Latest UFO Sighting
Reports From BC
From Bill Oliver <>

10-Aug-99, Logan Lake:
A young woman witnessed "groups of stars" that formed and moved like jellyfish. Viewing conditions were ideal. She is familiar with constellations but felt these were more like "life forms". She said there is a copper mine at Logan Lake.
25-Aug-99, Burnaby: (10:30 pm)
A woman was out walking her dog when she spotted a triangular configuration of 3 red lights north over the Lougheed Highway, travelling in a westerly direction. She claims to be familiar with conventional aircraft, as her husband is a commercial jet pilot. She was unable to detect any accompanying sound. The lights/object was in view for about 1 minute.
Early-Sep-99, Port Alice:
"I recently came across your request for possible sightings of UFO's around Northern Vancouver Island, this came as a surprise after encountering a strange occurrence about 3 weeks ago in the South West sky above Port Alice. While working in my backyard I heard the sound of jet traffic and looked up (as I have been doing for years) to identify the type of A/C and identified it as a 747. However, while watching it I observed another object that at first I thought to be other non-conflicting traffic heading West above the 747 that was cruising at I'd say 30,000 to 35,000 feet. As the craft passed I stayed focused on the other craft to identify it. This object was positively above the 747 when they crossed paths and was stationary. I called over to my girlfriend and she also observed the object. The object was metallic in nature (silver / reflective) and appeared round in appearance but I couldn't gauge its size with no reference other than the 747 that had long passed. At that time I would say it was about the size of the tail section. The weather was unlimited at this time. I watched the object for some 2 - 3 hours on and off and it didn't appear to move at all, although relocating it in the sky was painstaking. Eventually I went on with other things and forgot all about it."
2-Sep-99, Surrey: (4:30 pm)
A man driving south on 152nd Street noticed an object in the southwest sky. It was a round white ball with a tail, sort of like a comet. He watched it for about 10 minutes as it sort of "floated" across the sky. Eventually it just faded away.
6-Sep-99, Surrey: (10:55 pm)
A man watched a stationary, small, red, pulsating light in the northeastern sky for a period of 5 minutes. The sighting so disturbed the witness that he shook for 30-45 minutes!
9-Sep-99, Vancouver: (6:05 am)
A witness saw a brilliant sparkling light "the size of a dime" (held at arm,s length) in the south-southeast sky. During the next 20 minutes it went west to east, then east to west, repeated this pattern, decreased to a pinpoint, and then reverted to its former size. It was finally lost to sight above the trees in the distance.
This "light" was probably the planet Venus.
9-Sep-99, Campbell River: (1:45 pm)
The witness was driving 15 kilometres south of Campbell River Airport when he spotted a turkey vulture in the sky. As he watched it he suddenly saw, higher up, a very fast white circular object crossing the sky. He estimated it might have been at 20,000 feet, or even higher. He had it in view possibly 25 seconds. He phoned the Campbell River Airport, but they were unable to offer any explanations.
12-Sep-99, Maple Ridge: (5:30 pm)
The witness, Greg, was outside in his yard when he saw a bright light, "like a light bulb", floating about 100 feet above a nearby pine tree. When he called to his wife to look at it, the object took off at a high rate of speed. It seemed shiny in appearance as it moved away to the west. Total viewing time was 1 to 2 minutes.
12-Sep-99, Fromme Mountain, North Vancouver: (00:30 am)
Five companions had decided to party on Fromme Mountain (just east of Grouse Mountain). They parked and hiked up for 1- hours to a cabin. They were sitting around with the ghetto blaster playing when two of the members noticed flashes of light in amongst the trees. When they turned off the ghetto blaster, a sound could be heard that resembled a high-pitched generator. This sound seemed to last "5-10 seconds" Mark walked away from the group about 20 to 30 feet, until he was underneath the source of the sound, which seemed to be above the 80 foot pine trees. The noise, which had now changed to a distinct pulsing, was so intense that he had to put his hands over his ears. Another companion later said that the noise seemed to send a "wave" through his head. The pulsing sound continued for another "5-10 seconds", then suddenly stopped. Throughout the experience, nothing was observed that might have caused the noise.
The group remained a further hour before descending the mountain path and returning home.
While writing up this report, we noticed that there appears to be a "time distortion" in the way the witnesses remember the event. They claim the initial noise only lasted 5-10 seconds and the pulsing noise was an additional 5-10 seconds. This seems far too short when you consider they were inside a cabin when they first heard the noise.
