Art Bell Prevails In
Defamation Hearing
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Nashville (April 28, 2000) - Late night radio host Art Bell took a significant step forward today in his two-year battle to vindicate his reputation. After lengthy oral argument this morning, Judge Marietta Shipley rejected attempts by local radio stations WWCR and WNQM and radio host Ted Gunderson to dismiss Mr. Bell's lawsuit against them.
Art Bell filed his defamation lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Davidson County after Mr. Gunderson and David Hinkson accused him of molesting children on a program aired worldwide on WWCR, a Nashville-based short wave radio station. Citing the emotional harm that resulted from the false charges, Mr. Bell announced on March 31, 2000 his retirement from radio broadcasting.
Art Bell's lead counsel, Gerard P. Fox of Los Angeles, had the following statement:
"When a person has been defamed, there is no putting the genie entirely back in the bottle. However, the Court's ruling today that Mr. Bell has provided sufficient evidence to allow the case to be decided by a jury goes a long way toward restoring his reputation. This day in Court has reaffirmed Mr. Bell's confidence in our judicial system."
Additional information about Art Bell's lawsuit may be obtained by calling Gerard P. Fox at (310) 229-9300 or Mr. Bell's Tennessee lawyer, John Wood of Branham & Day, P.C., at (615) 742-4880.


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