Australian UFO Flap Underway
From Ross Dowe
990715 Sydney Hunters Hill NSW 5.10 - 5.30am.
Respondents report sighting up to 6 large flashing green lights high above the Sydney harbour bridge at a height that seemed to be about 10-15000 feet. The lights appeared to be stationary and randomly flashed at 6.30am a large cloud passed under the light with the result of blocking them out.
990714 Bunbaberg CBD Wongarra St Qld.
10.30am - Reports of a dark flying disc with a dome on top, in the north north east sky emmiting a very strong flashing light from time to time. Appeared to change into a cigar shape hard to tell but headed towards the north over the sea. Seemmed to be about Jumbo jet size or bigger and about 1-2miles away. Sightinged for about 4 minutes.
Respondent writes:
At approximately 10.15 on wed. 14. July 1999 myself & 2 others observed what appeared to be a disc hovering in the sky in a NNE direction from Bundaberg CBD. It quickly became apparent to us that it was not a plane though quite large.
As we watched, the object slowly began to glow very brightly, so bright that it seemed to grow to about 4 times its original size, then returned to "normal" in about 2-3seconds. This glowing was repeated every 4-5 seconds for the duration of the event,first a small glow followed by a bright one alternately, making the object appear to be slowly pulsating. I would estimate the object to have been 1 1/2 -2 miles away, judging by the level of atmospheric distortion and quite large. About the size of 2 jumbo jets viewed at the same distance.
As we watched, the object slowly began to move away until it was about a quarter its original size then abrubtly disappeared. The whole sequence took about 3-4 minutes. The object appeared to my eye as being about the size of a 5 cent piece held at arms length slowly getting smaller as it moved away.
It must be stressed that it was a perfectly clear day and object was at the wrong angle in relation to myself and the sun for it to have been a relection of light, nor was the object in any normally used flight path. I have discussed this description with the 2 people who were present & both have agreed that what I have discribed is an accurate occount of what occurred.
The object was disc shaped with a slight bulge at the center top & bottom, metallic in colour, no visible wings or means of propulsion, no vapor trails, silent and hovered for at least 2 minutes before moving at all. It was, all in all, a classic "textbook" sighting with all the hallmarks of a genuine, bonafide UFO event, in broad daylight over a populated area. It was so obious that I'm sure it must have been observed by others.
I must also point out that my father worked as an air traffic controller for 30 years and I would often accompany him and am very familiar with most types of aircraft. I have also worked for many years in movie production doing special FX and know how easiy illusions may be created and this was like nothing I have ever seen. That's about it. THIS IS NOT A FABRICATION!
990713 Adelaide south east suburbs7.00pm local time reports of a large illuminate to the north west accompanied with a smaller illumination slowly moving west. -- Jupiter --
Melbourne Carlton area 4.45 -5.05pm Respondents report sighting a random flashing light extremely high above the Melbourne basin area --StarShine--
990712 Adelaide Cheltenham - Albert Park 9.45 pm..
Respondent reports sighting a bright orange-red illumination that seemed to be floating. It was tracked for about 15 minutes. It came from the East and headed west and after a short period it changed direction to the north west, it appeared to cover 8-10kms in distance and looked to be about 5 kms up in height. It did look like a small camp fire in the sky before it seemed to burn out .
Toowoomba Queensland 8.15-8.30pm Three bright orange illuminations traveling in a triangle shaped formation, sighted for 10-15 mins moving from the North East heading to the south, traveling faster than a frighter jet no sound heard.
Cairns Queensland 1.30am Meteroite white fuzzball, flash's of light with hissing sound.
Tweed Heads NSW 12.40am Very loud sonic thud or bang which shook the whole house.
990711 Toowoomba Queensland 8.15pm 2 Bright orange illuminations passing overhead to the south west followed by a large fast moving white illumination that appeared to coming out or from the ground, which moved faster than an aircraft.
Toowoomba Queensland 8.30pm Bright orange illuminations passing the area.
990710 7/10/99 Ferntree Gully at 9:15 to 9:40 pm . . . Respondent and husband writes. Witnessed 7 orange illuminations heading (east) towards Dandenong ranges. Objects appeared in formation, travelling without sound at an altitude of 1000mtrs (approx). Objects were unlike anything we have seen before. <
Eromanga - south west Queensland 00.20 -00.45am Red white flushing illumination south west sky Star light refraction.
Melbourne Victoria to Mt Gambier South Australia 7.00, 8.30, 9.45, 10.30, 11.05,11.50, 11.45, 12.00pm Sighting reports of bright orange illuminations numbering up to 10 per report, heading north from Ferntree Gully and other orange illuminations reported in from Sunshine in the Western suburbs of Melbourne @11.05-11.50pm .
990708 Toowoomba Queensland 8.30pm Ornage illuminations slowly passing overhead.
990706 Toowoomba Queensland 8.20pm brights orange illuminations North East heading.
Meteor Shower ALERT June 27- July 5/6th
Reports from Queensland - Victoria to Western Australia
Radio Meteor Alert - NASA Earth may be headed into two meteoroid swarms near the end of June. Ham radio operators can monitor the action, which may be invisible to the naked eye.