UFO Close Encounter In
Granada, Spain
From Scott Corrales
From UFO UpDates-Toronto
Source: Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofisicas (SIB-Betelgeuse)

Place: Finca Buenavista, vicinity of Cortijo de La Polilla. Municipality of Alhama de Granada.
Witness: Jesus Maldonado, approximately 40 years old. Single. Tractor driver (on an hourly basis, working for the owners of a number of farms).
Information about the area: The Alhama Spa, a source of hot springs, is located in the vicinity. Alhama is one of the geotectonically most active places in Europe.
Research team: José Antonio Martín Framit, Oscar Iborra, Antonio Salinas (and Juan Rodríguez as an assistant).
Description of the Incident:
Jesus Maldonado headed to work at the Buenavista farm early that morning. Curiously the road leads him to the point by which the tractor driver would later encounter the landed object and the witness cannot explain why he was unable to see it at that time.
Maldonado boarded his tractor and began plowing. At 8:30 a.m he became aware of an intense light toward the east, facing him. At first he thought the light belonged to a motorcycle owned by one of the area's goatherders, who was coming toward him for a chat.
Suddenly the light went off and he was able to see how a trunco-conical object began rising from the ground to an altitude of three meters. The object might have been three meters in diameter by two meters tall. Its appearance was metallic and a reddish-orange color. It was able to split in two parts, a lower one (roughly 1/3 of the object) which remained fixed and unmoving, and an upper part (roughly 2/3 of the object) which rotated very slowly from left to right. The object was windowless and lightless, and lacked signs or emblems on its structure. It was located at a distance of some 200 meters. At the time, the farm was cropland at the time. Normally barley is cultivated and there were still remains of last year's barley around, since the tractor had not yet started its work.
Maldonado stopped the tractor's motor and observed the object. Something appeared to protrude from the lower, non-rotating part - a sort of appendix which could not be clearly seen because the sun was directly behind the object and the appendix was almost on its back. He also noticed that object was not completely circular - rather, it had some sort of gentle ondulations to its structure. The objeto began to fly toward the witness without making a sound, and moved at an extraordinarily slow rate of speed. The witness was standing in a location slightly higher thatn the object, so as the object moved toward him, it was also rising very slowly to match the terrain. Maldonado suddenly felt afraid and states in his own words that "I didn't know if to start crying or run the away."
The object placed itself at a distance of 50 meters from the witness, stopping its forward motion, and began to recede at exactly the same maddeningly slow speed. It went beyond its landing point and placed itself near a cattle farm known as La Polilla. It then stopped and began heading toward the witness once more, however, when it passed over him (heading westward) it was now quite high in the air.
The witness kept looking at it until the object seemed very small in the sky 30 minutes elapsed from the initial sighting until it disappeared completely. The witness composed himself and continued with his work. He drove the tractor to the object's landing area and finds an imprint measuring approximately 3 meters in diameter with a wedge (measuring approximately 1.5 meters) protruding through one of the sides of the circle. All of the grass (last season's barley) was crushed within the circle, although not extensively.
That very same day, feeling rather scared and nervous, he told a friend at Alhama de Granada about the incident. The friend (Antonio Cerezo) hada also had a UFO experience a few years ago. After thinking it over for several days, he decided to tell his story to a journalist from the IDEAL newspaper to see if other witnesses will step forward.
No further witnesses to this event have been found. The sighting took place at 8:30 in the morning and although neighboring farms are usually quite busy. Given the fact that it was Good Friday very few people went outside to work the fields.
S.I.B. rebuilt the landing print based on the witness's recollections and descriptions. We headed to the site and made some elecromagnetic readings which did not yield positive results. Soil samples were taken and shall be analyzed shortly in spite of the problem posed by the soil's tilling.
A visit to the S.I.B. page is recommended to see updates and photograps of this case, which shall be made available to the UFO community shortly.
Antonio Salinas Director, Departament de Ufology/Exobiology Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofísicas
Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) Special thanks to Antonio Salinas, S.I.B-Betelgeuse
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