New UFO Sightings
In Puerto Rice
From Jorge Martin

Greetings from Puerto Rico.
After a period of apparent calm in UFO events in Puerto Rico, sightings of anomalous flying objects have started to be reported again in the island.
Among some of the reports are the following:
1. On thursday Febraury 25, 2003 Mrs. Elba Rivera and her husband, as well as other several people, sighted from the parking lot of Santa Maria Shopping center located in Rio Piedras (metropolitan san Juan), a large sized shiny silvery isosceles triangle shaped UFO. The triangle seemed to be motionless in the sky, and even though it appared to be miles away, they described its size in some 3 inches at arms length. This indicates it must have been huge in size. It seemed to be suspended over the region of the city of Bayamon.
The triangle remained motionless in the sky for about a minute until a dark cloud came from the east and covered it. When the cloud moved away the triangle had disappeared from sight.
Last thursday March 4, 2004 she, as well as several other people, observed another UFO, this time it was a shiny large silvery cilynder shaped object. She described its size as "...almost six feet long", again, seen from a distance of several miles away. The object flew from west to east and dissapeared from sight in a matter of seconds. In this ocassion the UFO was sighted by residents in the areas of College Park and Altamesa, in Rio Piedras. On both ocassions the sightings occurred around 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.
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