13-Sep-99, Brewster Lake: (mid-afternoon)
"On this day my wife Rose and I were fishing at a lake named Brewster. This lake is located approximately 40 Km. northwest of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. The sighting was viewed at mid afternoon on clear day, under a bright blue sky, no wind. Rose was the first to notice it and commented to me "Look, what is that?" and pointed towards the object. I was amazed at what we were viewing. It was a very large object silently passing through the sky without any noise at a very fast speed. When first seen, the object was floating through space from about center of the lake and moving in a southeast direction. Its altitude we guessed was 1000 meters, or similar to what a very high flying aircraft such as a Cessna plane would fly. We estimate the time for it to pass from view into the horizon was half a minute. It had attached a very long floating tail and large body, the colors for both silver, similar to satellites as viewed on TV. The shape of the body was conical. The length of the tail we estimate to be 200 meters, the body of cylinder 30 meters long and 10 meters wide.
Really looked like the largest kite we ever seen which would have taken a DC3 to launch it."
13-Sep-99, North Vancouver: (10:00 pm)
A man and his wife again saw anomalous lights on Grouse Mountain, on both the east and west side. The lights were flashing and could easily be seen without binoculars. They observed then for a good 30 minutes. This was the fourth time they have seen these lights. (see 23-Aug-99, North Vancouver)
17-Sep-99, Kamloops: (10:30 pm)
In the northern sky, Mike and 4 friends watched a super bright red light that would dim, disappear, and then re-appear. It stopped. Moved very fast. Completed tight loops. Sometimes a white light could be seen for 10-15 seconds, at which time a jet engine type noise could be heard. This became apparent on one pass over Mike,s home. Also, during the time it was stationary, 5-6 "shooting stars" appeared in close proximity to it. Total observation time was 45 minutes
18-Sep-99, Nanaimo: (9:10 pm) NAV Canada Report
"OD",#1999-09-18# "OH","2110" "OL", "Nanaimo BC" "RB"," Nav Canada" "DE","A resident of Nanaimo observed an object looking north from the 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock position. @ 45 degree angle sweep across 8 miles east to west at approximately and altitude over 10ô000'. It was whitish with 3 lights in a triangle. There was 1 object and it happened in less than 5 seconds.
19-Sep-99, North Vancouver: (10:36 am) NAV Canada Report
"OD",#1999-09-19# "OH","1036" "OL", "North Vancouver BC" "RB"," Nav Canada" "TR",#1999-09-22# "DE"," A resident of North Vancouver reported 8-9 objects brightly shining red & blue some with tails extremely high in sky over North Vancouver looking towards Horseshoe Bay. NORAD notified.
30-Sep-99, Vancouver: (5:00 pm)
A man and his friend watched an object like a "glider, minus the wings" high above Grouse and Seymour Mountains. The "craft" was travelling slowly to the west and was viewed for 10 minutes. The witness has flown gliders out of Hope. The sky was clear and viewing conditions very good.
3-Oct-99, Langley: (11:15 pm)
The witness went on to her balcony in Walnut Grove and saw a very "beautiful Christmas ornament" in the sky. It looked like a golf ball with an inverted "V" on top of it. The center was red with green and yellow on either side. The object made no movement for about 3 minutes, then it flew fast towards North Vancouver. No noise was detectable.
9-Oct-99, Gibsons: (11:00 pm)
A man and a woman saw a red light rapidly approach them from the direction of Sechelt. It was below the tree level and appeared to be only 4 inches in diameter! It stopped about 25 feet away and bobbed up and down. The woman screamed. The man ran to a nearby house. The occupant came out in time to see the light moving away. During the short observation, the woman said she felt "vibrations" in her head.
14-Oct-99, Surrey: (1:03 pm)
The witness was driving south on 156th Street when he observed a shiny cylinder, low in the southeast sky, that changed from brilliant to grey to misty. It then repeated the sequence. He estimated its position as 15 degrees above the horizon. He only watched it for a short time, as his viewing was frequently obstructed by trees lining the road.
14-Oct-99, White Rock: (8:45 pm)
The witness was travelling southeast on Highway 99 when she spotted a "star" in the clear night sky. The object appeared to drop towards her and then became stationary and proceeded to pulsate in a red/blue/white sequence. She pulled her truck off the highway and put on the emergency flashers. She then noticed that the pulsations of the object were in sequence with her flashers. After 5 minutes of watching, the witness proceeded to her home in White Rock. The object seemed to move off and follow her until she finally entered the underground parking. Total viewing time was about 15 minutes.
15-Oct-99, Surrey: (4:00 7:30 am)
Ray was in his living room looking east out of the sliding glass door when he spotted a white light that he initially thought was an incoming aircraft. Sometime later he noticed it was still in the east, but slowly moving south. At 4:50 he started filming it with his camcorder, and continued until 7:30 when it was no longer visible through the viewfinder. During the filming period, the light/object appeared to pulsate and change shape, at times resembling a "shield", a "jellyfish" and a "cone". Ray,s wife, Krista, also observed it for much of this time.
