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Filer's Files #35 8-15-2

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The purpose of these files is to report some of the video and eye witness evidence that occurs on a daily basis of UFOs. These include landings, crop circles, mutilations, near misses and encounters. Ancient asteroid smashed into Earth, Roswell UFO wreckage photo interpretation, New Jersey daylight disk, Pennsylvania abduction, Georgia flashing flying lights, Michigan hovering disk, Illinois fast flying balloon, Mississippi UFO changes shapes, Texas pulsing lights, Colorado cylinder, New Mexico flying diamond triangle, California flying triangle, Washington fabulous lights photos, Canadian UFOs and crop circles, Mexico UFO returns to volcano, Argentina mutilations, English and Scotland UFOs, Angola UFO crashes, Ukrainian flying triangle, India space creature kills seven, China has 12 sightings in July, and UFO over ancient Japanese tomb. Star Wars anti ballistic missile system under construction upsets Russia. Cyber attacks.
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Steve Wilson says a huge asteroid struck Earth about 3.5 billion years ago, when the planet was just a billion years old, causing giant waves that spread around the world a mile high. South Africa and Australia deposits show evidence that an asteroid twelve miles wide crashed into the Earth's crust killing all life except microbes. The Science magazine article states, Primitive Earth was heavily bombarded earlier in its history but this asteroid was twice the size of the 6-mile-wide space rock that struck 65 million years ago and killed off the dinosaurs. Thanks to Science magazine:
FORT WORTH -- It now has been more than four years since the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) began its systematic study of the photos of the Roswell "UFO" wreckage debris photographed 55 years ago in General Ramey's Office. As each leaf has been unfolded these discoveries have been posted on the web independently by RPIT researchers so the whole world can study them and respond. If there EVER has been a "Sunshine" research project RPIT has led the way! The first posting was one by Ron Regehr. Others by Neil and Ben and Marilyn and Andrew followed. Each researched a different slant on the photos. But all findings were promptly posted. No one has been paid for their many hours of expert labor and all were entirely unfettered to post their findings. No one has charged that anyone connected with RPIT is anything other than serious. 
A major reason for our willingness to post the RPIT findings online is to invite rebuttal and suggested explanations. None of us on the RPIT wants to be Roswell dupes or accused of being blind. We have simply asked others to take a look and then opine some idea of what we are seeing. Do these symbols make ANY sense? Surely they were not a part of any planned US project to dupe the world. Not bearing those strange symbols and the strange material to be seen. And nothing seen in the Ramey office photos can be matched up precisely with anything to be found in a Rawin/Mogul train -- the most recent of the Air Force's several explanations as to the Roswell event. But there MUST be a final, rational answer!
NOT ONE CRITIC has suggested seriously that there are any flaws in the RPIT findings or has any thing been overlooked. Even Number One Roswell debunker Phil Klass quickly relies on humor when pushed for a reasonable explanation as to what is to be seen in the photos. And early on RPIT critics have been strangely silent in recent years. Have they all become converts to the RPIT conclusions? Hopefully during our 5th year there will begin to be unfolded some plausible explanations. We surely have thoroughly debunked the theories of some Roswell writers that the debris seen in the photos was quickly substituted by General Ramey to fool a single press photographer while the genuine stuff was being winged to Wright Field for further study. Surely there must be an explanation for the message held in General Ramey's hand that UFOlogists all agree mentions something about "victims of the wreck being taken to Fort Worth, Texas" as well as reference to "weather balloons" -- which some have concluded was giving General Ramey his "marching orders" by higher headquarters to issue his extraordinary hurried live personal radio broadcast that same night giving the "weather balloon" explanation.  
