Bainbridge, Ohio
Woman Tapes UFO
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BAINBRIDGE, Ohio - Is it an alien invasion or just an optical illusion? A Bainbridge woman is searching for answers.
On two separate occasions, Heather Rice of Bainbridge says she saw, and taped, a UFO.
The first time was August 29th, while getting her daughter ready for school. The second time was the very next morning.
Rice says she saw a "mother ship" and four others surrounding it, flying in a triangular pattern.
"It looked like a circular thing with windows with the red and green lights shining through," Rice says. "It was spinning fast."
Rice took her videotape to Bainbridge Police.
"We can take a copy of her tape and then turn it over to NASA if they want they can take a look at it," Lt. Jon Bokovitz says. "They've enhanced some video for us in the past. Maybe they can determine what it was."
No other sightings have been reported to Bainbridge police.


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