Photos Of Advanced
Stealth Or Aurora?


The following four images were found on a Chinese website and forwarded to us for possible identification. Please send in any pertinent information...
From Todd Madson
Regarding the pictures of an alleged Aurora/Stealth aircraft that had
pictures that were purported to be from a chinese website.
It looks a little bit too much like the plane posited by Bill Sweetman in
his book: "Aurora: the Pentagon's Hypersonic Spyplane"
see link at
In fact, it looks so much like Sweetman's design that one wonders if it
might not be a model someone built and is flying via remote control and
was photographed on the ground which might explain why the landing gear
is in a down position.
If, for whatever reason the picture is of a real flying aircraft one
ponders where the pictures were taken. The top two photos are sort of
grainy and lack detail but the bottom two are sharper which leads me
to believe it might be a hoax of some kind, or someones well meaning
expose of the "real deal" albeit in the form of a flying model aircraft
a hobbyist/enthusiast put together.
Ultimately, if it does come to light that it's the real deal you might
wonder if Bill Sweetman can get some compensation - if they copied his
design to make a real aircraft it's either imitation as the sincerest
form of flattery or Sweetman is unknowingly psychic.
From Carlino Pellegrini
Regarding the recent story about the possible pictures of the Aurora or new stealth it seems that this craft looks like the plans for the Aurora seen on and elsewhere. I for one would certainly be interested in finding out more about these pictures- who took them, where exactly did they originate, etc. To my knowledge no known pictures of the Aurora have made it into the public domain and this may be the first.(?) I hope to see some follow-up on this one!
Thanks for the great work,

From Marc
Hi Jeff,
In Photoshop I used the sharpened filter, and put the brightness down - and contrast up on the photos. A thin fishing line string seems to become apparent in some of the images. Also the images appear to be of the air craft at many different angles, as if the model was spun around in the same spot. If you notice there is a picture of the craft going right, left, and over. What are the chances of this? Plus you notice the lighting conditions are the same in all photos.
Just some skepticism,
From Gene Stewart
My friend Dan, a minor authority on airframes and such, made these comments about the possible Aurora pictures posted at your site.
--Gene Stewart
It looks real, though I see from the article that there may be a fishing line attached to it.
The vertical stabilizers are not very stealthy, as they would tend to form a corner reflector (unless they retract or are transparent to radar).
There are no flaps or canards extended, and the angle of attack seems very shallow for a delta winger aircraft flying at low speed (i.e. with its gear down), though an advanced aircraft may have some other kind of lift enhancement (like high pressure air from the engine compressor blown over the top of the wing). There are no obvious control surfaces, though at least some stealth proposals were intended to use thrusters and moving engine nozzles for control.
The aircraft seems shaped for high speed flight, perhaps with B-70 style compression lift. However, assuming that the wheels are normal size, it seems too small to carry enough fuel to do much at hypersonic speeds.
The second photo is rather suspect. It is hard to determine if we are looking at the top or bottom of the aircraft, but the reflection of the main gear door strongly suggests that we are looking at the bottom. If the aircraft flew directly over a photographer on the ground then why does it seem to be at a much higher magnification than the oblique photos, which actually had to be taken from a greater distance? Unless the aircraft made two passes, one much higher and more directly over the observer than the other, the photo does not seem to belong with the rest. If we are seeing the top of the aircraft, then either it had to be taken from another aircraft , in which case the ground should be in view), or it was flying around inverted with its gear down.
Still it does look real in many ways. Perhaps it's a hoax cobbled up from various model kits?
--Dan Waltimire


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