Chile's Loa River Area Overflown
By Multicolored UFOs
Source: La Estrella del Loa (Calama)
Multicolored bolides flew over Calama, Chiu-Chiu, Caspana and Ayquina. A terrible blast terrified residents, professionals and children alike.
Terror and uncertainty gripped the residents of Chiu-Chiu, Caspana and Ayquina, who witnessed--with startling clarity--two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) at different times on Thursday, October 19, 2000, a phenomenon which was also seen by some Calama residents.
Eyewitness accounts from professors of the G-52 "San Francisco" school in Chiu-Chiu, the second and most eloquent UFO crossed over the rural settlement at a medium altitude around 22:00 hours, to the surprise of a large number of locals.
"Suddenly, a thing the size of a junior soccer field passed [overhead], lighting the entire town and stopping for some two or three seconds and appeared to continue in a southward direction. We then heard a tremendous noise, like an earthquake, but nothing moved." This was the amazingly similar testimony of nearly 20 children, who were accompanied by the educational facility's physical education professor.
Students Rene Calpa Carrazana and Walter Anza Vilca stated that the bolide, which was predominantly white in color, also issued blue, red and yellow lights. A member of the group even recalled a "burning odor".
They said that around 19:00 hours that daty, another incandescent object -- not so close to Earth -- crossed the heavens and full speed and even split in two.
** The School **
After visiting the educational institution, reporters for this newspaper interviewed instructors, workers and students whose accounts dovetailed perfectly.
Monica Espinoza Fernandez, a teacher of Basic Education, noted that at the time the phenomenon occurred, a meeting with 35 members of the General Center of Parents and Attorneys-in-Fact was being held. Some of these held the detonation and saw a light move swiftly past the classroom's windows. "I felt nothing, but my daugher was with the auxiliary and she suddenly ran in to tell me, but I paid her no mind until I saw Fresia was frightened."
Matters became completely different for this woman when she was visited by the Calama Carabineros (state police), who knocked at her door at 1:30 a.m. in order to learn more of the details of the strange experience visited upon the town of Chiu-Chiu.
"My husband, who also saw something, dealt with them and told them what happned." Aside from confirming his wife's version of the events, Professor Juan Rojas Maffet added that at 19:00 hours that very same day he had seen a flying object through a window on the establishment's second floor while in conversation with some of his colleagues.
"It appeared out of the northeast, split in two and lost itself in the south. I thought: "What the hell!" but didn't comment it with anyone until that evening, when everyone saw the light and felt the noise."
Both he and his wife remarked that the men in uniform confirmed the sighting in Inacaliri. "They said that two residents had their eyesight damaged by the glare, and others left the tiny village on foot."
While instructor Vilma Salvatierra Cortes did not see the UFO, she felt the noise which made the hardiest soul around quake at the knees. "Was it loud? It was a veritable explosion/"
# # # # Translation (C) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Scott Corrales and Liliana Torres
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