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Notes- We received the following email from Mr. Beletsky and want to make everyone aware of the opportunity to secure first-class UFO/ET and other anomalous information via the RIAP periodical.
Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP)
Kharkov, Ukraine
Alexander Beletsky
Vice-Director of Research
Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP)
Dear Mr. Rense,
My name is Alexander Beletsky. I am Vice-Director of Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP) - an independent scientific- research body, established in Kharkov (Ukraine) a few years ago. We aim at scientific studies in the fields of the UFO problem and the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) question. The Institute makes its investigations in close collaboration with the CIS Academy of Cosmonautics and Russian Academy of Sciences. Please find here attached (as Appendix I) a RIAP Information Leaflet, describing the Institute's research programs in some detail.
To inform the international ufological community about the results of investigations that are conducted by RIAP specialists and other scientists in the territory of the former Soviet Union, we started, in 1994, a special periodical: newsletter RIAP Bulletin (RB). It is the ONLY serious anomalistic periodical in the Commonwealth of Independent States published IN ENGLISH. There appear in RB research articles, short communications, book reviews, letters to the Editor, etc.
RB Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4 - Vol. 4, Nos. 1-3 have been printed and sent to subscribers. They contain, in particular, the papers:
"Post-Soviet Ufology: a View from Inside" by V.V.Rubtsov
"Alternative Science?", by V.V.Rubtsov
"UFOs as Objects of Study by Terrestrial Physics", by V.A.Buerakov
"Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon: A Justification", by A.V.Arkhipov
"UFOs: a Possible Mechanism of Formation, Behavior and Environmental
Impact", by V.I.Mazhuga
"The Petrozavodsk Phenomenon", by L.M.Gindilis & Y.K.Kolpakov
"The Black Ball: a Supposed Extraterrestrial Artifact", by V.N.Fomenko
"A Second UFO Landing on the River Mzha", by a group of RIAP scientists,
and others.
We have also published the first really comprehensive survey
of anomalous features of the famous Tunguska explosion ("The Tunguska
Meteorite: A Dead-Lock or the Start of a New Stage of Inquiry?"),
written by the leading Russian specialist in this problem - Nikolay V.
Vasilyev, Member of Academy.
RIAP Bulletin is published four times per year. Subscription rates:
A life-long subscription - $100;
12 issues (three years) - $50;
8 issues (two years) - $35;
4 issues (one year) - $20.
Airmail postage included.
Back issues are still available in limited quantities
($5 per issue, $50 a whole set - ten issues).
If you are interested in subscribing to RIAP Bulletin, please let me know. I and my colleagues would be happy to inform you about advances and prospects of ufological studies in this part of the world.
There will appear in the next RB issues, in particular, the following papers: "A Possible Genetic Trace of the Tunguska Catastrophe of 1908", by Y.G.Rychkov "UFOs: False and Genuine", by the Russian academic UFO expert Y.V.Platov "Did the Maori Know About the Rings of Jupiter?", by Y.N.Morozov, and many others.
With all my best wishes and warmest regards, I remain,
Sincerely yours, Alexander V. Beletsky, M.A., Vice-Director, RIAP
The principal trends of researches of the institute in the UFO field are as follows: creation of an efficient system of reconstruction of a real anomalous event on the basis of witnesses' testimonies; formation of a unified CIS UFO data base (in collaboration with the Expert Group on Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomena of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and a computer expert system to identify genuine UFOs (GUFOs); development of physical models of GUFOs; monitoring of a place of recurrent UFO landings on the river Mzha, near Kharkov; studies in the hidden history of Soviet ufology.
In the SETI field, there was realized, under the guidance of Alexey V. Arkhipov, phase I of the program "Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon" (SAAM) and its results were presented on the pages of RIAP Bulletin. Besides, we have been examining some enigmatic finds that can be considered candidate extraterrestrial artifacts (ancient, or not so ancient). These are the so-called "Kassimov ball" - a small (diameter some 4.5 cm) black ball of unknown origin, found in Central Russia in 1983 on the depth 7 meters, in a layer of pure red clay, - and the remains of a strange object that obviously originated from space and fell down near Kharkov in 1994 (judging from its chemical composition, it is neither a meteorite, nor terrestrial space junk).
The institute pays considerable attention to the problem of the Tunguska explosion of 1908. We are studying statistical parameters of the forest fall area, as well as the biogeochemical elemental and isotopic anomalies and population-genetic effects, revealed in the area of the catastrophe. A state-of-the-art collection of research papers on the Tunguska problem is now under preparation.
The Scientific Council and Advisory Board of the Institute include such Russian and Ukrainian specialists in the UFO problem and SETI field as Dr. E.A.Ermilov (specialist in radio detection of aerial anomalous phenomena), Dr. V.N.Fomenko (investigator of the famous Vashka find, as well as other supposed ET artifacts), Y.A.Fomin (doyen of UFO studies in Russia), Dr. L.M.Gindilis (astronomer and SETI expert), Dr. Y.V.Platov (Vice-Chairman of the Academic UFO Study Group), Dr. V.K.Zhuravlev (investigator of the Tunguska explosion), and others. The Advisory Board comprehends also a group of well-known Western scientists, scholars and engineers - V.-J.Ballester Olmos (Spain), Dr. T.E.Bullard (USA), Dr. R.F.Haines (USA), Dr. A.Meessen (Belgium), et al. Dr. Vladimr V. Rubtsov, Full Member of the CIS Academy of Cosmonautics and one of pioneers of ufological studies in the former USSR, is Director of RIAP.
Institute mailing address:
RIAP, P.O.Box 4684, 310022 Kharkov-22, Ukraine.
Internet e-mail address:
Note - To subscibe is not easy at this point in time but it can be done per
the following note received on 5-12-99...
Dear Mr. Rense,
Many thanks for your email and good words about RIAP work, as well as for posting my message on your homepage!
As for the exact method of acceptable payment - unfortunately, at present no International Money Order or foreign check can be cashed in Ukraine. So, the only real method of payment is bank transfer. We understand this is not the best method possible and are searching for another one, but for the time being this remains the only possibility existent. So, if and when any of you decide to subscribe, please let me know and I will be glad to send you all the necessary details.
All my best wishes and warmest regards!
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Beletsky
Vice-Director, RIAP
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