Physicians Take Survery -
11% Patients Have Seen UFOs
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #24 6-20-2000
David Gordon writes he and his wife who are both Medical Doctors conducted a UFO survey in their practices in 1992 to establish the veracity of UFO sighting and contact reports to determine the scope of the phenomenon.
From Dr. David Gordon, MD:
George, it gives us great pleasure to have our study published. There have been medical gatherings (1) and media publications (2,3,4) in which respected psychiatric professionals have supported the claims of people who say they were abducted by UFO's. Some of these people have been found to be suffering from a type of post-traumatic stress disorder (3). A recent Roper survey of over 5,000 people, whose results were mailed to 100,000 psychiatric professionals, found a 2 per cent potential UFO abduction rate in the general population (5).
To discover the prevalence of both UFO abductions and sightings, and to establish the veracity and clinical relevance of these claims, I undertook a survey of my own HMO practice members. One thousand fifty (1050) low acuity HMO members were asked in a serial fashion at the conclusion of their visit with me, if he or she, the member, "had ever seen a UFO". Members with known significant mental illness were excluded from the survey. If the member answered in the affirmative, a detailed sighting report, was taken of the time, place, and circumstances of the encounter. Members were asked to sketch the object if they had seen a structure to the object. Objects were counted as UFOs if they had structure or flight characteristics unknown to modern aircraft manufacturing and propulsion technology (I hold a commercial pilot's license).
Examples of counted objects: were nocturnal lights exhibiting non-ballistic motion (sudden Z turns, impossible accelerations and decelerations ), flying and hovering discs, cigars, triangles, boomerangs, all of which were described as either silent or emitting a low humming noise. Members who had seen a UFO were then asked specifically about contact with any entities associated with the object. They were asked about memory of abduction experience, unexplained missing time, or sudden translocation of physical position in association with their sighting. The results were surprising.
Out of 1050 HMO members surveyed, 115 (11%) reported having had seen a UFO by the criteria listed above. Only two had reported it to the authorities. (Note - Only 2 of 115 ever filed a report -ed)
Sixty of the objects had been close enough to be able to sketch structure. The other 55 objects had been nocturnal lights moving non-ballistically.
Eight members (0.8% of the total surveyed population) related an involuntary UFO contact or abduction. Four (0.4%) other members reported visual contact with UFO entities without abduction. Most of the members reporting objects or entities were known personally by me for several years and had no history of mental disturbance. Furthermore, medical records were available on all of these persons to confirm this.
If replicable by other health care professionals, the implications of these data are profound. They would imply that the phenomenon of contact with non-earth intelligence is not rare, is occurring in every health professional's patient pool, could potentially affect people's health, and is being kept secret by individuals until a special person in a position of trust and authority, i.e., their physician, directly asks them about their experience.
Thanks to David Gordon, M.D., Los Angeles. 1. Conference on anomalous personal experiences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 1992 (personal communication). 2. "UFO reports get a going over," David L. Chandler, Boston Globe June 22, 1992. 3. "Helping Abductees," John E. Mack, M.D., International UFO Reporter, July/August 1992. 4. Secret Life. Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions, David Jacobs, Ph.D., Simon & Schuster, NY, NY 1992. 5. Roper Survey. Anomalous personal experiences. Roper Organization 1992.
Editor's Note: Next week Eve Gordon M.D. will present her results.
Both physicians are on the MUFON Board of Consultants. Assuming these statistics are accurate only two out of a 115 people reported their sighting to the authorities indicating only 1 to 2% of actual sightings are reported.

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