1650 Irish UFO Account
From Frances Fontaine

The following is taken from the book "Irish Witchcraft and Demonology" by St. John D. Seymour, B.D. (from the site) on page 100 of the book it reads as follows:
"...of a similar ebullition of the elements. The latter went out, found a witch, persuaded her to confess herself the guilty author of the storm, and then burnt her --by which time, no doubt, the wind had subsided!
Much in the same strain might be added, but, lest we should weary our readers, we shall content ourselves with giving two more marvellous relations from this particular period so full of the marvellous. O'Daly in his History of the Geraldines relates that during the siege of Limerick three portents appeared.
The first was a luminous globe, brighter than the moon and little inferior to the sun, which for two leagues and a half shed a vertical light on the city, and then faded into darkness over the enemy's camp; the second was the apparition of the Virgin, accompanied by several of the Saints; and the third was a lusus naturæ, of the Siamese-twins type: all three of which O'Daly interprets to his own satisfaction. The first of these was some form of the northern lights, and is also recorded in the diary of certain Puritan officers. That learned, but somewhat..."
This account was supposedly taken from real historical "parliamentary, military, court, etc records". Thought the early account of the UFO (circa 1652 according to the previous paragraphs) might be of interest.
From Bill Rutherford
In regard to the recent 1650 Irish UFO Account... Used in the alleged account:
"..Siamese-twins type.."
Siamese-twins were NOT called SIAMESE-TWINS in 1650.




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