Bright Object Flys Over PA -
Burned Corn Linked To It?

From Kim 7-24-1
Jeff - Local television is reporting at 11 pm that an object landed in a farmer's fied near Jershey Shore, PA. It carved quite a furrow in a field. The area is now sealed off from the public until it can be investigated.
LANCASTER - Crop damage in Salladasburg, Lycoming County may be connected with a flood of sightings of a bright object fly through the sky around 6:20 p.m. Monday.
Hear From An Astronomer "We had eyewitness reports of a large fireball and, what I would assume, is a sonic boom pass over Salladasburg borough," fire chief Gerald Ross said.
Among the reports that crews checked out, was one along route 973, west of Anthony Township.
Crews found an area, about 25 by 20 feet, of scorched ground cover in the middle of a corn belt.
The witnesses on scene were there watching deer.
The Department of Environmental Protection has been out to the sight to investigate. They have not found any environmental problems so far, but the area is still being secured.
People called emergency authorities and news organizations in eastern Pennsylvania, with other reports coming in from western Pennsylvania to Delaware and New York.
News 8 has been flooded with calls from people who saw a bright light streak through the sky. Others reported shaking homes and explosions.
Many people have also been e-mailing
Gene Albright reported a streaking light north of Biglerville, Pa. around 6:30 p.m. Kris Schwerin and Erin Broomell, of Peach Bottom, Pa., said that they saw fireball with tail.
Sarah and Cindy Stahl reported seeing a flaming ball of fire with a flaming trail fall from the sky over Manheim, Pa. Robin Toth, of New Holland, said it was as long as a dozen 18-wheelers and big as an enormous building.
Barry Graybill, of Manheim, described it as looking like a shooting star during the day. Click here to read about more sightings from Susquehanna Valley residents.
On the other side of the state, affiliate Web site reports that dispatch centers in Westmoreland and Washington counties have also received calls from concerned residents. also received an e-mail from a viewer who reported seeing what he or she thought was a meteor burn up in the northeast sky at about 6:20 p.m. Another spotted a "fireball" in the sky near Blairsville, Pa., going from south to north at approximately 6:30 p.m.
A Penn State astronomy professor says that the thunder or house shaking that people felt could be the result of a sound wave produced by meteors exploding in the Earth's atmosphere and breaking up.
He says that such an event also produces a spectacular light display and is normally silent.
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