Massive 3-Sphered UFO
Close Encounter In Italy

From Federico Dezi

The writer Roberto Malini is the witness of a sighting of UFO and aliens in Italy on June 6th, 1983
Locality: Milan - via de Angelis, 12.
Ciao Federico. In alcune occasioni, quando ci richiedono casi, può essere utile avere la versione inglese del mio primo avvistamento. Inviala solo su richiesta. Roberto.
Deposition by: Roberto Malini.
Profession: writer, journalist, author of essays in history, archaeology, art.
Witness credibility: absolute.
Elements in support of report: hundreds of reports in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain; many articles on time daily papers. Some witness's original sketches representing the encounter phases.
On June 6th, 1983, around the 22.30, a crowd of witnesses perceived a large bright flying object in the skies of Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain. It deals with hundreds of reports, some of which have been published the following morning by the daily paper. They also report, in different places, landings of the spatial ship and unloading of one or two of its occupants. The Ufo has also flown above populous zones in Milan. Testimonies in the Lombard chief town, often describe it as an object composed by three great and perfect spheres in line with two small globes placed under the central sphere. I will write below, in form of a brief self-interview, my testimony of that sighting. The event had a notable echo and has to be considered among the most important cases of sighting of Ufos and extraterrestrial entities ever verified in Italy.
Question: What was your thought on the phenomenon of UFO before its direct experience?
Answer: the matter interested me, but my position was not far from that expressed by Jung in the book "A modern myth." According to him, the figure of the "rotundum", disk or sphere, is a classical archetype, which represents the unconscious desire of completeness, of perfection. The vision of an UFO corresponds, according to as explained by the Swiss scientist, to an unconscious automatic projection.
Q: And as judged you all over the world the innumerable relative testimonies to sightings and meetings?
A: When I was a boy I was convinced that the witnesses of sightings were visionary or mythomaniac. To that age I was attracted from the mystery, but in mystical sense, not technological. An evening I effected live a television prank, reporting to some ufologists, entertained by the transmission "Portobello", conducted by Enzo Tortora, with a pathos loaded tone, the phases of a completely imaginary sighting. My brothers and I laughed for a long time at that joke.
Q: What the evening of June 6th, 1983 happened?
A: Something strange and fascinating. Something unforgettable.
At that time I was twenty-four years old and I lived with my mother and my brothers on the fourteenth floor of a building in de Angelis street, 12, in Milan, not far from Niguarda's hospital.
The evening of June 6th, 1983 I had leant out of the window of my room to look at the dark. The sky was serene and the air was pleasant. Suddenly, from half past ten to eleven, I saw something amazing in the gardens of Padre Luigi Monti street (at no more than two hundred meters of distance from my position), not away from the sidewalk, two or three meters within the lawn. In the light of the lamp-posts, I saw the outlines of two thin, black and bald men, dressed in a way that they seemed naked.
On the grass, the two figures handled some phosphorescent pipes. Uniting the pipes with great rapidity, they had built an internally empty parallelepiped. I looked at them and I didn't know what to think. It was strange as they had succeeded in assembling that object without any particular operations of joint or mechanical connection.
The two figures, absorbed in the mysterious operation, were also strange. They moved slowly, rigidly and they were indeed tiny and thready. For some instant, I had the irrational thought that someone was rehearsing the scenes of a science fiction film, even if there were neither fittings of lights nor cameras around the scene.
Suddenly a kind of circular lamp - or headlight - had been turned on by the inside of the parallelepiped and a beam of clear, intense, dazzling light reached me on the face, flooding my room. I've felt a great amazement and with a jump I backed away from the window. I felt rigid and with heavy limbs; I found also hard to complete the simplest movement. My room seemed illuminated by the most powerful neon.
When darkness returned, slowly, semiparalyzed, I leaned out the window again. The two figures were still there with the phosphorescent parallelepiped. In the centre of the parallelepiped, I didn't perceive the light device anymore, not even turned off. I had more and more difficulty moving and I had been struck dumb, incapable, for an unknown cause, to call my relatives. I attributed the phenomenon to the surprise, but it was something different.
I felt myself as out of the time or better, in a slower time. I have a memory void that goes from the disappearance moment of the two figures and the phosphorescent object built from them to the apparition of the great aircraft. The UFO appeared in distance in the sky as a light fast approaching. I don't know the reason, but in a certain sense I was expecting this. When its structure has become well visible, there were many lights that I remember in a confused way. They were not pyrotechnic effects however, but beams of light. I believe that there has been interaction among the earth figures, their parallelepiped and the bright phenomena deriving from the flying object subsequently appeared on the surface (but this is a confused memory).
Q: Can you describe the object that you have observed?
A: The Ufo was composed of three great bright spheres, set in line and connected among them, and of two smaller spheres, situated just under the central globe. At a certain point, the smaller spheres went away from and then approached the median sphere. The Ufo had almost passed above my point of observation, surely at a low level (perhaps in other places it has been kept to more elevated height, as some witnesses report. Or, there have perhaps been more than one flying object).
It was silent, it sent forth a long wake and it was very great in size. It's difficult to do a comparison, but I can surely say that it had enormously superior dimensions than those of a Jumbo Jet. I was able to really well observe it. The bright spheres didn't have halo and I could define "solid light" the substance that defined her. On the side of every globe it appeared, as if it was engraved, was a circle that could be defined with the term "porthole." When the UFO had gone on, I looked at the clock: it had passed at least a quarter of an hour more than how much I expected.
The next day, in my district and especially in Padre Luigi Monti street, there was much talk of the events of the evening before. Dozens of people had seen the flying object, the beams of light; someone else also attested to the strange movements in the gardens.
Q: What did you think then and what do you think today of that experience
A: When surprise passed, I felt happy and privileged, aware of having lived through a rare and prodigious event. New questions appeared, however, in my mind. Experience and knowledge are at the base of an awakening of the mind. Eraclito affirmed that for the awaked one the cosmos is unique and common, while sleeping is closed in his own world. There was poetry, in my experience, but also science. Poetry and science: it's like this in my memory. Perhaps, the people that spend a lot of time looking at the sky wait really this: an extraordinary sign, the ring able to connect memory and dream of the future allowing them to understand his own role in the history of the great whole. It needs to be objective and rational, when we set us questions on the flying objects that come from the space, but it needs also to try of widening his own horizons, of surpassing his own limits. According to a well know Zen parable, "when the wise man points out the moon, the fool stops and looks at the finger."


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