Surely we have clearly established that this was an extraordinary day in the life of the US Air Corps -- a month later to become the USAF. And that there was indeed some extraordinary event that led GEN Ramey to willingly pose with the just unpacked debris spread out on the carpet in his plush office while wearing his class A complete military uniform withjacket and frame hat on a blazing un-airconditioned afternoon in Texas July heat. What is GEN Ramey seeing as his picture is being snapped? Why was it there at all? What happened to this debris shortly after the Star-Telegram reporter-photographer hurried away to process his pictures and send them to the world to witness this extraordinary event? Why has the Roswell debris been concealed from the world now for more than 55 years? There must be reasonable answers. Hopefully someone out there will be able to provide more clues. You are urged to come forward. And to spread this request across the Internet. Thanks to Col. James Bond Johnson, The Photographer 
MANALAPAN -- "On Sunday, August 11, 2002, at approximately 6 PM, my daughter and I went out in the backyard to go on the swing set," witness Dawn G. reported, "The sky was clear, and it was sunny and hot. I was looking up in the sky, and I saw above the highest airplane, a shiny spot. It looked silver or white. It wasn't moving, so I kept watching it." "It still didn't move. Then, all of a sudden, more appeared in a formation, almost as if I was looking at the Big Dipper in broad daylight. I watched for a few minutes to see if there was any movement. There was none." "Then I ran in the house to get my video camera and binoculars real quick, and, when I came out, it was gone. I brought the camera and binoculars down to the swing set and kept my eyes on the sky. I saw another one (UFO) just above my head. I quickly grabbed the binoculars and tried to focus them. But all I could see was a silver- ish or whitish spot with a sort of halo (aura) around it. It sort of looked like a little cloud. Then I grabbed my video camera and, when I looked up, it was gone. I told my husband about what I saw. We both couldn't explain it." "Crop circles were found in a farm field in Coltsneck which is only a few miles west of where I live. It really gave me the creeps." Manalapan is on Route 33 about 20 miles east of Trenton. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, # 34 8/23/02, Editor: Joseph Trainor
SHARON -- The witness a medical professional was leaving his office in the Medical Center on August 13, 2002, when he saw a strange craft at 9:06 PM. The witness said, "I went blank and two hours later I awakened and was still standing and there were two incisions in my abdomen." Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC 
JACKSON -- The husband is an emergency response officer with a state law enforcement agency and his wife is a law student. They had gone out at 11 PM on August 12, 2002, to watch the Perseid meteor shower and noticed a flickering light moving at amazing speed. There was no burn out like a normal meteor, this light stopped moving and hovered for about 30 seconds. It then began moving to the south, and she pointed it out to her husband. The light then made several starts and stops in different directions. He got his binoculars from the house and they could see a glowing silvery cylindrical object, about the size of an aspirin at arm's length. This object was pulsating/flickering different colors; yellow tinged with light green, dark lavender, then reddish-pink, then repeated again. The wife reports watching for 35-40 minutes as the object continued it's erratic stops and starts. The witness called her mother who lives ten miles to the north and she also saw moving light. They both then watched together while on the phone, both seeing the same movements. Shortly thereafter, they experienced static on the phone and rung off. This witness returned outside for progress checks until long after midnight, easily relocating the object, which had moved to the south. All law enforcement 911 centers in this three county area were contacted by this writer, with negative results. Former Chief of police Sheets contacted the witnesses and at 10:45 PM, the next night the witnesses phoned to report seeing glowing chasing lights in brilliant colors moving at incredible speeds, with flashes of the above described colors. Thanks to MUFONGA Tom Sheets
BELLEVILLE -- The witnesses went outside to watch a meteor shower on August 11, 2002, at 5:00 AM. The witness reports, "I was watching the meteors when I noticed a strange object in the sky off to my right that was just hovering there and was dark in color." After sitting outside for a while, I noticed it was still hovering unlike the meteors and stars that were moving. I got up from my seat and started staring at it and I realized it was metallic in color. It was kind of low to the ground and just hovering with a dome on top of it. Then I decided to walk closer to get a better look and when I got closer, it just took off and disappeared into the night sky. This kind of gave me the chills and scared me so I went in the house. This object made a humming noise of some sort. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS -- On August 23, 2002, the witness was smoking outside the front of his office at 12:30 PM, and he looked up and to see a beige balloon flying very fast about 2500 feet in the air. A plane was passing by and this "thing" went around the plane and took off south west at a very high speed. I watched for about 20 seconds and it was gone. I'm a little amazed because I'm the type of person that has to see something to believe it and I'm kind of freaked out on what I think I saw. Thanks to Chad C. 
