More Extraordinary UFO
Events In Vancouver BC
From Bill Oliver


19-May-99, Ladner: (2:30 am)
Jordan was looking out his bedroom window when he viewed a triangular object in the southwest sky. It was moving very slowly to the northwest. It would periodically change position (i.e. - left to right). The lights on the object were flashing in a rotating manner, and there was no sound discernible. Jordan estimates that the craft was at an elevation of 2000 feet. He watched the object until 4:00 am.
22-May-99, Ladner: (9:00 pm)
Jesse (14) was playing hockey when he noticed a slowly moving red light that was flashing in the southern sky. It would periodically stop, fade away, and then re-appear in a different part of the sky. No other lights were visible on or near it. The "object" had no visible structure and did not seem to emit any sound.
A total of 8 people, including adults, observed this light for a total of 3 hours, from 21:00 to 24:00. During this time numerous aircraft flew into Vancouver Airport at a much lower altitude than this object seemed to be. The witnesses concluded that the very length of the observation ruled out helicopters and Cessna-type aircraft, as they felt refueling would have been a major concern.
A police spy plane perhaps?
31-May-99, Surrey: (10:00 pm)
A man and woman, living in Newton, heard the sound of a plane overhead. While trying to locate it, the woman spotted a group of 10 tiny red lights high in the southwest sky. After a short period of time, they zipped off to the north and stopped in a "kite formation". She said that they moved so fast it was hard to keep up with them visually. After another short period of time they returned to the original location and proceeded to form various geometric designs. The lights appeared to be individual and not attached to a structure. They watched these gyrations for 20 minutes before the lights disappeared into the distance. It was their opinion that the objects/lights were in space. They had not seen anything unusual before.
7-June-99, Vancouver: (12:10 pm)
Mike was looking towards the south, watching a plane flying below the clouds, heading west towards the airport. Suddenly, a silver disc-like object dropped out of the clouds into a clear blue patch of sky behind the plane (east of the plane). The object remained stationary while the plane continued westward. After about 5 10 seconds, there was a flash of bright light and the object was gone. At arm,s length, the object was smaller than a dime, but still easily discernible as a disc with light glinting off of it. The "flash" looked similar to a ship going into warp drive (Star Trek), but considerably smaller.
22-June-99, Trail: (7:15 pm)
Four witnesses observed a disc-shaped craft flying at a high altitude. The green, blue, red and white lights appeared to be rotating (or the craft was). The sky was clear, the moon was visible and no sound was heard. Total viewing time about 5 minutes.
3-July-99, Burnaby: (between 8:30 and 9:00 pm)
Alice and a companion were driving south when they observed an extremely bright white light, stationary in the southeastern sky. They pulled their vehicle over and stopped to watch the object. It appeared to be below cloud level. Over the next 5 minutes the light slowly diminished in intensity and finally "vanished". Both witnesses claimed they were familiar with approaching aircraft, and this was not the case.
6-July-99, Surrey: (between 9:00 and 10:30 pm)
A man and his wife noticed two "shadow type" lights circling the sky under the cloud cover. The white, circle-making, lights continued their gyrations for about 1 1/2 hours.
We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.
7-July-99, Surrey: (9:30 pm)
Again, a man and his wife, and their visitors, watched lights circling in the sky. (see 6-July-99)
We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.
8-July-99, Tsawassen: (between 9:50 and 10:35 pm)
A man, his daughter, and his wife were returning from the Tsawassen ferry terminal when they noticed a bright light about "two inches" to the south of Venus (western sky). They watched it briefly before it vanished.
About twenty minutes later, now in Surrey, they spotted two "stars" circling each other in an "S" pattern. The lights were in the southwestern sky. After 25 minutes, they merged and became stationary
12-July-99, Burnaby: (between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm)
A resident of a Seniors Care Home was looking out of her west facing suite when she noticed 3 lights that were moving quickly in an erratic manner. She watched the lights for 5 hours! The same thing happened the next night (13-July). She said: "What's going on, who is doing this?".
We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.
14-July-99, Prince Rupert: (3:45 am)
Frank, while working on the highway, watched a satellite-type light about 15 degrees above the horizon. It was heading south, towards Kitimat, and being pursued (?) by a jet aircraft.
15-July-99, Burnaby: (between 1:30 and 2:00 am)
Tania and her boyfriend were watching TV when they noticed circular blue flashing lights and white rectangular lights projected onto the living room drapes. Their apartment is on the second floor and faces Central Park. They assumed a police car was outside. The boy friend went to the window but could see nothing to account for the light display. It lasted about 30 seconds.
21-July-99, Lower Mainland: (01:00 am)
The witness observed 3 lights, one behind the other, and pulsating. The first light was white and the other two red. They moved towards the ocean, on an E to W flight path. The lights were the size of a star in the handle of the Big Dipper constellation.
This was possibly an airplane heading for the airport.
23-July-99, S. Burnaby: (00:45 - 1:34 am)
Several witnesses observed a small pulsating red light slowly circling the Alex Fraser Bridge. After about 50 minutes it slowly drifted away. The pulsation rate was 46 cycles per minute.
24-July-99, Delta: (11:08 pm)
David was out walking his dog when he observed a big, bright, yellow light travelling NW to SE. As the light crossed his line of vision it began to diminish in size down to a pinhead before completely vanishing from view. The object had been travelling at the speed of a satellite and was in view for 6 or 7 seconds.
This object was most likely a rotating satellite. Further observation probably would have seen this object re-appear, and increase in brightness, further along its flight path.
28-July-99, Langley: (10:00 pm)
The witness, Peter, watched a brilliant white light across the street from where he was sitting on his porch. "It just appeared; as large as a garbage can lid." The light/object moved slowly across the street towards him and out of sight around the house. He followed. It was hovering over a hydro pole. As he watched, the light went out. No noise had been heard emanating from it. Total viewing time was about 90 seconds.
29-July-99, Saturna Island: (00:30 am)
A couple used 15 power binoculars to watch an object move back and forth/up and down in the northwest sky. It was a bright white light that flashed red, blue and green. After 1/2 an hour, it slowly moved south towards Bellingham. It appeared to be round, very high up, and no noise could be heard. Total viewing time about 1 hour.
One of the witnesses is ex-RCMP and is familiar with aircraft, having worked at the Vancouver Airport.