Rockefeller Funding Serious
Crop Circle Investigations
THE enduring mystery of Wiltshire's crop circles is coming under the gaze of one of America's wealthiest men.
Laurance Rockefeller is funding research into the puzzling patterns that have spawned a host of theories embracing everything from alien spacecraft to freak wind conditions.
Mr Rockefeller, a member of the fabled dynasty that has inspired songwriters and society page editors, has hired former local government officer Colin Andrews to dig deeper into the riddle.
Mr Andrews, formerly of Andover but now based in Connecticut, will be flying surveillance flights over Wiltshire next month hoping to record new discoveries.
He has compiled the largest database on the subject and advised several
governments on his findings.
He was asked to present his work at the United Nations headquarters in New York in 1994 when his close friend Reg Presley, lead singer with The Troggs, flew to America to attend.
Mr Rockefeller, aged 89, a New York billionaire and former U.S.congressman, has had a long interest in UFOs and similar phenomena.
His grandfather was the legendary John D Rockefeller, who amassed a fortune from oil interests.
Speaking from America yesterday, former Test Valley borough council engineer Mr Andrews said: "He asked me if I would like to submit some research projects to him which he might be able to help finance.
"With his help we engaged staff in my Connecticut offices and also flew regular flights in aircraft over Wiltshire and Hampshire last year.
"The office is now equipped with seven computers and staff are working on crop circles data from around the world.
"Global positioning technology has helped us via satellites to locate each formation and to be able to return after harvest to carry out measurements, including magnetometer readings which have shown some fascinating results.
"Numerous farmers have shown concern over the level of hoaxing. This is a problem
but is not only a matter of criminal activity but also something a little deeper.
Hoaxers themselves have confidentially stated that strange light phenomena have been experienced around them while they have been making crop circles during the hours of darkness.
"Some have even been certain that that within minutes of finishing a crop formation, additions have mysteriously been added before sunrise.
"Mr Rockefeller has funded a special investigation into all aspects of hoaxing and this is already under way."
Mr Andrews has already discovered that some circles have a "magnetic fingerprint" resembling snowflake geometry.
His findings will appear in a book he is writing called Cosmic Artist.