MOD Releases Files On UK's
Most Famous UFO Incident
From Georgina Bruni

The Rendlesham File
"The official view is that no one at higher levels in the Air Force or government took the Rendlesham sightings at all seriously at the time ñ and this book is not going to change the official views, despite what Bruni may hope."
- Ian Ridpath, Review of "You Can't Tell The People" The Skeptic, Volume 14 No 1.
The Rendlesham Forest incident, involving members of the USAF stationed at the twin RAF bases Bentwaters and Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, is Britain's most famous UFO case. Hard evidence to support that an incident did take place on the perimeter of RAF Woodbridge is now well documented. This includes an official USAF memorandum authored Deputy Base Commander, Lt Colonel Halt, his tape recording of the incident and more recently official USAF photographs taken of the landing site. But still the sceptics hang on to the theory that the UFO was nothing more than the beam from the local lighthouse.
Since January 2001, Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Hill Norton, has put a staggering 16 Questions to the House of Lords relating to the case as presented in my book _You Can't Tell The People_. As a result of these Questions and pressure put on Parliament and the Ministry of Defence to release information on this case, Lord Hill Norton and myself are now in possession of the Ministry of Defence's Rendlesham Forest file.
For twenty one years the Ministry of Defence has claimed that the only report in their file, was Colonel Halt's memorandum, that the incident was of no defence significance and that no UFO's were tracked on radar.
What does the file reveal?
1.Vital evidence, which backs up my book and proves that in spite of what the sceptics believe, those at higher levels in the Air Force and government did take the Rendlesham Forest incident seriously enough to begin an investigation.
2.That the Americans retrieved vital evidence that was not shared with Britain's Ministry of Defence.
3.That several departments in the Ministry of Defence and RAF were involved in an investigation, including Defence Intelligence Staff.
4.That problems arose with equipment at RAF Watton Eastern Radar during the incident.
5.That Defence Intelligence Staff considered the radiation readings to be significantly higher than normal (by a factor of about ten).
6.That the USAF did carry out an investigation.
7.That the Ministry of Defence considered sanitising Colonel Halt's memorandum prior to its release due to concern over intelligence and national security matters.
And much more
Nick Pope: These revelations are sensational, and I'm sure there will be pressure for an inquiry into both the incident itself and the subsequent actions of both the MOD and the USAF.
Full Story in UFO Magazine (UK) on Sale 30 August 2001 Includes feedback from senior Air Force Staff
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I will be doing a full presentation of the facts, an update and further comments from witnesses and those involved, at the International Leeds Conference on 22 September 2001.
- Georgina Bruni
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