Of Visiting ETs, Wormholes,
Sightings, Electricity & Crop Circles
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #28
Dedicated to life, liberty and the scientific pursuit of UFOs.
As reported in the July 1999 issue of "Physics Today," two and a half months before his death, the world-renowned Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov gave a speech in Lyons, France. Included in that speech was the following: "We are looking into the fantastic possibility that regions of space separated from each other by billions of light years are, at the same time, connected to each other with the help of additional parallel entrances, often called 'wormholes.' In other words, we do not exclude the possibility of a miracle: the instantaneous crossing from one region of space to another. The elapsed time would be so short that we would appear in the new place quite unexpectedly, or, vice versa, someone would suddenly appear next to us. I talk of such things in order to show what kinds of questions are being raised and discussed at the cutting edge of science."
Last week these files carried an article from the Skeptical UFO Newsletter, written by Phillip J. Klass the retired Senior Aviation Editor for the prestigious trade journal Aviation Week & Space Technology. Ronald S. Regehr, Aerojet Senior Specifications Analyst (Ret.) responds that Klass is incorrect in his recent summarization on the characteristics of atmospheric attenuation as relates to remote sensing by U.S. "spy" satellites. In the July 1999, edition of SUN Klass states the following:" In reality, most of DSP's infrared sensors that look down from its 22,000 mile high altitude operate at a wavelength approximately 2.5 microns so that the earth's atmosphere will heavily attenuate infrared energy emitted by military aircraft (unless flying at very high altitude), forest fires, electric power plants and other hot objects which would otherwise generate thousands of false alarms. If/when ET craft visit Earth, if they use propulsion systems which involve high temperatures, then they can be detected by DSP satellites prior to descending to low altitudes where the atmosphere heavily attenuates their infrared radiation. However, if ET craft use exotic propulsion techniques, such as "Zero Point Energy," as Joe Firmage believes, then they will NOT be detected by DSP's infrared sensors."
Let,s examine Mr. Klass, statement, sentence by sentence. " Since the DSP is one contiguous unit, all of the DSP infrared sensors look down from geosynchronous orbit - approximately 22,300 miles. There is no separate unit in any other orbit. "operate at a wavelength approximately 2.5 microns" One can refer to almost any book on the atmosphere and readily see there are several "gaps" in the atmospheric transmissibility spectrum. These "gaps" are the ones used by any and all devices that wish to view the Earth using the infrared portion of the spectrum. "so that the earth's atmosphere will heavily attenuate infrared energy" The reason we use specific wavelengths is to avoid as much atmospheric attenuation as possible"precisely the opposite of the claim made by Mr. Klass. "emitted by objects which would otherwise generate thousands of false alarms." Mr. Klass has stated, quite correctly, that false alarms are a potential problem. Further, in the very early days of the DSP there were some false alarms that led to "interesting" events. However, in order to assess low-intensity targets, Aerojet designers strove (quite successfully, I might add) to make the detectors as sensitive as possible, relying on the time/intensity profiles of the targets to differentiate "real" targets from "false" targets.
"If/when ET craft visit Earth, if they use propulsion systems which involve high temperatures" I believe they not only have visited Earth, they continue to do so. In addition, there is no requirement for their "propulsion systems" to "involve" high temperatures. Almost any source of moderately intense infrared (IR) energy is detectable under proper viewing conditions. "they can be detected by DSP satellites prior to descending to low altitudes where the atmosphere heavily attenuates their infrared radiation." As noted earlier, the DSP does not rely on the target being at high altitude; if so, it would have failed it,s primary mission"the one for which it was ultimately designed"the detection and reporting of missile launches! Launches occur at ground level, not at "very high altitudes"! Klass errs in making a basic assumption, and then carries it to an erroneous conclusion. Thanks to Ron Roger. Editor's Note: I think the various governments should release their data that UFOs, un-correlated targets, what ever they prefer to call them are regularly entering our atmosphere.
