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George A. Filer
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Filer's Files #44 10-29-03

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. China - UFO watches Chinese "Taikonaut" Launch into space, Ohio - Comments on George Ritter's UFO's nanotechnology, UFOs - physics and spirituality, New York - Lights and images of UFOs, North Carolina - Does green meteor cover UFO reentry? Georgia - Saw craft similar to George Ritter's UFOs, Florida - Disc, Ohio - weird lights above the car and abduction experience, Alabama - Oval spotted, Tennessee - Bright light attracts eight planes, Ohio - weird lights above the car and abduction experience, Wisconsin - huge UFO and maneuvering strobe lights, Arizona - flying lights, New Mexico - Bouncing lights, Montana - hovering lights, California - red light shoots into space, Canada - Ferris-wheel lights, and The Netherlands - Two massive flying triangles.
GIANT SUNSPOTS - 484 and 486 remain visible on the sun, posing a continued threat for X-class solar explosions that will strike the Earth's magnetic field by midday Wednesday disrupting satellite communications.
LONG ISLAND -- A man saw a strange light in the sky on two nights, October 18, and 20, 2003, around 8:00 PM. "It moved so fast, without sound that it looked like a UFO. It just rained and the UFO was flying over the clouds with four lights that beamed with a very light circular motion. The four lights moved in a circular pattern two times, and moved to center of a circle. It just stood there while the lights moved by themselves. They moved to the center, then to the outside, sort of like a plus sign. "It was big enough for my friends to see it, and they live in the next town." Thanks to UFOopenline WARSAW -- At 10:57 PM on October 24, 2003, the observer went outside to take photos of unidentified flying objects that have been around since September 17, 2003. It was an absolute accident that I got this photo because it was on flash instead of night mode. Once the flash hit this object, I went to have a closer look, and take a second shot. I have been photographing and videotaping these objects since September and I have over a thousand photos and hours of video. As a personal joke, I nick named this object "Mars" because of others trying to convince me of such. I have enhanced the photos as much as possible; the object appears to be discoid in shape, with a very distinguishable trail behind it. Thanks to: B J Booth UFO Casebook
DURHAM - Police dispatcher's report that on October 20, 2003, at about 8:45 p.m. an object about the size of the moon flew over the city with a greenish-white tail that was moving very quickly across the sky. Pilots at Raleigh-Durham International Airport also saw the object. It did not explode. Thanks to John Schuessler Director MUFONHQ @
Editor's Note: Meteors regularly enter our atmosphere and often explode into fragments late in their flight. The meteors may be accompanied by UFOs who like to penetrate the atmosphere using their cover. NORA reports that there are two unknowns each week that enter our atmosphere.
OLA -- I had a similar experience the week after January 11, 2002, when my grandson was born, and I was on some sort of hurried mission related to his recent arrival. The sky was clear and cool, with some partial light high cirrus and a few spotty areas of cirrostratus-like clouds, but still a sunny day, about early afternoon. I was driving west was on Highway 81 about 6 miles east of McDonough, Georgia and noticed several jet contrails, one being laid south to north, when a sudden urge to look at the contrail and jet with 8X25 binoculars came over me. After pulling off and grabbing my binoculars from the Jeep's glove box, it took only a few moments to get out and focus on the contrail. I followed the contrail toward the jet, and saw a semitransparent dark roiling, gossamer-like mass crossing the contrail from east to west. It seemed to be traveling at something slightly slower than the speed of a commercial jet at that altitude as seen from the ground. I saw it as it approached the contrail, crossed it, and moved off. I lost it a few moments after it crossed. I did not notice if it intermixed with the contrail.
