NE Scotland Residents See
'Ball' UFO Dive Toward Sea
By Marc Horne
The Evening Express

A mystery object was seen streaking through the sky near a North-east community.
A comet-like ball was seen plunging towards the sea off Cammachmore, near Stonehaven.
The bizarre X-files-style sighting left residents baffled - but skywatchers believe it may have been a piece of space junk.
The Cammachmore "comet" was spotted in unseasonably clear skies at around 10 in the morning.
"Myself and my husband were having a cup of coffee when something caught my eye out of the kitchen window," said the woman, whose home overlooks the coast.
"We both stared out at the sky and could not believe what we were seeing. The object was heading straight down from the sky and was travelling at some speed."
The couple, who did not want to be named, then grabbed binoculars to get a better view.
"I can only describe it as looking like a ball - with a small comet-like tail behind it," she said.
"My husband is a bit of a plane buff and we both agreed this definitely was not any kind of aircraft."
The object then silently vanished from view within minutes.
Aberdeen Coastguard were unaware of it.
"My guess is that people were confused by the sight of the sun for the first time in months," joked a spokesman.
A Met Office spokesman said: "From the description it sound like it may well have been space debris."
First published 12-23-02

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