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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #40 10-7-99
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The purpose of Filer's Files is to enlighten and give the reader insight into the real world and the universe that surrounds us. In a democratic society we have a right to know that numerous Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) are in our skies. They present an enormous challenge to expand our awareness of their possible operations that may be responsible for cattle mutilations, crop circles, abductions and even missing persons. Millions of Internet users choose to read UFO sighting reports from concerned citizens. This interests makes UFOs the second most popular subject on the Internet. Sex is still number one. Most of the following reports are the initial sighting reports and whenever possible the sightings are investigated by trained field investigators. I'm convinced UFOs exist because I chased one as an Air Force officer. President's Carter and Reagan saw and reported UFOs. Representative Gerald Ford asked Congress to investigate them in 1966. Thousands have seen them and the reports continue at over 200 each month with 300 during September. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell the sixth man on who visited our moon told me, "UFO research is the most important endeavor of humanity!"
LEVITTOWN - Saturday night, October 2, 1999, Mike and friend were standing on the deck of his apartment, located not far from Kennedy airport. Mike states, "I lifted my head up and out of no where, I see this thing moving at an incredible rate of speed on an angle downward towards the tree line! It's huge and silent and looks like a giant baton with a very dimly lit sphere on each end. I watched it for at least five seconds as it headed west. At 8:45 PM, as it hit the tree line it made an exact 90 degree left turn heading south and then suddenly blinked out. I was really amazed. It made a 90 degree sharp turn into the wind and the shape was out of this world? The UFO was at least the size of five jumbo jets in length and that might be a conservative estimation! I don't think words can describe how incredible this was! My friend and I ran across the street to my sisters to tell her and my wife what happened. Thanks to Morgan Clements Director, World Wide UFO Reporting Center Editor's Note: Nearby a large disc was reported on Long Island on July 14, by the owner of a taxi firm and his passengers. On September 1, a college educated family had a similar report. Swiss Air pilots reported a near collision of a UFO with their 747 in the same general area on August 9, 1998.
GRAFTON - Australian Barry Taylor reports, "I got nine minutes of a great bit of UFO footage on September 15, 1999. At 10:55 AM, I saw an orange UFO trailing something under the object that looked like a shiny 'ribbon.' It was attached to a black thing under the silvery main object and rotating like a tadpole swimming. Joseph Haas writes that Filers Files #39 carried information on a strange dangling 'ribbon.' "Where can I get a copy of the video?" I would like to give copies to the witnesses in Alexandria, New Hampshire USA who saw a similar UFO ten years ago. The details are with Peter Geremiah of MUFON NH. The UFO with a ribbon was seen by a Deputy Clerk of the Plymouth District Court and her spouse. Thanks to Joseph Haas in NH and Barry Taylor in Australia Editor's Note: I hope they can exchange data to determine if the witnesses saw similar UFOs?
Douglas and Kathleen Blair write, "On Saturday, September 25, 1999, at approximately 11:25 PM, I was driving on Route 89 North, and suddenly observed in my left peripheral vision, a green fireball in the sky near Exit 13. The color was a startling neon green, or like the electric green color of a Christmas tree light! This was interspersed with a stream of an "electric blue" colored "tail." I definitely saw this fireball. Thanks to Douglas and Kathleen Blair
WEATHERSFIELD - Larry Clark has been in contact with Dean Burgess who reports he was coming home from school on September 29, 1999. We were at a dead stop on I-91 South because of construction work at Exit 24. Dean stated, "I noticed two state police officers pointing at a triangle shaped craft around 100 feet off the ground." It made no noise and hovered for the five minutes. The craft had an intense light on it and a haze that seemed to enclose around it. There must have been thousands of people who passed by and saw it. Thanks to Dean Burgess and Larry Clark . (Larry Clark)
TAMPA - Several persons have reviewed the FOX TV Channel 13 video taken on September 7, 1999. The video shows a colorful object moving across the sky rather slowly at night. Some observers feel they saw a triangle shaped craft, others claim it is a bolide. NORAD claims the object was a piece of space junk. Nick Balaskas wrote: "The visual evidence does not support Ignatius Graffeo's views that the object reentering the Earth's atmosphere was a UFO rather than a Russian booster. Ignatius responds, "The Fox TV Video tape will refute any ideas you have about the object being a spent rocket booster since it would be fiery, burning up, falling fast, and would not be displaying blinking red, green and amber colored lights in a controlled slow moving flight." This object is characteristic of a triangular craft, origin unknown. Ignatius has taken a poll of people who have viewed the Fox video. The Poll results so far reveal? Rocket booster (3) 7%, Triangular craft (27) 61%, Bolide or meteor (2) 5%, Not sure what it was (12) 27%. Thanks to Ignatius Graffeo. Decide for yourself at: Editor's Note: On my four inch viewing area, the object or objects do seem to be falling from space. It appears that the object probably is space junk hit by an unknown object causing it to disintegrate at an unusually massive rate. ORLANDO ñ On August 21, 1999, at 11:45 PM three of us were talking girl talk. My Mom looked up and said, "What is that?" The three witnesses saw glowing circular objects above their driveway. We stood up and observed two objects then another appeared out of no where, and now there were three. They were crisscrossing each other erratically in the sky very rapidly and disappeared after twenty minutes. Thanks to WWUFORC e-mail
VERONA - Eric writes on October 3, 1999, that there is a crop circle just outside Madison on Highway 151 at Highway 69. Thanks to Eric EHARTZ4U
RIPLEY COUNTY - Dan Mulford reports that a witness saw highly maneuverable lights in the western sky on September 21, 1999. Several lights, seemed like plane lights, but did not move in linear or straight lines. They maneuvered all over the sky at 8:45 PM. The witness called his wife, who counted ten lights to the north. So he phoned his Dad who lives farther north in Osgood. His Dad said, "They move many times faster than any aircraft and come to a complete stop." One clearly visible dove to the ground and flew back up very quickly without any sound. Their son, a high school senior, also saw the UFOs. All are familiar with fighter jets that frequent the area. Thanks to Dan Mulford and Ken Young at UFO Fuse Net.