JACKSON -- On August 12, 2002, the witness reports seeing a fast moving UFO, zigzagging with bright colors and a small glow tint around it. It moved fast and made different movements and made shapes like triangles dipping up and down. It had different colors flashing red green blue and yellow at 10:46 PM. It also looked like a kind of shield was covering it with a small glow. Then two appeared moving with distinctive movements. It showed up twice in two days for two hours and was very fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport.NUFORC
AUSTIN -- The witness was at a friend's backyard on August 4, 2002, when he noticed a light that seemed to be moving farther away at 10:30 PM. It then moved closer and started getting brighter, and seemed to be pulsing. As it got closer, the object seemed to be hovering, as it was moving from side to side, in circles, etc. The witness states, "There was no noise, so I am sure that it was not a plane or helicopter." A friend spotted this as well, and we alerted the whole group. We were all shocked and stared in amazement until the object suddenly shot away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
RIFLE -- The night was clear on August 12, 2002, close to midnight while laying out on our deck watching for meteors the witness reports, "I saw high, high up a very bright white-light cylinder like shape traveling from north to south." When I first spotted it I thought it was probably a satellite or the space station?" I watched it for about a minute or so (it wasn't moving very fast) then it slowly changed into a fairly nice dot of light, then the dot started getting smaller and smaller and smaller till it finally vanished. I don't think that was a satellite or aircraft, nor even a meteor. It made me think as it vanished though, that it was flying away from earth. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
ALBUQUERQUE -- "My boyfriend and I where on the way to my house on August 13, 2002, and saw a giant object which at first seemed to be a plane the witness reported. As it got closer around 8:00 PM, we realized it was too big to be a plane. "It was metallic silver and sort of a triangular shape mixed with the shape of a diamond. At the point of the diamond were two giant red lights, a white one on top, and on the back were two giant white lights. It had three windows which would take turns flashing in a sequence. It flew around at about 100 feet high for about five minutes and disappeared into thin air. Later, it would reappear in the same spot. Then it seemed to follow us and just disappeared. With our windows rolled down not a single sound was heard. Thanks to Peter Davenport. <>NUFORC  
CHULA VISTA -- The witness observed a V shaped formation of cross shaped objects in the sky at 1:05 PM, on August 3, 2002. The formation was flying at about 1500 to 2000 feet accompanied at a slightly lower altitude by a flying triangle. The objects were not birds or an ultra-lite. The formation remained visible for about five minutes. Then a group of low level clouds hid the objects. When I reached my house (within 2 minutes) I ran inside and grabbed a camera and binoculars and went back outside. The clouds had by now, moved off to the east. I scanned the sky, and observed a single white cross in the west. It looked like a large white airliner making a turn. I started to observe the object through the binoculars, when it instantaneously shot over head in less than two seconds.
WELDON -- A couple were watching the sky at 10:44 PM, for falling stars on August 11, 2002, when they both observed an object coming from the north on a straight trajectory. It was a soft green glowing object with a wingspan similar to a stealth almost like a triangle. The object was flying 40 miles west of Edwards Air Force Base and was moving slower than a falling star, but much faster than any plane crossing the sky in three seconds. Right after the object passed we saw three falling stars. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
SPOKANE -- For almost half a year an important judge who lives high on a mountain overlooking the city reports seeing and photographing strange lights. Jeff Sainio, photo analyst for MUFON reports, preliminary analysis of these photos show flight patterns and lighting changes not usually present with traditional or known aircraft. The judge states, "I can tell you that in forty some years of watching the night skies, I have never before seen what I have been observing since February. I do not presume to know what these lights and craft are and they may very well be of terrestrial origin, but then again, they may not. There are a number of very talented and helpful individuals who have offered me assistance, but we don't know what it is but I can tell you it appears our Government is aware of the phenomena. 
