Chemtrails - And UFO - Over Ohio
From Dave

This morning my relatively new (10 month old) expensive car battery failed to start my car. Cold weather I assumed. But realized the battery was bought on January 1st, 2003. A top notch battery. After jumping it, I let the car run and charge. I then got this idea I would photograph the chemtrails at the horizon that had been sprayed all night. As I was about to begin, this shiny UFO came into view at about 1 o:clock overhead to the west. The sun was rising. Perfect for reflection. Actually, I wonder if I wasn't intuitively inclined to walk out and video tape on the coldest morning of the season. This morning was 24° F. Oddly enough, this time, my battery on my camcorder was charged.
At 12 p.m., a few hours later, these chemtrails (biotrails; virus delivery devices?) appeared liked vortexes through the already chemtrail soaked sky. I am sure there is a law that will prevent responsibility if these sprayings are lethal in the short or long run. Nevertheless, they are here. By the way, my battery works fine now.
South Webster, Ohio




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