West Central Missouri UFO
Flap Of Early Fall 2003

By Brian Adams

Jeff - I'm forwarding this recent investigation to you that I did in conjunction with the forwarded UFO reports from the National UFO Reporting Center and Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC.
Brian Adams,
Springfield, MO
190 Description: West Central Missouri UFO Flap In Early Autumn 2003 Submitted by Brian Adams of the Missouri Investigators Group investigated the National UFO Reporting Center,s online sighting reports as permitted by Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC.
A mysterious long UFO seen as a row six very bright amber lights has appeared over the west central Missouri region over several nights in September and October in 2003. The UFO was reported by farmers, factory workers and commuters that consisted of either seeing the object hovering over the pastures off the side of the road or moving over the trees in dense woods.
So far, there hasn't been any report of unusual animal deaths or close encounters associated with the UFO sightings. However, there has been a recently reported corn field crop formation that was reported on October 4th where this UFO did appear over is currently under investigation.
It began on the evening of September 6th with a couple of Pleasant Hill, MO area residents driving up over a small hill on a rural road then stopped to watch a strange row of bright lights hovering over a field between Harrisonville and Pleasant Hill. I called Amber C. the girlfriend who witnessed this UFO. Amber told me the UFO was lit up with six very bright amber lights that made it hard to determine any real shape of the craft. But after observing it for only a few moments the UFO lights suddenly went out and no object was seen at all in the dark sky. Amber said they didn,t hear any sounds by the UFO at any time. The weather was clear and warm.
On the evening of September 9th Rick D. was driving back home to Independence from his farm in Shawnee Mound on Highway 13 in northern Henry County near the Johnson County line. Rick noticed some bright amber lights in the direction he was traveling believing that there was an accident ahead on the highway.
Coming around a curve expecting to see emergency vehicles Rick instead saw something quite strange instead. Cars were parked on both sides of the highway so he slowed down to see why. Through the windshield Rick saw hovering over the east side of the road two parallel sets of six bright lights that each arched slightly over the trees near an abandoned gas station. No sounds were heard coming from the UFO outside by Rick at any time.
Rick realized that the other drivers had stopped just to watch these lights in the sky. A small gap between the sets of lights was noticed but Rick said he couldn,t see any structure at all because of the bright lights. Rick then attempted to take a photo of the UFO through the passenger side window as he got closer. (The film was developed a day later and it only showed a faint ball of one of the UFO lights through the window. Rick,s camera,s flash was unfortunately on and it obscured most of the UFO lights outside revealing mostly the interior of his vehicle.)
Suddenly, the UFO lights blinked out and nothing else was seen in the except for the full moon rising up in the clear sky. Rick wanted to stop and find out what the other drivers thought about the UFO but they all began to drive away in both directions. Rick said at least twenty cars had pulled over but he thought it was strange that nobody stayed after the UFO was gone. So he drove on home while listening to a nearby Warrensburg radio station,s talk show hoping somebody would mention the UFO sighting. But nobody called and no news about it was reported.
The next evening on September 10th in Clinton, MO at 10 pm Edwin S. reported that he observed a strange ball of yellow light the size of a dime at arms length that was very low to the northeast at 10 pm while letting his dog outside. The UFO moved to the north before getting lost in the trees. Edwin called the Clinton Police Department but there were no other reports of this object.
In Windsor, MO in northeast Henry County is where a factory worker named Logan M. was out on a break on the factory parking lot just after midnight on September 11th. While in his truck with a buddy the two noticed a very bright light moving very low above the trees to the south. Assuming it was a plane or helicopter coming in their direction it was apparent that it wasn't a normal aircraft approaching. I spoke to Logan and he told me that the light began to move slowly towards them in a northerly direction but it didn't make any sound at all.
The silent UFO really impressed them Logan said and as they watched it fly virtually overhead. Underneath the UFO it had two yellow lights at each apex with a much larger yellow light in the middle that Logan called a dome. (see attached drawing of the UFO by Logan). The UFO continued over Windsor but turned in a SW direction soon disappearing behind trees.
Later that night at the factory Logan said that his buddy told him while he was outside taking trash out to the dumpster in the rear parking lot he saw the same UFO lights appear again. The next day Logan met another factory worker who said his girlfriend mentioned that she saw the UFO. The girlfriend called to see if the Henry County Sheriff,s office had any sightings reported. The Sheriff,s office in Windsor did say that they got dozens of other calls that evening. They reported seeing a strange lighted aircraft flying over the town but the Sheriff,s office told them that everything was okay.
