Chupacabras Said To Have
Been In Chile Since 1970's
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
From Jaime Ferrer
Calama UFO Center
Translated by Mario Andrade

A local Calama municipal employee has stated that the chupacabra related phenomena occurring in northern Chile are nothing new. She personally witnessed mysterious deaths of domestic animals during her childhood.
According to her testimony, the event took place when she was only 6 or 7 years of age, in 1970 or 1971. She witnessed the appearance of a strange creature when she went for a walk with her 10-year-old sister. Nevertheless, the entity that she describes was not all that similar to the typical blood predator; in her case, it was a serpent-like creature.
"During that time, I lived with my parents in a small rural village near the San Pedro and San Pablo volcanoes. This mountain region is located at about 230 kilometers from Calama.
"I remember walking with my sister one afternoon near a brook where our lamas used to go to drink water. Suddenly, we saw a large serpent that did not crawl; instead, it seemed to fly slightly above the ground at a great speed. It was so fast that it left a trail of dust like the roadrunner cartoon characters. Due to our childhood innocence and curiosity, we decided to follow it but it was too fast and it disappeared.
"The following morning, my father went out to feed the lamas. To his surprise, he found 10 of them dead. Coincidently, all of the dead lamas were pregnant and they all died the same way - with a neck wound.
"My father blamed the strange deaths on the military. He was very suspicious of some troops that coincidently, were patrolling the towns nearby. My father was very angry because all of the pregnant lamas were dead. In an effort to save some of the meat, my mother decided to cut open five of them.
It was then when she realized that the animals did not have a drop of blood in their bodies.
"The orifice in the neck area of the animals did not have an exit wound. Furthermore, no bullets were found inside the neck; in fact, that was the very reason why my father could not sustain a case against the military troops. He could not find bullet projectiles inside the bodies; therefore, he did not have enough evidence to sustain his claim.
"The next day, my mother cooked the dead llama meat. When we began eating it, we all noticed a horrible taste. I remember all of us complained about the bad taste of our lunch.
"The other 5 llamas were still outside, in the same place where they died. Vultures and condors soon began to arrive to begin to feed on the dead animals. Nevertheless, they too rejected the llama meat. They began acting strange, flapping their wings against their chest very violently. Some of the birds vomited shortly after they ate. We have never seen anything like that."
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Miami UFO Center


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