STAMFORD -- I've been wanting to see a UFO since 1950. I've read most of the books on the subject and lately have been reading your sightings reports. Contrary to Phillip Klass' theory that most people see UFO's simply because "they want to" If that were that the case, I would have seen thousands by now, and I haven't seen any, that is until yesterday. I live in southwestern Connecticut. On July 11, 1999, at about 6:00 PM, we were having a family cookout close to the shore of Long Island Sound. I spotted a shiny object very high in the sky. At first I thought it was a satellite, but then I noted that it was standing still. It then moved upward and to my right. I brought it to my nephews attention, pointed to the general direction and in a few seconds he saw it. Then suddenly a second one appeared to the left and a bit lower to the first one. They were quite small (about the size of the plastic pinhead from a new shirt) but definitely solid metallic objects. They couldn't be military aircraft since they left no vapor trail, and they stopped from moment to moment. Suddenly the two craft disappeared and seven more just as suddenly, appeared to the left of where the two were last seen. They seemed in a "loose formation" not staying equidistant. But more like a random pattern. We saw those for less than a minute and they also suddenly disappeared! Needless to say that after nearly 50 years of skywatching, I was quite excited at my first sighting. Were there any other reports of this sighting? Thanks to Mel Rich at
AREA 51 -- Norio Hayakawa captured a photo of a dark UFO at Area 51 on June 6, 1999. Mitch Battros writes, "My good friend Norio Hayakawa who is best known for disclosing Area 51 and bringing it to the knowledge of the general public, has just sent in some fascinating photos that he captured during this years 'Peoples Rally' at Area 51." Norio states, it was actually captured by accident. Victor Camacho, a Los Angeles Spanish radio talk-show host, was sitting at the Warning Sign when Norio took the photo. The Final People's Rally will be held next year, on June 5-6, the year 2000." Groom Lake/AREA 51: Secrecy & Controversy. GROOM LAKE -- Bob Collins received an interesting letter from a retired officer. "Mr. Collins, I understand you are interested in the Air Force's Investigation of UFOs. I have read you web site and was very impressed with the postings. I am a retired AF Major. I served from 1972 to 1994. My entire AF career was spent in AF Intelligence. I served with the Air Force Scientific Advisory Group, Groom Lake, NV, from June 75 to April 83 and from March 88 to October 94, my retirement date from the AF. I worked on numerous special projects. All involved the reverse engineering of captured UFOs. Yes, I was intimately involved in this operation. I worked with JAROD, EBE-2. We called him the "Puppet Master." The most perfect non-human being in the Universe. He actually had a good sense of humor. He could imitate anyone's voice. I very clever creature. I worked on various other projects that involved the collection of UFO related intelligence. I worked with a Special Agent R. who was our counterintelligence agent who conducted operations to prevent disclosure. He was briefed into the above Top Secret COSMIC-MAJIC program called Majastic-12 in 1980. I wish I could go public because I can prove that the UFO subject is real and to let you know you're on the right track. Thanks to Robert Collins. Editor's Note: Similar letters are circulated on the net, our big problem is to determine if they are genuine.
BELA ISLAND -- On July 7, 1999, two UFOs were seen over the Baleia Beach. The sighting occurred around 12:00 A M, and was seen by three residents. They called the police but nothing was found. According to the residents, the UFOs had a strange metallic yellow color and were coming from the ocean, about 25 meters above the water. The objects stayed static, hovering near the beach , emitting a soft sound for 10 minutes, when suddenly they increased their speed and disappeared. They had no wings. The shape was like a flat cigar 20 meters in length.
JARDIM DAS PIRANHAS -- Thiago Ticchetti reports that: The Diario de Natal Newspaper of July 6, 1999, indicated that a UFO was filmed in Rio Grande do Norte. Amateur film producer Ricardo Rilley Oliveira, 32 years old, videotaped a strange object. His attention was attracted when he left his house at 8:00 PM on July 5, by a craft. Later that night he saw the phenomenon again. The object was the size of 20 stars. The colors are visible in the tape and shine like a fluorescent light. The UFO was blue at that time, and then became reddish." Ricardo Rilley said, The object was shaped like a plate. The sighting lasted 10 minutes and seemed to effect the camera's battery. On Sunday they filmed the object again, but it was higher in the sky. Many other witnesses saw it. This time the object reflected more shine that could be taped better. It was a white orb and them became red, with a green circle around the hole, that changed it's colors. Thanks to Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, Director of the Publication Department and Specialized Translation "Diário do Grande ABC " Newspaper. (7/6 and7/8/99.
I don't normally carry this kind of story, but this one claims they'll land on my birthday. British UFO Magazine web site claims, John a London taxi driver phoned. He wanted to know if they had heard a rumor that aliens may be about to land on 2nd August! John claimed that he picked up some Microsoft executives to take them to the Dorchester Hotel in London. He overheard the executives state, the United States had to reveal all they knew about UFOs by 2nd August or there would be a mass alien landing! A fanciful hoax? Thanks to UFO Magazine at Editor's Note: Rumors from France claim that information from military and gendarmerie is being released that indicate that aliens are landing on Earth. Speaking of landings my son's first child was born on July 13th. Her name is Alexandria Danielle Filer, who weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces.
