The Real 'Truth' - Why
It Is So Hard To Find
By Lyn Buchanan

You must remember that in the intelligence world, every truth is part lie and every lie is based on some truth. If you try to separate the two, you will only wind up confused and frustrated. If you are an outsider, you will slowly learn that there IS no separation of the two.. ... the lies and the truth are just two of the many sides of the same ever flipping coin. If you are an insider, you will slowly and often painfully learn that sometimes the coin lands by chance, sometimes the way it lands is rigged by you,ll never know whom, and that sometimes there is not even a coin at all.
If you are lucky and work hard, you will find some of the truth. If you are lucky and work REALLY hard, you might find the WHOLE someone wants you to know it. If you are PHENOMENALLY lucky and really work your tail off, you might even go on to find the REAL truth. But no outsiders....and in fact, very few insiders ever...EVER...learn the WHOLE REAL truth.
All assumptions are wrong.