I observed several dramatic interactions between what appeared to be military aircraft, and the lighted objects. The aircraft would fly toward the lights, and the lights would move away in response. I didn't get the sense that the aircraft were attempting to engage the lights in a military action, as much as attempting to 'harass' the lights into leaving. Much as you would try to 'shoo' a dog off your property. Photos were taken using a small telescope and a 35 mm camera. The photos generally show a radio tower on nearby Tower Mountain. The lights/craft almost always come in from the West or the South, and then disappear on or at the base of Tower Mountain. I am getting the distinct impression that these craft are using Tower Mountain as a landing zone, and perhaps even as an underground parking garage. On rare occasion, I also see lights rise up from the Tower Mountain area and fly away to the South. Recent photos show an interesting triangle shape created during the 1/2 to 1/4 second exposure, and a lighted disc flying out over the valley.  <> See Photo Center
TORONTO -- A 50 year old journalist, photographer, private pilot, radio control airplane builder and flyer, and amateur astronomer was sitting outside preparing for an evening of star gazing with his 10 inch telescope on August 5, 2002. The witness states, "I first observed the object directly overhead at 10:29 PM, shaped like the sole of a shoe that was illuminated in red from below." There were no blinking lights as it crossed the clear night sky streaking east without a trail. The object flew rapidly, no more than 2 or 3 seconds and disappeared in the bright haze of the ESE horizon. The trajectory seemed mostly straight although halfway through, the object seemed to adjust its course slightly. This object was much lower and made no noise which I could hear. As an astronomer I have observed many objects and this was like nothing I have ever seen.
ATWATER, SASKATCHEWAN -- A farmer found a five circle quintuplet crop circle formation in wheat on August 20, 2002. The center was a large circle 15 meters (50 feet) diameter surrounded by four smaller eight foot circles. The center circle was burned by a ring inside it. This is the eighth crop circle report for 2002. Thanks to Crop Watch 2002 and Daniel Clairmont
VANCOUVER, B.C.-- Jaime Maussan has received a videotape from a Mexican Surgeon who was on holiday in Canada last December. The surgeon was traveling across a major bridge and a companion was video taping the mountains in early morning when a rotating round object was taped shinning in the sun. The object completely vanishes, then reappears several times while it flies along. The object was large and traveled at a good clip. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research
The Volcano web camera is again picking up UFOs flying around the area. One UFO can be seen in the video off the left shoulder of the peak--and two higher and to the right of the volcano. ya 
RIO CUARTO -- Researchers have discovered that the eyewitness account of Sergeant Guillermo Arias, involving his strange encounter with a 200-meter long triangular device before midnight on July 21, 2002, has gained additional witnesses. A policeman and a fireman were also besieged by a luminous, unidentified flying object with a powerful violet beam a short time before the Guillermo event in a straight line north-south direction. 
BUENOS AIRES -- Despite the fact that the news media's silence could be interpreted as the mutilations has ceased, ranchers are still reporting new cases. The police no longer appear interested in accepting new reports, and animal owners have therefore stopped informing the authorities. A Magazine TV show on hunting called "El Escape del Caburé," roamed through a hunting preserve in the province of La Pampa, and found a mutilated wild boar with its brain extracted. 
BERROTARAN -- Knowledgeable sources claim despite the best efforts made in the School of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine of the National University of Rio Cuarto, they have been unable to solve the case of a mutilated bull. The animal had subcutaneous lesions and its internal organs were absorbed through the rectum and cut, apparently in a single motion using the same tool. There was no blood in the heart. The animal did not die from a heart attack or from electric shock. The fact that the situation has not been resolved should not be construed as impugning the capabilities of local scientists. They simply found themselves in an apparent dead end--a similar experience to that of hundreds of their colleagues affected by these manifestations. Thanks to Scott Corrales, IHU. Translation (C) 2002 and Christian Quintero.
NOTTINGHAM -- A business owner 52, a female university graduate, and 14 year old boy were watching the meteor storm on August 12, 2002. About 11:30 PM, they saw two sphere shaped objects appear and dart across the sky as if they were chasing each other. The spheres seemed to wave up and down and cross over each other as if dancing and disappeared behind the trees after twenty seconds. They were yellow-orange in color.