Alien craft are penetrating our atmosphere on a regular basis. Fortunately they do not generally cause major problems. On occasion they may have sabotaged or accidentally interfered with nuclear ballistic missile systems apparently to provide a warning to world governments. For now they seem content in collecting intelligence information, watching, and carrying out their other missions. Although these craft have been visiting us for more than fifty years, perhaps for thousands, there are few stories of hostile action. Even these hostile encounters seem to involve actions of self protection. Their technology appears far superior to our comparatively primitive weapons. Based on recent intelligence data from C. Stevens we estimate numerous UFOs will be observed over South America, particularly in Chile and Argentina. Sporadic reports will occur over the Northern Hemisphere particularly Mexico and the Middle East. Numerous videos will be taken of the objects. Venus is a brilliant "Evening Star" low in the west at dusk with a magnitude -4.4. MARS with a magnitude -0.3 shines orange in the southwest during the evening. The significant videos will not be of planets, but of UFOs.
VANCOUVER -- Scientists at the Millennium Group are worried that Comet Lee, a wild card (non-periodic) comet first discovered by Australian Steven Lee on April 16, 1999, may pass discomfortingly close to Earth sometime starting in mid-August, 1999 and continuing through early 2000. At the very least, they say, Comet Lee may cause solar explosions (CMEs) in our solar system, earthquakes, and hurricane -- like weather on Earth. At the worst, well, Shoemaker-Levy's comet fragments crashing into Jupiter could be a pictorial warning for Earth if Comet Lee is captured in Earth orbit. Millennium scientists claim Comet Lee's behavior is defying all predictive models by NASA's and other's supercomputers. James B. Ervin says, "The truth of the matter is that nobody can project its path. I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that it will pass much closer to Earth than originally anticipated. Thanks to Millennium Group at: Editor's Note: My calculations are that Comet Lee will not strike Earth. Don't be surprised to see meteors with long paths across the sky. We might even get a few daylight fireballs.
Larry W. Bryant Director of Governmental Affairs for MUFON has written to Mexican, Ambassador Reyes-Heroles. Dear Sir: Word has come to me of the surfacing of an official US document referring to the rumored retrieval by US military authorities of a "flying saucer" from its crash-landing site in December 1950 on Mexican soil across the border from Del Rio, Texas.
As I await receipt of the planned press release on this development, it occurs to me that the Mexican government may wish to embark upon an effort to reclaim this part of international history stolen from Mexico by the opportunistic and deceptive US soldiers who chose to confiscate the apparently extraterrestrial spacecraft without proper authority from your central government. Accordingly, I suggest that you immediately contact the US State Department with the request that it proceed with the prompt return of the craft to Mexican custody, accompanied by an official US apology for the improper confiscation. Should the US State Department deny your request, I recommend that you file a formal complaint with the United Nations World Court in The Hague. Concurrently, you may wish to convene a "truth commission" in Mexico (patterned after the truth-commission process being pursued in South Africa) to investigate and report upon the facts, events, and principals associated with this international incident of official deception and cover-up now nearing its 50th anniversary.
The "Del Rio Case Truth Commission's" subpoena power could help ferret out UFO-cover-up whistleblowers and produce further documentary evidence from both sides of the border in this unfolding saga of what occurred, and why, on Mexican soil so long ago. This renewed opportunity for investigation and public disclosure comes at a time most apropos in the history of UFO research, both in the United States and in Mexico. For, right now, US citizens in at least 16 states are contemplating the gathering of signatures for placing on their respective ballots a proclamation calling for a full-scale congressional inquiry into the UFO cover-up. Likewise, Mexican citizens' awareness of UFO reality has intensified during the past few years of increased UFO activity in your country. I realize, of course, that you might wish to predicate your response to this revelation upon your receipt of the document in question. As soon as I receive a copy of it, I shall forward it to whomever you designate as the appropriate recipient in your embassy. Could you please have that person call me soon at 703-931-3341 to coordinate this transmittal? Thank you for helping reopen, reexamine, and resolve this historic case of international intrigue.
A second letter has been sent stating: "I also ask that you inform the ambassador of the following (formerly classified) excerpt from a 1950 official US military document that surfaced in a recent examination of UFO-related records maintained by the US National Archives that: "It has recently been rumored that one of these so-called flying saucers crashed in Mexico; however, the details are somewhat bizarre at this moment." (written to an M.I.T. scientist by US Air Force Lt. Colonel Robert H. Blount, chief of the Medical Research Division, Office of the Surgeon General, Headquarters, USAF, the Pentagon.) Washington, DC. Thanks to Larry W. Bryant MUFON. Editor's Note: This is one of the few documents over looked in the sweep of military records mentioning a UFO crash.