Based on my observational experience, I estimated that this "mass" was at least at the same approximate altitude, or lower, than the subject commercial jet. Immediately upon losing sight of the "mass," the jet was then identified as a commercial 777, 767 or similar. It was not flying as high as some I've observed, but seemed lower than most that give off a contrail. The mass would have covered the jet nicely, perhaps even twice. My thoughts at the time were that this "mass" was flying/moving like the grounded "Blob" in the old 1950s sci-fi movie...changing shape as it flew, but still maintaining it's central irregular form. I found it odd that this urge to observe a contrail with binoculars came over me. Thanks to State Director Tom Sheets MUFONGA @
PLANT CITY - The witness was on his way out to the shed when he witnessed a hovering saucer over the Oak tree. The trees are fully grown and stand maybe 50' height and the saucer was hovering a few feet above them. I only saw it because of the moonlight. It had no lights. It was about 30 feet in diameter. It made no noise. I stared at it for a few moments trying to get a grip on the moment. I called my wife to hurry out side and see this. She was in the kitchen by the back door and came out saying "What?" I pointed up and she looked up and said "Oh my God". She stared at it with me. She said, "Is that what I think it is?". I responded, "Yes". Then after a moment, It started to rise up, more like it was drifting up in the air like a balloon. Then it darted off at an incredible speed. Zero to hundreds of MPH in a second. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
TOWN CREEK -- Around 11 PM, a young man, 14, and his mother saw what looked like a star, shining very brightly October 14, 2003. It was silent but oddly shaped, like a sideways oval. They watched "for about five minutes, maybe ten," as it moved in a southwesterly direction. Then it stopped and hovered over what they believe was a wooded area. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
KNOXVILLE -- About 8:30 PM, on Wednesday night October 15, 2003, a father and daughter were setting up their telescope when she noticed a bright light. It was below and to the left of Mars and shining slightly brighter. I looked in my software (The Sky) to verify that there was not a star that bright in that area so I set up my telescope to photograph the object. It then disappeared, but almost immediately we then noticed some red/blue blinking lights approaching out of the east. As they got closer we could tell that there were eight planes flying two abreast. Two continued heading west, two circled around overhead for 30 minutes, two went south, and two more went north. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
BUCKEYE LAKE - Several friends were driving back to Lancaster on October 16, 2003, at about 6:30 PM, when they noticed weird lights in the early evening sky around Buckeye Lake and Thornville area. They were heading, on I-40 and crossing to Highway 13 and noticed a very bright object in the far west sky just hovering. The witness states, 'I just happened to look up and noticed an object right above us very high up that was a round and just sitting in one place.'? I looked away towards my friend for just a split second and looked up and it was gone! The other light in the west slowly disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
DELAWARE - My first frightening experience occurred in September of 1988, and such experiences have continued. My first experience with something strange occurred when I was three or four years old. Like in the docudrama 'TAKEN,'? no one really understood or has believed me over all of these years and I have pretty much resigned myself to nobody believing me. However, I continue to try to be heard, because what I have seen and been told appear to be prophetic and in some ways highly spiritual and maybe verge on the scriptural. Just so you know, I am living in Delaware, Ohio and presently a full-time Graduate Seminary Student! So, I am not given to hallucinations, but like I said no one really seems to respect or lend credence to me except for an old college friend. Thanks to Donald Mercer
TREGO -- It was very huge UFO that was sitting silently in the eastern night sky on October 14th, 2003. Blue, red and yellow lights flashed across it's front as it hovered at a complete stop and the clouds were going by it at 11:50 PM. The witness says, 'I could not discern the shape, but it was big flying above my barn and was half as wide as my 20 foot barn. I ran in the house to get my camera, which took me no more than 30 seconds tops, and when I went back outside, it had completely disappeared. My dog had been barking, which is why I went outside. Earlier in the evening, I had been trying to make calls on my phone and first the calls would not go through. When they finally did, the line had static and we were cutoff.
WISCONSIN RAPIDS -- Mary C. reports, 'This is not the first time we have seen these flying objects. Last year we saw six of them on October 9th and tonight October 23, 2003, at 9:05 PM, there were two. They looked like strobe lights that move in any direction from standing still to what seems like incredible speeds up and down and change direction in a split second. The first time we saw them, there were two that split into four and then six. We even observed them following a plane. This is the fourth time we have seen them in a year. There is no way they could be planes as we know them."
