Chilean UFO &
Chupacabras Report
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

UFOs Inaugurate Chilean Festivities in San Pedro Source: El Mercurio de Calama
Last Friday's festivities in the Chilean town of San Pedro de Atacama began with the strange appearance of at least 3 ufos. According to different testimonies given by residents of the town, strange lights appeared in the clear Atacama skies during early hours on Saturday.
The residents described the objects as bright lights making strange movements, which according to them, they were not typical of normal airplanes. Local San Pedro residents that witnessed the phenomenon could only describe them as ufos.
Local authorities claim that they did not receive any reports about the strange phenomenon. They also stated that these sightings are very common in the area, so this may had not been as relevant as previous accounts.
Bright UFO Illuminates Chilean Capitol
Source: Tele 13, Chile
In light of recent declarations by high-ranking Chilean military officers regarding the existence of ufos in Chile, another luminous object was seen in the Chilean capitol of Santiago by dozens of spectators. Tele 13 Journalist Rodrigo Ugarte covered the breaking news when the strange object illuminated the clear skies above the rouged mountains in the outskirts of the capitol city.
Last Saturday, at approximately 10:00 PM, Eric Martinez received a call about a strange object near the mountains of the suburban area of Florida, near Santiago. The light was very bright and changed colors very rapidly. The object disappeared and reappeared numerous times in the same area. The spectacular sighting lasted approximately an hour.
Amazingly, Eric Martinez, who is an investigator from the GEO UFO Research Center, captured video images of a similar object earlier during the afternoon. Martinez believes it was the same object. "This object was about four times brighter than Venus", said Martinez. "Furthermore, the object seemed to make sudden and rapid vertical movements". Local residents corroborated with Martinez's claim. According to them, they saw an object as big as a full moon. Moments later, the object suddenly appeared to shrink in size.
Security guards at a nearby construction site said they saw small blue spheres or probes flying very close to the ground. "I know the sphere that I saw was no star because it had a bright blue color and it was about 50 centimeters from the ground", said one of the guards. They claim that these phenomena occur very frequently in the area.
Chilean Villagers Describe An Alleged Capture Of A Chupacabras
Source: Ovnivision Chile
Chilean law enforcement agencies have conducted an apparent successful operation to capture the legendary chupacabras creature in the small village of Huasco, Third Region of Chile.
Due to the constant animal deaths in the area, the community of Huasco had been very worried. Recent attacks on domestic animals have created panic and fear among local residents. Numerous reports of these attacks have prompted Customs officers of the area to conduct special operations in an effort to capture the so-called chupacabras. The purpose of the operation was to avoid new animal slaughters.
According to several eyewitnesses, police and customs officers were seen conducting searches and chasing an animal that was finally captured in a cave. "Local residents heard gunshots during the intense pursuit in the nearby village of O,Higgins, said Darwin Godoy, a local ufo and "chupacabras investigator.
Finally, the group of officers finished their search in a local cave, where they captured what appeared to be a strange giant bat. "According to descriptions, the creature was about 80 centimeters in height and it had a wingspan of approximately 1.7 meters, said Godoy.
The cave where the alleged capture took place is located near the thermoelectric power plant of Guacolda, just south of Huasco. Several of the eyewitnesses were employees of the electric power plant. Residents that live nearby the local cemetery also witnessed the operative.
Translation by Mario Andrade
Special thanks to Rodrigo Cuadra from T.O.C. Online Magazine


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