Eerie Lights And Sounds
In The Sky Above Maine

LEWISTON, Maine - Authorities have no explanation for eerie bright lights and loud rumbling sounds that dozens of people reported coming from the skies Wednesday night in the Lewiston area.
People from Lewiston, Auburn, Sabattus, Greene, Leeds, Monmouth and Minot called police or the Lewiston Sun Journal about the lights and noises. They said they saw bright lights or a streak of light followed by a flash, and heard loud rumbling noises.
"It was a long rumbling. It sounded like a huge, huge object," said Lynn Madelyn Bailey, 59, of Minot. "I was afraid to go out on my deck. It sounded like it was right over my house."
But officials said no commercial flights flew through the area at the time, and freak weather patterns were ruled out.
Lewiston Police Sgt. Michael McGonagle tried to find the source of the phenomenon after taking several calls about it.
But after calling the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Guard, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and others, he didn't have an answer.
So people in the area Thursday were left to wondering: Did dozens of people experience a close encounter of the first kind?
"We'd like to get to find out what it was and put some closure to it," McGonagle said. "I don't believe in aliens so I don't think it was the mothership."
But Bud Bechtel, a former Bates College professor who lives in Weld, said he thinks people have to keep an open mind on what the phenomenon was. Bechtel is a member of a national organization called the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON.
"I'm glad people have reported it, said Bechtel, who did not see or hear anything. "Many people are more open-minded about it these days. They dare to talk about it."

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