PHOENIX -- At about 7:12 PM, on October 13, 2003, the witness saw lights while flying over the Indian Reservation and thought they were probably searchlights coming from the casino. As they got closer, he saw two faint balls of light rotating. One moved down while the other was rotating up. They were very faint but large in diameter and were heading northwest. They made no noise, and it had to be in the atmosphere. The witness says, 'I called a friend who is a pilot for America West who is checking at Sky Harbor Airport. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
TEMPE -- Today, at my local restaurant, The Muse Cafe, an employee (Jessica) claimed she saw a UFO at 2 AM, on October 14, 2003, near downtown. She was driving her car when she and a bunch of other potential witnesses were also looking at the object while she was heading home. Thanks to Paul Sproviero
ALAMOGORDO -- Jennifer Brown-Jacobs reports, 'I talked to the junior high science teacher that said several kids from his class had seen lights that bounced vertically and horizontally and seemed to zip around at about 900 feet and jump around in a small area. They fly up and down, brighten, dim, brighten, move right and left, and then hover and repeat it for hours. We were told that the town of La Luz was named for this light by the Indians and later the Spanish. Also, phenomena called Duros that are very scary and very big are being reported near El Paso. Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs
BOZEMAN -- I'm Ralph Howard, with the Georgia MUFON investigating a sighting witnessed by two colleagues of mine who are professional scientists with high integrity that work for the US Environmental Protection Agency. They saw stationary lights for a relatively long duration; and the classic "escalation of hypotheses" as they tried to figure out what they were watching, and eventually one was moved enough to jump out and get a photograph. On August 31, 2003, at 6: 30 AM, my friend was driving me to the Gallatin field airport but the sun was not yet up and we still needed headlights on the car for safety purposes. The sun was bright however on the mountain tops to the northeast and I noted in my mind it's probably already daylight over there. I, then, noticed a bright light in the sky above and not too far beyond the mountaintops. It was strikingly bright and I dismissed it as the sun reflecting of the side of an airliner. I then noticed the light just stayed bright and did not fade as it would if a jet was moving by and catching the sunlight. We were making various 90 degree turns as we drove. All the while the light stayed bright and did not move. Then a second light separated from the first just as bright and moved down and stopped in the sky below the other light. They both just hung there and I attempted to photograph it from the stopped car, but it came out as only a white dot. Both objects remained extremely bright and did not move from their position. As we drove the mountains hid the objects. Thanks to Ralph Howard
SAN JOSE -- We were walking the dogs on October 9, 2003, about 8:15 PM, near the San Francisco Bay Area when we stopped to watch what we thought was a satellite heading on a straight course. My eyes focused on a rather bright star - next to where the satellite had just passed. As my eyes found the satellite, we both saw it turn red and shoot straight out - towards space, and then disappear. It happened really fast, like, a second or two. We watched the sky for another couple of minutes -- thinking it would reappear -- but it did not. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter
SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS - Deputy Sheriff Elizabeth writes, 'I live and work in upstate NY as a Deputy Sheriff and I have been wanting to tell about my experiences in California. After reading your Filer's Files, I have been prompted to submit my stories. Back in 1988, I was living in Pasadena, California and one summer night I was on my way home around 10 PM, when I spotted some friends by the base of the canyon of the Sierra Madre Mountains, so I asked to join them. Four of us including a small dog hiked for an hour into the mountains and decided to take a break.
We started talking about 'History'? and one guy said 'I wonder how it was when Jesus was hanging out in the mountains?'? Another guy said, 'Why don't we pray?'? So we all joined hands and I felt some sort of strange energy going through my hands. Suddenly, about seven feet away from us, we all saw an object that appeared not to have entered the field in a solid configuration! It was yellow in color and made up of light particles/molecules, very similar to the Star Trek episodes showing the beaming up of members of the cast. It had the height of a person, but the sight lasted less than a fraction of a second. The guys all jumped to the bushes looking for the light and were all startled and confused, I just stood there watching them'|never told them I had seen something similar about a week before when I had gone to the top of this dead end street where there is a fenced in water tank, I was alone that time. We hiked till morning and did not see anything more. Next year in 1989, I had found a spot in the mountains off the Los Angeles Crest Highway 210, that was a perfect spot for viewing. I got there at 10:30 PM, and started stargazing. Two bright stars in the northern sky that were parallel to each other and did not change position intrigued me. Later on close to dawn, I observed the star become huge and brightly white and move at extremely high speed straight up disappearing into space. I got scared and got inside my car and turned the radio on just to hear a very weird transmission. Later on I realized that maybe I was being observed." Thanks to Elizabeth.
LAVAL, QUEBEC -- On October 17, 2003, a gentleman was watching a display of lights while talking to Brian Vike on the telephone. He said he could see four circles of light at a high altitude turning in a circle like a Ferris wheel at a high rate of speed around 8 PM. It was overcast but he could see clear breaks throughout the sky. The lights are going around in a circle (clockwise), then all of the lights would move at the same time towards the center of the circle, then merge which made one very brilliant ball of white light. There was no sound and then the lights just blinked out! MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- On October 17, 2003, at 8:15 PM, Brian Vike got a call from a youngster and her mother that were watching an amazing display of maneuvering lights above them at that moment. Four lights at equal distance from one another maneuvered while aircraft moved close to them. The lights were neon green and would turn like the hands on a clock, but very quickly, then they would come together in the middle, becoming very bright. Then the lights would move back out again and perform the same maneuvers. HOUSTON, BC -- The lady was driving up Hungry Hill with several young girls from a dance rehearsal on October 22, 3003, at 7 PM. She was driving slowly due to the fog and saw an extremely bright white object ahead of them and not very high up in the sky. As they drove the object dropped quickly from the higher altitude to just above the treetops, still moving west. They thought it was going to hit the treetops. The object/light was huge, flat like a dinner plate with something hanging from the bottom of it. There was one single green light on the bottom and it was a half-mile away. The object moved in different directions carrying these maneuvers out very rapidly. The lady wanted to stop, but the kids were very frightened so she kept traveling until the object disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director CANADA HBCC Research Hotline 1 866 262 1989
GRONINGEN -- Tuesday night, September 30, 2003, a young couple witnessed three strange objects in the crystal-clear sky. After a visit to the pizzeria, the couple walked back home. The male witness states: "Around 9 PM, we left the pizzeria and were walking when I saw a huge bright fierce light, three times brighter than Mars. The continuous light moved in a straight line and after 15 seconds it gained altitude at high speed it became smaller and disappeared. Then two flying triangles approached, one from one direction and one from the opposite direction. These black objects had pulsating white lights, that were not like airplane lights. They dimmed from bright to a weak light. As we watched we saw two massive triangles with lights on each corner approach and move exactly to the spot where the bright light disappeared into space. They hovered for some time, and next flew back to the direction where they came from. It was very frightening.
