Hitler's Stealth Aircraft
And UFOs
The London Times
From Stig Agermose <>

Hitler's obsession with the occult and astrology is well known - but evidence that his aerospace and rocket scientists were plundering alien technology to build Nazi UFOs has never gripped the public imagination.
Maurizio Verga's tantalising web pages reveal Werner von Braun and the Luftwaffe design teams could have been guided by extraterrestrials, perhaps looting interstellar components from a crashed spaceship.
Rumours of the Third Reich's underground bases first surfaced in the late Forties, coinciding with the birth of UFO sightings. America's Operation Paperclip was at full throttle, with the FBI smuggling Nazi war criminals into America to take advantage of their scientific expertise.
Former Nazis gave America the space race edge, and von Braun's career followed a smooth flightpath from pilotless V2 rockets to Apollo 11 and the first manned moon landing.
Verga believes the Luftwaffe developed a flying disc, in the classic saucer shape, which flew at Prague on February 14, 1945. His photographic evidence is almost certainly faked by Fifties sci-fi fans. Visit his site to enjoy the artist's impressions, which are a glorious delight. It may not be a coincidence that Americans began sighting flying saucers within three years of the alleged Prague test-flight and von Braun's escape to America.
Countless UFO reports of the early Eighties turned out to be sightings of America's Stealth Bombers. Is it possible that the US Air Force did develop Nazi technology to build a fleet of saucers 50 years ago, producng the first wave of Unidentified Flying Objects?
And if those spacecraft were for real, the chilling question remains: what are the menacing objects reported nightly in Nineties skies?
Maurizio Verga's Site