STS-63 Anomalies
By Edward Lopez <>

In later 1999, I started communicating with James Oberg (Computer Systems Analyst) about our different POVs regarding the STS-48 (and 80) footage where a white object drifting in dark space amongst a field of similar-looking white objects seems to be "fired" upon and object is seen taking off at a high rate of speed. I could not accept the official explanations that the objects were ice crystals illuminated by the sun and affected by various Shuttle firing mechanisms.
The main problem with the official explanation is that the object was not part of the field of similar but still objects, even though some are seen drifting. The object "fired" upon emerges from the atmosphere and then starts its drift. If it had always been seen with the other objects there might not have been the uproar that some critics of the official explanation let loose along with other reasons for rejecting what really sounds like a weak explanation for the different activities that are seen. The only activity that I accept from the STS-48 footage is that, indeed, the main flash does come from the Shuttle. Everything else has not been adequately explained by NASA.
James suggested that I view the STS-63 POST FLIGHT PRESENTATION videotape available from NASA. He did not specify what I was supposed to look for but I guessed that it had to do with a similar situation as far as the insinuated ice crystals.
The STS-63 videotape consists of the Shuttle's Astronauts presented individually by the Mission Commander, and video footage and slides of their Mission activities inside and outside the Shuttle. Thirteen minutes into the tape I discovered the first mystery of two. The scene shows a sunlit Earth filling more than half of the TV screen with the rest being dark, empty space. Mission Specialist Mike Foale starts to describe a maneuver the Shuttle is going to make around the MIR Space Station to give it a look-over inspection. As he says "...Because of that uncertainty...", a dark rectangular shape enters from the right, is seen against the Earth, and just before it disappears at the top center of the TV screen, it seems to start to make an end-over-end maneuver. No comments are heard from anyone about this anomaly.
About 21 minutes into the tape, one of the two female Astronauts says that they have one last chance to say goodby to MIR and the scene changes to a similar night scene as seen on the STS-48 footage with similar white objects. (Ice crystals from now on will be said with tongue-in-cheek.) Even though the narrator says that MIR is in the middle of the frame, it's not visible unless it's one of those seemingly far-away white objects. This footage is only seconds long but it became very interesting. After playing the tape back 'n' forth a few times and looking at the various pulsing white objects, I noticed a triangle of white objects near the bottom right of the TV screen. The bottom point object is seen really pulsing. Other ice crystals are seen pulsing but not as strong as the one in the triangle.
Just as in the STS-48 footage a white object EMERGES from the two top white objects and starts to drift away from the triangle. At this time a meteroite streaks by and that's the end of the footage. No explanations are given and no Shuttle firings are seen to activate drifting ice crystals.
When I told Oberg of my two discoveries his only reply was, "Interesting." His supposed purpose for my watching the tape must have backfired and I'm glad to have seen similar activity to the STS-48 footage. There must be additional footage that could show where that white object drifted to because in the STS-80 footage a lot of round objects are seen materializing from Earth's atmosphere, "blooming", drifting, "rendezvous-ing" with other similar objects and some are seen moving at high speeds along with meteorites.
I am not a conspiracy supporter but there are things happening in space for which the official explanations are lacking in common sense and logic. My opinion of the STS-48 footage is shared by what seems to be the majority of people with at least one Ph.D. (Jack Kasher) which puts us in good company. Sun-lit ice crystals? No way!


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