DUNDEE - On September 29, 1999, four witnesses saw a white saucer lit up almost like a crystal, but as big as a large house. My wife, two children and myself were driving westbound on Route 72 approaching Route 25. At 8:00 PM my wife said, "Guys do you see that?" I looked up and saw a huge lighted shape in the sky moving less than 10 mph. The craft appeared to rock, but was kind of stationary. We pulled off the road to try to understand what we were seeing. We all assumed it to be a blimp, but after observing it for at least ten minutes, we left because we could not believe what we were seeing. Later, my wife sister a teacher told us that a local school teacher had written an article for a local newspaper about a UFO sighting last night. Thanks to Morgan Clements, World Wide UFO Reporting Center
FARGO - On September 6, 1999, I saw a large cigar shaped object in the night sky at 10:30 PM. It was cigar shaped, and made no sound and had no lights as traveled north. I could see it the western sky, because it blocked out the last two stars of the handle of the big dipper. It traveled pretty fast and was out of view very quickly. Thanks to e-mail WWUFORC-.
LOVELAND - Morgan Clements Director, of the World Wide UFO Reporting Center writes, "We are working on a unique possible abduction case with an experiencer who has been branded with a special undeniable mark on her thigh." We hope to find someone who has seen this mark before. On September 21, 1999, the witness reported very strange dreams that were a little too real to be dreams. The witness states, "I'm not sure if there actually was missing time but I closed my eyes then I opened them-and then it was the morning already. Almost every night I get a very strange feeling that I'm going to get abducted, but have not ever been before to my knowledge. In my dream I am in a very dark place that looks like the field about one half of a mile from my house. I see a landed alien ship. I blink my eyes and the next thing I know I'm in a silver ship. An extremely bright light was pouring from it as if it were liquid-light. Inside there was a bunch of TV monitors that display images of what seemed to be various sections of the interior of the ship. The creepiest thing I saw was an alien with large oval shaped black eyes wearing a shiny blue suit. He seemed to paralyze me. He was lying on the floor and he didn't have eyelids so I couldn't tell if he was knocked out or just resting. I continued exploring the ship and saw a TV monitor that showed the alien on the floor had disappeared. I saw some movement through the wall of the ship and realized that it was that same being! After everything is a freaked out blur. In the morning and I felt terrible and found two new scratches on my upper lip. Thanks to M. Clements
ROSEBUD - Jerry Burgess reports that on September 22, 1999, my wife stepped out to the back patio for some fresh air at 10:30 PM. She saw something strange on top of the hill close to our home. At her plea I hurried out to see what was so urgent. In back of our home there is a six miles long ridge of hills with electrical transmission lines on towers. On top of the hill, close to one of towers there was a hovering set of brilliant lights. There seemed to be three small lights surrounding a center light that blinked in red and green less than a mile away. I got my binoculars and ran next door to show my neighbor the object. My spouse and neighbor say they had the impression the object was a truncated triangle. The object moved slowly along the hill top to the south without making any noise. Then suddenly it accelerated very fast and disappeared in a flash of light. On returning to the house our computers had shut down and some of the digital clocks needed to be reset. However the television sets remained on. I have now seen three UFO's, two in the last month. I saw the first one fifty years ago at the age of twelve. I am a member of MUFON and CAUS but a skeptical person. However, after the last two experiences my skepticism is shrinking rapidly. I noticed there was a moderate breeze that came up during the observation and died down on the departure of the UFO. Thanks to Jerry Burgess
Jim Doerter a retired college professor writes that, I would be happy to send my collection of sightings from fire lookouts. They are mainly linked to US Forest Service (USFS) people. In 1959, I personally had two dramatic sightings on my tower in south central Washington. One fluorescent blue shape was seen over my tower. Later that year we saw a 300 foot long craft sail right past my tower near Mt. Adams. It came from the Mt. Hood area towards us. It was silent and ringed with red and white lights -- moving at high speed. At the end of the summer my family and I went to Penn State to work on my doctorate. Four years ago, I told my experience to a meeting of lookouts and I was surprised when others told me of their own experiences. Since then I have collected 50 stories from USFS people mainly in the Northwest. It's difficult to find lookouts to talk to since many are afraid to tell their stories since they might lose their jobs. There are fewer lookout jobs now and they do not want to be left "off the list." The main reason I started my research was the naive idea that I would get the US Forest Service to encourage people to report their sightings. The USFS is not quite ready for all this so I got no help or encouragement. It's strange, I got your E mail recently and only today saw you on an old 'Sightings" television program. Up until today l never saw your face. This was a common situation as a lookout you would contact people every day but never actually meet them. Thank you for all your hard work. Thanks to: Jim Doerter, 80 -Scenic Drive, Ashland, Oregon 97520 PS- I am better looking than you :- )
