany I checked several sources and can confirm that the lights in the sky were the result of the re-entry of the NASA HETE spacecraft along with the Argentinian SAC-B spacecraft both which were still attached to the Pegasus launch vehicle which placed them in the correct orbit, however the craft failed to release from the launch vehicler as they should have and "died" of power failure after a couple of days. The full story can be found at
I would appreciate it if you passed this info on to the pertinant person/s at as I was unable to locate a contact link to Rense staff on the web-site.
Thankyou &
Eric Hallforde

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