My name is Matt Graham. A few weeks ago, a few of my friends were over and we were swimming in our pool. Since we were having a good time, we decided to take a few pictures. When we developed the film, my mother and I were shocked. In a few of the pictures, we saw what we took as a spirit of some sort hovering above my father and around my friends in some other pictures. I'm going to send a copy of this picture. I'm hoping that you can tell me what it is? Thanks to: Matt Graham. Editor's Note: These orbs or spirits are becoming more common and may indicate high electrical current as discussed next.
GUNTERSVILLE, AL -- The International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity is focused on researching the lightning circuit in thunder storms. Atmospheric electricity is like a massive photographic flash. An electrical charge is built up, a switch is closed, and electrons barge across a gas, ionizing it and producing light. But a flash is a complete circuit. In the case of the Earth, Conference Chairman Dr. Lothar Ruhnke explained, the atmosphere completes the circuit. Thunderstorm charge generation happens inside clouds. Current flows out of the tops of clouds -- blue jets and red sprites may play a role -- and connects with the upper atmosphere and the ionosphere. Ultimately, the current returns to Earth through the clear atmosphere. Because it's diffused over most of the globe, it's also quite weak at any given point. "All three values are very difficult to measure," Ruhnke said. The current is 10-12 amps per square meter -- "almost nothing." The field is about 100 volts per meter, meaning that the electric potential increases by about 200 volts from the ground to the top of a persons head. Finally, air is an excellent insulator, so its conductivity is close to zero. Lightning appears to circle strongest updrafts in a thunderstorm. The NASA Science web site indicates that, "Fair weather' measurements are important to understanding thunderstorms, lightning and atmospheric electricity. While experts advise you to stay indoors to avoid lightning, few will tell you that you can't escape it altogether. In fact you're soaking in the return path for all the thunderstorms taking place across the world. Fortunately, the voltage is modest and the current is almost nothing. "Fair weather electricity deals with the electric field and the electrical current in the atmosphere, and the conductivity of the air," explained Dr. Lothar Ruhnke of Airborne Research Associates in Weston, Mass."
The discovery of the fair weather circuit followed Ben Franklin's demonstration that lightning is caused by electricity. Would-be experimenters take heed: Old Ben was exceptionally lucky. Others replicating his experiment have been killed, so don't try it. Later experimenters showed that clear, calm air carries an electrical current which, it turns out is the return path for the electrical display we know as lightning. In effect, there is a fair weather "circuit," showing normal potential between the ground and atmosphere. Lightning research at NASA/Marshall and the Global Hydrology and Climate Center is finding large amounts of electricity around us even during fair weather. Ruhnke said. Even though you're standing in an electric field, your hair does not stand on end. (If you were outdoors, and it did, it would mean you're about to be hit by lightning, so tuck into a tight crouch right away.) Thanks to Dr. John M. Horack, Director of Science Communications NASA/MSFC. Editor's Note: The air and ground around us is charged with electricity and impressive orbs and plasmas are being photographed by UFO researchers. It is possible that the formation of a crop circles is tied to this lightning circuit process. W. C. Levengood of Michigan hypothesizes that plants in some sampled formations are affected by numerous spinning plasma vortexes that contain microwave energies. Their research has also found meteorite dust within the crop circles. My hypothesis is that meteorite dust may be the catalyst to cause the lightning circuit's current to pass through the crops in a particular area. UFOs may not be part of the process. However, persons who have examined the UFOs claim they have put their arms into the sponge like material and pulled out a dusty arm. A UFO traveling through space would likely pick up the meteorite dust and deposit it when hovering over the crops. Observations of the fields at night should determine if UFOs participate in the process. The orbs and plasmas floating in various photographs may be part of this electrical circuit. Orb photos can be seen through the courtesy of Chuck Warren at the new NJ MUFON Website at:
The Snyder Family invites people to join with them in celebrating the life of Stephen L. Snyder at the South Jersey Regional Airport. Steve was the Director of Air Victory Museum when he lost his life recently while flying his F-86 jet aircraft. There will be a military flyby, skydiving, missing man formation, paraplane, memorial skydive and other events starting at 1:45 on July 23. Steve was the inventor of the square parachute and many patents and a great guy. We are building a UFO exhibit in the museum and need your help.
Lunar Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was at Edwards the night the UFO chase occurred. The 6th person to walk on the moon said, "The night it happened I investigated it myself and this was a real event." Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force. During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106 fighter interceptors. You are there in an important part of UFO history. Hear it for yourself, its the best UFO tape ever made and its record of a real event. The cost of the tape is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- you can send either a personal check or money order to: Independent International Films, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857.
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