15-Oct-99, Vancouver: (11:59 pm)
The witness was looking north towards the mountains when he noticed a "quite large" blue fireball travelling from northwest to southeast. He commented that it was "too low" and perceived it only briefly.
16-Oct-99, Burnaby/Coquitlam: (4:25 am)
The witness was driving a tow truck east on Highway #1, near Willingdon, when he spotted a white light to his left (north). It looked like a "headlight" and seemed to be about 300 feet in elevation and pacing him. After about 5 minutes the object ejected a silver dot and shot out a green "finger" that he viewed for about 4 seconds. When he exited the freeway, just before the Port Mann bridge, the light crossed in front of him so that it was now on his right (south). At this point the object seemed to hide behind a tree and became fainter, as if it was moving away or dematerializing. Total viewing time about 15 minutes.
The driver also noted that just before he first saw the light he also noticed that the surrounding area (Boundary and Grandview) was in a power blackout. BC Hydro confirmed to UFO*BC that the power was out in this area for about 3 hours.
17-Oct-99, Victoria: (7:55 am)
Three people watched a very bright object low in the eastern sky. It was moving very slowly and to the naked eye appeared to be "out of round". Through a 200 mm telephoto camera lens, the object appeared to be "tear drop shaped with two points instead of a rounded head and a pointed trailing end". Although the sky was clear and the object was very bright, it did not appear on any of the 8 pictures taken. After several minutes it disappeared behind a neighbour,s roof. No stars were visible, but the planet Venus was seen higher in the sky to the southeast.
17-Oct-99, Burnaby: (1:30 pm)
"I was playing disc golf at Robert Burnaby park in Burnaby, right near the TCH, when my friend pointed out a relatively low flying jet. Then I noticed a much smaller silver object that seemed to be pacing it on the left side. The object was crystalline in shape, like an oblong hexagon or octagon tube with a pointed and multi-faceted ends, kind of like the end of your average quartz crystal. In a size comparison, if the jet were a foot long, the object would have been about an inch. The jet seemed to veer to the right, away from the flying crystal which seemed to continue more or less straight. I watched it for 10 or 15 seconds trying to point it out to my friend. Then, just as he caught eye of it, it sort of morphed and the next thing we knew, we were seeing it as a perfect silver sphere, and then a couple of moments later we realized that there were two of these spheres reflecting in the bright sunlite. I will attempt to attach a simple drawing of what we saw. There were no lights or other distinctive line."
19-Oct-99, Sechelt: (7:45 am)
Five witnesses observed a whitish glowing object high in the southeast sky, moving slowly to the west. When observed through binoculars, the object appeared to be oblong, wider than it was high. Total viewing time was about 15 minutes.
19-Oct-99, Richmond: (11:45 pm)
The witness was heading north on #7 Road when she saw a bright blue flash over the cranberry fields, about 500 feet away. She saw an object like an upside-down pear (cut in half), blue for 2/3 its length, and yellow and thin at the bottom. She watched it for 15-20 seconds before it began to slowly fade away from the base up. Her acr was not affected in any way. The sky was clear.
20-Oct-99, Vancouver: (10:40 pm)
A man and a woman observed a large white oval object travelling from east to west above the north shore mountains. At arm,s length it was about 1 inches long. There was a trail of pink and blue sparks trailing from the larger white light. Total observation was about 5 seconds. The night was clear and there were no detectable sounds.
21-Oct-99, Sechelt: (00:55 am)
A 35-year-old man spotted a huge UFO over southeast Trail Island, at a very low altitude. He banged on his parent,s door and woke them up. They all viewed the dic-like object for about 1 minute before it began to move to the southeast towards Vancouver. They estimated it was 100 feet long, 40 feet high and was about 2 kilometers away. It had red, amber and green lights. The son said it appeared to have a "tail" when he first saw it. His viewing time was about 5 minutes.
22-Oct-99, Sechelt: (2:00 am)
The witness awoke from sleep and looked out his bedroom window to see a big grey saucer in the southwest sky, over the ocean. There was no detectable noise. He has no idea as to what alerted him to the object. He then went back to sleep.
24-Oct-99, Surrey: (10:10 pm)
The witness observed a bright object in the southwest sky, possibly between Tsawassen and White Rock. It was like a white sparkler that "jumped" forwards and backwards. Viewed through binoculars, it appeared diamond-shaped with red, blue and green lights. The witness is accustomed to incoming and outgoing aircraft in this area of the sky, but this was strangely "different". After about 1 minutes, the object was lost from view as it disappeared behind a tree. No noise was heard.