Arkansas Mystery Fireball
Crash Of 3-9-00 -
'Case Closed' (?)
By Al Collier <>

Hi Jeff -
I talked with the EMS in LR today. Guess what - the investigation is over. Well, it 'never existed.' Seems the soil samples were turned over to the State Crime Lab for testing; EMS said this incident didn't fall under their jurisdiction, so they gave the samples to 'some area school' that offered to help.
During the conversation, I was told again that a local, unnamed farmer was 'burning' in that area for 3 or 4 days before 'the SATELLITE fell to the ground'...and so the fire allegedly occurred days before the 'satellite' (fireball) was spotted in the sky over Arkansas about 8 pm on March 9.
Other than the fact that NONE of their 'facts' fit what I documented after the event occurred, their story is interesting. We are, apparently, to forget about: the fire responses from 3 different counties and the State EMS Units; forget about the fact that NASA said NO satellite nor space debris fell that night; forget about the multiple sightings of fireballs from the southern tip to the northern tip of the state later in the night.
All state and local agencies have decided that there was 'no event' that night. And yet their cover story doesn't match any of the other cover stories thus far.
I now have two independent professional fire officials who have arrived at the same conclusion: the fire was the work of an unknown, highly-flammable corrosive. The problem is it could have been any one of over 100 different ones. The reasons for this belief:
(1) The corrosive would burn at an extremely high temp on the outer edge - while not burning on the inside. This explains the paint burning on the car a mile away and explains the trees burning only at the tops. The corrosive only burned at the edge of the material, and, as it burned, fell away from the cool center where the tree branches were.
(2) The small craters were caused by 'globs' of the material falling from the trees or the air itself being on fire and burning in many small areas.
(3) There were multiple points of origin - and multiple directions - the fire traveled, which indicates an 'air burst' or explosion.
One of my two sources is a retired US Forestry Fire investigator with 22 years of experience; the second is currently a Fire Chief in charge of a HAZMAT (hazards materials) unit with over 10 years experience and numerous special training courses in this type of fire fighting. Both stress that all such flammable and highly-corrosive materials like this are BANNED from all air cargo due to their extreme volatility.
I find the cover story now being used by the EMS most interesting as it now officially contains the expression 'satellite crash' - which is what I alone claimed and tried to document from the beginniing. This also goes along with the fact there were two entirely different event burn sites: one scorched by fire and the other a carefully-protected site completely and carefully filled in and covered over by heavy machines within a few days of the event.
As you may recall, I took samples and sent them to a 'ufo research organization' that was going to have them examined and promised me a copy of the report. First, they claimed the sample would be evaluated at three labs, then two labs and, finally, just one lab. From the day my samples arrived at the center, I was told 'a week to 10 days' would be needed. Every time I have contacted them since, I am told another week to 10 days is still needed. They, of course, want ALL of my material, photos, signed statements and so on, but I still have seen nothing from them.
It is my firm belief that this item and the event it caused did not come from outer space, neither close nor far away. I have reason to believe this was a military test from the very beginning...and continues to be such. I have only limited proof of that but I will continue to probe as I can.
That is the update as I now have it.
Al Collier
This update, photos, and my earlier investigation reports are all available at:


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