UFOs Are NOT Blimps
From Bill Hamilton <>

Here is a quote from the most recent Filer's Files. Based on witness testimony, this rules out the so-called stealth blimp. Blimps do not accelerate to speeds faster than jets or jump around. Unknown to those not involved in the investigations, two of the large objects in the Phoenix Lights also made incredibly rapid accelerations. The large objects that passed west of Lancaster, California in 1988 and over my 10 acres, moving at blimp speed at the time were also spotted in Fresno where they accelerated to tremendous speeds. Popular Mechanics was also trying to explain these objects as blimps. The blimp explanation seems to be wearing thin and is just another variation of the Air Force balloon stories. As the Millstadt police officer wrote to Joe Nickell "Nickell does not state the facts, or just hasn't done his homework". That seems to be the way with many of these debunkers. They do not study the facts.
"I called Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center and spoke with John Alexander at National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Their investigation has now located eight witnesses who observed the UFO in Southern Illinois east of St. Louis. Some of the police were chasing the UFO at speeds up to, 80 mph. The UFO moved very slowly at an estimated 20 mph. Then suddenly streaked 8 miles in 3 seconds, according to the witnesses. Craig Stevens in Milstadt saw it to the west of him seem to suddenly jump twenty to thirty miles. Assuming the witnesses were correct the craft moved at 9600 mph. The object was described as like a guitar pick with panel of lights red or pinkish lights. The aft-end of the craft was lit up indicating some type of the propulsion system."
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.
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