Two Young People Have
Sightings - No One To Talk To...

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We receive many reports of sightings and encourage everyone to report them to those listed in the 'Report Sighting' list on our homepage. The following two reports came in tonight from two 13 year olds, both of whom have similar, difficult issues to deal with in the aftermath of their encounters: no one else saw what they saw, and they feel alone...
I live about a hour outside of Portland in the boonies. It was dusk a couple summers ago when my brother, my elder sister and I were swimming in the pool. I was jumping off the diving bord when I saw it. It was exactly the way I thought it would look...yet so much more different. It was a saucer. A huge saucer with orange lights that circled arround it. The lights were the most brilliant orange I have ever seen. They were brighter than the sun yet it didn't hurt to look at them. I could almost see what appeared to be tinted windows.
It was just sitting there at a dead halt in the sky. From what I thought, it was very close to me. Or, at least too close for comfurt. It seemed as though time had stopped. Cause you have to remember all this was happining while I was in the air.
Suddenly, I hit the water I had forgot to get a breath of air yet it felt like I didn't need it. I came to the surface as fast as I could. I pointed at the UFO and before I could finish yelling out, "Look a UFO!" it took off south across the sky. I didn't even see it leave... only the orange streak it left. I was the only person who saw it. And I will never forget it.
The thing that bothered me was that while it was happening I got the strangest sensation in my mind and gut that "they" were watching me like I was (watching) them. That "they" knew what I was thinking and took off because "they" knew I what I was yelling out to my siblings. Like they only were there for my eyes.
Thanx for listening, xxx (PLEASE DO NOT READ MY NAME ON AIR)
Dear xxx,
Thank you for your note. I understand how you feel. I just received the following from a 13 year old in Montana who had a sighting...and his parents have accused him of lying. I thought you might like to read it.
Hi Jeff:
It was about 3:00 A.M when I heard a noise,it is hard to discribe, it is a cross between a humming sound,and a high pitched scream. The figure was a triangle with a bluish greenish glowing light in each corner. There was three smaller objects on the out side of it, I would say about 100 ft away from the larger one.They all stood motionless for about 30 sec, and then most of the city was lighted by the 4 objects,then it was dark,when i could see clearly the figures were gone. I could not move I was so scared. I just sat at my window for about 20 min,then I got back in bed and covered up so I could not see anything,I guess I felt safer that way.
Thanx 4 your time, xxx Montana,Great Falls
Hi xxx,
Pls go to the Report Sighting link at the bottom of the homepage and file an email report with the National UFO Reporting Center. This is an important sighting and they will want to know about it.
I don't know were your page is.My parentes are mad because they did not see it and they don't think it happened,so you don't think I am old,I am 13,and that is why they say I am lieing to them,so how can I explain it so they know what happened.
Hi xxx...
Go to and scroll down to the'll see the "Report Sighting." Click on that and you'll see the National UFO Center link.
Be careful about challenging people who can't accept what you saw. The whole issue of visitors or UFOs is too threatening to many people...even family members. Know this: you are NOT alone. Thousands and thousands of young people have had sightings and no one to talk to. If you can somehow contact Peter Davenport at the Center, he will care and he will listen. You just need to take your information to professionals who deal with this all the time. If you have cable tv where you are, be sure and watch The Learning Channel this week....they are airing many excellent UFO documentaries. Maybe you can get your parents to watch some with you. Thursday night, there is "Whose Flying Saucers?" will air twice that evening. It is very good.
Let me know how you make out. It is very frustrating not to be believed, but don't be too angry with your folks. They are doing the best they can with a situation that they aren't yet quite prepared to deal with.