Kreskin Predicts Largest UFO
Sightings Ever In May-June
Backs His Claim With $50,000

NEW YORK, NY - In one of his boldest predictions ever, world-renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin is forecasting the largest UFO sighting in recorded history to take place in Nevada during the months of May or June. So sure of this occurrence, Kreskin is backing his prediction with $50,000 of his own money that will be donated to a not yet named charity should he be wrong.
While UFO sightings have increased 42% in Canada in the past year, Kreskin predicts that this one will take place in the Nevada desert and will be seen by hundreds of people. His bold forecast is the most recent prediction by a man who has successfully foretold the outcome of the 2000 Presidential election, the Academy Awards and the beginning of a war on terrorism.
"I am absolutely convinced that in May or June of this year the largest sighting to date will take place in the Nevada desert, probably the largest sighting in the past century, " said Kreskin. "I am so convinced of the accuracy of my prediction that I am putting up $50,000 to back my claim." While Kreskin has, in the past, successfully predicted the results of the Academy Awards, Hillary Clinton winning office, the stepping down of Bill Gates, and the coming of a world terrorist war. He's only, on one occasion, risked a sum of money and that being with his prediction of the results of the last Presidential campaign as reported in USA Today. But, that was only a 50/50 chance and while it was successful in predicting Bush's winning he is now absolutely certain that a sighting will take place sometime within this time frame and backing it with $50,000.


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