ALBUQUERQUE - Submedical writes, "I felt it necessary to come forward with my own 'encounter' in June of 1998. I was driving to work, when I noticed a saucer shaped disk hovering over the Manzano Mountains next to Kirtland Air Force Base. The 'odd' thing I noticed is that it had U.S.A.F. markings on the craft. Now I am an educated person with a bachelor's degree in business, so don't think I'm a 'nut.' I just wanted to tell someone who is in the UFO business that I saw one with American, Yes! American USAF on the side of the craft. The craft has great speed and was only there for a few seconds then, it just disappeared. I'm not sure if telling someone will get me into trouble or not, I just wanted to make the public aware that the US is now capable of building and flying saucers! Thanks to Submedical
I am an American who lives in Brazil and I have been doing research here for twenty years. I am always interested in statistics that have to do with disappearing people like the Falun Gong claim is happening in last weeks files. Here in Brazil, every three minutes a person disappears according to last year's statistics and this year its even more alarming. That's 175,000 missing people per year for Brazil alone! People disappear for various reasons to do with drugs, organ harvests, abandoning family, etc. However, there is the possibility (and I say this because of ongoing research into the "UFO" scene) that aliens ARE kidnapping people! In Brazil, there are formal and informal groups trying to discover what is going on. People disappear in the most mundane ways: going to the corner for cigarettes, walking to and from work. These are ordinary people not involved in drugs or with any mental/emotional problems or other motives for disappearing. Some may be kidnapped to remove their vital organs for medical transplant purposes. There seems to be something else going on. I find that whole families, once there has been a UFO sighting, seem sensitized to all sorts of phenomena. One person I know went to a barbecue in a residential area and during the evening she thought someone was calling her from the garden. She walked to the gate and was hit with a strange light. That's all she remembers. She was suddenly missing and everyone rushed around trying to find her. Several hours later, she was found some distance away, totally dazed and traumatized curled up in the forest! I know this girl well. She is a teenager and a very sober person who is currently writing a complete report for me. She was returned, but how many people do? Her father has been abducted and even visited by strange men in black here in Brazil. I believe that the whole picture is very complicated and may involve dimensional shifts. I have a lot of data that points to that explanation. Um AbraÁo as we say here, Thanks to Cynthia Newby Luce
BAKU - A respected Doctor of Sciences in geology and mineralogy El'chin Hallilov has used an advanced Sony camcorder to capture 40 minutes of video of a hovering a huge glowing rotating UFO over the capitol of Azerbaijan. A conference of astronomers was being held at the Shemahinskoj Astrophysical Observatory in Azerbaijan at the same time. The 50,000 frames of video was taken to the meeting and viewed by astronomical experts who were amazed by the hi quality digital video. They were shocked by the clarity and length of the film that seems to show a huge hovering spaceship or a confidential American weapons system. The video is considered sensational because it shows a large flashing brightly lit blue craft hanging above the city for several hours starting at 9:45 PM on September 24, 1999. The astronomers could not explain it away as a natural phenomena such as plasma or a comet. The film then shows the craft magnified 300 times showing a surprising technical complex device. It consists of three main parts. The front is in the shape of a full sphere. The rear of the craft rotates around an axis passing all along the object. It seems to radiate high power heat and radiation. The object turns and it is possible to see its full length, and then it is a full-sphere with a truncated bottom. There are flashing lights and portions seem to rotate showing two plate like objects. At times it appears as an isosceles triangle and then forms into an eclipse and disappears. This is a rough translation of the Russian article in the Moscow newspaper 'Komsomolskaya Pravda.' The astronomers agreed that natural objects do not take on these shapes and hold stable for several hours. The object was obviously some type of technical object. It was agreed to create a commission to study the film and acquire data on anomalous objects. Thanks to Anatolij.
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