LOCH NESS -- It was about 2 AM and the witness couldn't sleep, so he went outside on the clear August 19, 2002, night to lie down and watch for shooting stars from a small village called Foyers which is beside Loch Ness. He reports, "As I was looking up I noticed a moving blue light, that split into two blue lights which I thought was strange; they started to get bigger and they weren't going in a straight line they were moving from side to side like a zigzag. I watched them for ten minutes and then they headed south towards England at quite a speed!" Thanks to Rory S. and Stojanovic Vladan Serbia
CRIMEA -- Anton A.Anfalov reports a triangle-shaped UFO was sighted above the Crimean mountains on August 12, 2002, in Nauchnyi near the Crimean Astro - Physical Observatory. I was told by Aleksandr Szelko, a TV-reporter from Kiev, who witnessed it together TV operator and driver at 21:50 PM, as well as with one scientist from local observatory who was accompanying them, also saw this. (Mr.Szelko and his colleagues have visited Crimea to make special programme on Ukrainian television dedicated to observations of meteors and UFOs, I gave numerous interviews and presented some photos, witnesses and links they were shooting and using for this programme). Guys told me they distinctly saw three green - colored lights, positioned in the form of triangle. Aleksandr added that there also were little lights between the main ones, so that total number of lights were 8 or 9. They thought it was some kind of terrestrial probe, but such explanation, is certainly, nonsense. The object was flying too fast to activate their heavy professional video camera to shoot it. Thanks to Anton A.Anfalov Ukrainian UFO Association (UKUFAS)
LUANDA -- An unidentified spherical object has fallen from the sky and landed near the Angolan village of Manzawu, in northern Uije province, Roman Catholic Radio Ecclesia reported on August 22, 2002. Villagers told Ecclesia the object had crashed to the ground near Manzawu following a loud explosion. "We heard noise like thunder in the sky, and then a ball landed on the earth," one of the witnesses to the object's sudden appearance said. "Now, we are afraid it could explode," said another villager. Many of Manzawu's inhabitants have fled their homes, after hearing the explosion. According to Ecclesia, the object weighs around 10 kg and measures about 50 cm in diameter. Experts from the Angolan Armed Forces have traveled to the object's landing site to examine it, the radio said. Thanks to Sapa-AFP
LUCKNOW -- An alleged flashing space creature has created panic triggering riots and lynchings that have killed more than a dozen people in India. A flying sphere emitting red and blue lights comes in the night and attacks villages and leaves its victims with extensive burns or even dead. Victims report being scratched on the face by something flashing blue, red or green. The creature has been dubbed Muhnochwa, or "face-clawing monster." Some police in Uttar Pradesh State have declared that Muhnochwa is an extraterrestrial being, but the Indian Institute of Technology claims the most likely cause is lightning balls. A mysterious flying object attacked him in the night," said Raghuraj Pal. And his neighbor Ramji Pal died recently in Shanwa. "His stomach was ripped open and died two days later." Seven people have died of unexplained injuries. Doctors say such stories are nothing but mass hysteria. Thanks to Sapa
PUSALU VILLAGE -- Poor farmers in Beijing's barren hills saw it: an object swathed in colored light that some say must have been a UFO. They're not alone. People in 12 other Chinese cities reported UFO sightings last month. UFO researchers, meanwhile, were busy looking into claims of an alien abduction in Beijing. China is astir with sightings of otherworldly visitors. And for a country usually straight jacketed by its communist rulers, alien sightings are getting serious treatment. China has a bimonthly UFO magazine with a circulation of 400,000. The conservative state-run media reports UFO sightings while UFO buffs claim support from eminent scientists and with the military. Shen Shituan, a rocket scientist, is president of Beijing Aerospace University and honorary director of the China UFO Research Association says, "All these phenomena are worth researching." For thousands of years, Chinese have looked to the skies for signs and this is the Year of the Dragon, regarded as time of tumultuous change. Thanks to Sapa-AP
OSAKA -- On July 20, a director of OUR-J (Organization of UFO Research Japan), Junichi Kato and several members saw spherical objects over Daisen Park. The objects appeared separately at 12:45, 15:04 and 15:06. Using binoculars the first UFO was a silver-white ball that was seen for thirty seconds. The second was a low altitude black oval shaped object, that flew southeast then suddenly turned southwest. The third one was a white illuminated round object at very high altitude for twenty minutes! Kato and other members took photos. Daisen Park has two big ancient Japanese mounded tombs. One is the Emperor Nintoku Tomb Mound the largest keyhole-shaped tomb mound in Japan, 486m (1595 ft.) in the length. Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa (OUR-J)
US Anti Ballistic Missile facilities are now under construction in Alaska and in response the Russian military announced that it will not eliminate its rail-based SS-24 nuclear missiles. The Strategic Rocket Forces commander, Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov said the decision not to remove the 6,820 miles range missiles from service was the result of the US's withdrawal from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty. They are extremely survivable because of their mobility aboard trains. The Russians have also made new military agreements with Iraq that may create a new confrontation if the US decides to attack Iraq.
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