Dominican Republic
Alleged UFO Crash

From Scott Corrales

El Nacional (Dominican Republic)
Chunks of iron and other metal from the primeval universe fall constantly to earth. Upon making contact, they give of a bright light whose flames dissipate immediately. For this reason, eyewitness commentary in this part of the country does not dismiss the possibility.
The object was seen from Santiago by cameraman Noendi Valerio of Channel 25, who claims having recorded the beam of light from his home in this city's Los Reyes sector.
In Navarrete, several residentes claimed having seen the column of smoke given off by the alleged spaceship, which has still not been found in the impenetrable mountainous area of the communities of Fundaci'n, Paradero and Arroyo Blanco. However, the Civil Aeronautics Accident Investigation Board is continuing the search at the site where the accident supposedly occurred.
They believe it could have been an agricultural aircraft. However, no rice grower has reported an accident--something they always do to collect the insurance on their crop dusters.
This morning, an aircraft from the Dominican Air Force (FAD) flew over the area, but had reported nothing as of midday.
Participating in the Search and Rescue operation are members of all of the Dominican state's security organizations, according to a press report from the Civil Aeronautics press office.
The area in which the event allegedly occurred was surveyed by reporters from this newspaper yesterday. It is extremely cloudy and the rains have not ceased. Despite of this, the impenetrable vegetation has not kept local residents and brigades of the police, the National Army, the Civil Defense and the Red Cross from continuing the search.
Residents of Gajo Alto, at the highest point of the mountain, claim having seen the beam of light but did not hear any detonation.
Nothing has been recorded in the Dominican Republic's airspace and the radars of the Gregorio Luperon Airport of Puerto Plata, which are rather broad in their coverage, have no information about aircraft which flew over the area on Wednesday night.
Another theory which hasn't been dismissed is the possibility that elements linked to the drug trade were flying below the radar and finding a forested area in which to hide.
At El Lirial, residents claim that an airplane would pass over the area every night at the same time, but after last night's event, nothing was found. Faced with the possibility that a drug cargo could be involved, several people offered themselves as volunteers to search the mountainous region.
Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.




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