DIEPENVEEN -- On October 17, 2003 at 10:05 PM, a 37 year entrepreneur from Overijssel witnessed a strange object at a height of 900 meters. He saw a spherical, bright, white light flying at high speed. The witness lives in a remote, rural area, with nearly no light sources. "The very big bright 'star' disappeared almost straight above me," said the witness. "Like the previous two sightings, this object rose at a high speed, at least 1000 km/h, in a straight line up into the sky and disappeared. It didn't make any sound." Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza x UFOPortal site: mail:
FOSTORIA -- George Ritter continues to video UFOs that appear to move an estimated 100 feet between frames and on occasions increase in size three times. Each frame is taken at 1/30th of a second. Last week I suggested the UFOs use nanotechnology or change dimensions. Further study and measurements indicate the UFOs are moving at over 2000 MPH. There is, also, an indication that they dissolve in one location and appear in another location. Although, George uses both digital and VHS video cameras, the RCA VHS video camera gets the best images. The digital cameras have circuitry that removes - shadowy' or indistinct images such as UFOs. When low light - Nightshot' circuitry is used, - shadowy' objects are retained in the digital camera. George needs I speed film cameras than can capture the high-speed movements. The UFOs are apparently designed to operate at speeds too great for the human eye to follow.
George LoBuono writer and researcher writes, 'UFO's may not need much in the way of nanotechnology as your article suggests.'? A mother ship will certainly have microstructures, both computational and electrogravitic, conductive and for focusing purposes. In accounts such as that of Phillip Krapf, when an elevator or hall section can almost instantaneously be shifted to another location in a mother ship, it implies a specialized sensor and focusing technology to allow such a use of (presumed) electrogravity. With nanotechnology in the focusing technology (i.e. engineered into the very elemental structure of the circuitry--as in a doped configuration or some such), electrogravity can be projected anywhere with precision. Such precision allows for the manipulation of the matter or material to be affected at a given, external location. For example, if we extrapolate what we know about (Bearden's model and that in Scientific American's Jan 2000 article) electrogravity (aka negative energy), we can see that it is probably effected on a sub-quantum level, i.e. within the Calabi Yau geometry on a hyper-tiny level--where Bearden's electrogravity/electrogmagnetism reciprocity occurs.
*Bearden says that destructive interference of electromagnetism in three dimensions (i.e. light converging along three different axes so that opposing light waves on each axis cancel each other out) bleeds into electrogravity; and conversely, destructive interference of electrogravity bleeds back into electromagnetism. Aliens would no doubt know how to destructively interfere different kinds of electrogravity, causing effects within marginally higher dimensions (different kinds of gravities) beyond the simple kind of electrogravity that Bearden talks about.
So, as long as the nanotechnology needed for precise focus and computation of wave intervals is contained within the mother ship, the smaller disk type craft that we often see wouldn't need too much nanotech. The different kinds of electrogravity effected from the mother ship (at speeds that are plus or minus marginally faster than light) could easily eliminate the need for extensive nanotech in the scout craft. *Remember, if electrogravity changes the flow of time, as Bearden suggests (E=delta t c2), then part of the faster than light effect is premised on a slowing of time in one place, in order to effect a speeding of time in another, hence pulling two seemingly distant points in empty space closer FOR A TINY, TINY MOMENT. The brevity of that moment would make the distances nearly irrelevant--if, of course, we assume that negative energy (aka electrogravity) accelerates toward infinity. In the end it might not even be an acceleration of sorts. Instead, by simply dividing the moment into hyper tiny increments, it would be as though we are in nearly instantaneous communication with distant, seemingly singular phenomena. Strange universe, isn't it? Thanks to George LoBuono in Davis, CA
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