In our interview Logan said that this was not a B-2 Stealth Bomber or a military helicopter at all. Living just ten miles south of the home base B-2 called the 509th bomber squadron Logan said that everybody has seen and heard the B-2,s flying by in their takeoff and landing patterns numerous times. "The B-2,s are loud and they have normal flashing and landing lights. This (UFO) thing didn,t at all. It was very strange. Obviously, the other witnesses felt the same way as I did after seeing this thing.
Then on September 23rd in central Missouri two strange but separate sightings about a half hour apart were reported by the witnesses seeing a similar looking UFO near their homes.
Around 9:00 pm a semi-retired cattle farmer named Jerry C. was driving home on a rural road in western Iron County near Boss, MO. While going up a hill Jerry suddenly saw six very bright amber lights in a straight row appear just above the woods on the north side of the road. The lights were hovering and not blinking at all but were the size of soccer balls. To get a better view Jerry said that he stopped and as he began to back up the lights immediately went out.
At 65 years old Jerry said that he never has seen anything like this before. His stock dog was riding in the bed of the pickup truck. Jerry said that the dog seemed to be very nervous and scared. Jerry emailed me a couple of days later saying that he was out cutting some firewood on a ridge and when he was finished noticed his dog had disappeared. "The dog is always at my side and doesn,t chase my cattle. So I looked around and found the dog had been hit by a car. It was suffering and I had to put a bullet in him. Funny thing is that this is the exact spot on the road where we saw the UFO. Weird isn,t it?
Then at 9:30 pm Daniel K. and his mother were inside their home watching TV on the north side of Cuba, MO or about fifty miles north of Jerry,s farm. Daniel,s mom then noticed a strange lighted object through a window moving above the trees. She and Daniel saw five horizontal lights for a few seconds appear to the south of their backyard. They ran out to the back porch to see what it was but the lights went out. Suddenly the lights appeared again to the southwest but then the lights turned off again. There was no sound of an aircraft heard at all.
I called Daniel,s home and spoke with his mother about their sighting report. She estimated that the lights were four and a half miles away because a main road called Highway F is about that far from their home. She said that they,re surrounded by thick woods so it was difficult to see because the UFO was flying low just above the tree tops. She said Daniel did call the Cuba Police Department to see if anyone else had reported seeing the strange lights in the sky but there was none.
Another weird report came in from the Pleasant Hill area on October 10th. James H. said that a week earlier his brother-in-law found a strange crop formation while harvesting a corn field on Saturday morning October 4th. While up high inside the cab of the combine the brother in-law saw that the corn stalks had been cut down at ground level in a perfectly square area he said was 10 by 10 feet. He got inside the formation and noticed that the cobs or ears of corn had been removed from the cut stalks and then pressed down into the soil with the cobs standing in a pattern. It looked like an 8 with a small line or a 1 at the side of the 8.
Unfortunately, instead of going around the formation, the brother in-law drove the combine through it. The brother in-law told James he even got off of the combine to pick up the cobs stuck in the ground and put them into the combine. However, the brother in-law did notice that the cobs hadn,t spoiled so whatever did cause the formation happened recently.
Nobody has been into the corn field since to check for any evidence afterwards because of the area in question is several hundred yards from any road plus recent rains has made the ground very soft so it,s inaccessible even by 4 wheel drive. Hopefully later this fall a visit will be successfully made to the crop formation spot to gather samples.
Now what is interesting to this crop formation and the September 6th Pleasant Hill sighting is that this corn field is exactly where the witnesses observed the UFO hovering over that evening. The rural road the witnesses were on called Christmas Tree Lane is the south property line of the corn field just east of Highway 7. They saw their UFO on the north side of the road over the corn field.
It's still possible that there are other witnesses in the area who may have seen this UFO as well but they have decided to not report their sighting or mention it to anyone. The Missouri Investigators Group ( will continue to pursue additional witnesses and do follow-up investigation on these UFO reports.
I'm tonight (Nov. 8th) just reading the recent sightings over Missouri the first week of November, 2003. On Nov. 4th, 2 more UFO reports having a straight row of 3-6 very bright amber lights seen over Elisnore and Greenville and on Nov. 5 a UFO seen over St. Joe similar to the Windsor, MO craft. I'm also reading about similar sightings of these UFOs reported seen over Pass Christian, MS and Alexandria, VA on Nov. 5th also over Kittery, ME on Nov. 6th. Besides these reportts there were more similar UFOs seen over Arkansas and Kansas during Sept. 2003.




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