Magnetic Field Anomaly
Over Seattle - UFO?
Courtesy Peter Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center

NUFORC extends its sincere gratitude to Mr. Robert B. Frost, aerospace engineer (ret.), for sharing the data below, regarding a very peculiar magnetic anomaly that was recorded by him with a very sensitive magnetometer, which he maintains at his home in north Seattle. The event occurred at approximately 2211 hrs. on Saturday night, February 01, 2003.
We find the event to be of interest because 1) it appears to be grossly anomalous, and 2) because the peculiar event occurred approximately 30 minutes before two seemingly credible, and independent, reports of sightings of a large disc-shaped object in the vicinity of Spokane, WA. We invite comment on the event from any parties who might be able to provide an explanation for such a large magnetic anomaly.
We have known Mr. Frost for many years, and we are satisfied that the data are quite reliable, as presented here. Mr. Frost has struggled to come up with an adequate explanation, but has failed to do so at the date of this writing.
"At 10:07 pm February 1, 2003 an anomalous signature was recorded on a 3-axis magnetometer located in Seattle, Washington. The data was recorded at a one-sample-per-second data rate, with a resolution of one nano-Tesla(nT). The anomalous signature was sinusoidal, with a duration of approximately 50 seconds. Peak to peak magnitude values were: 32nT in X-axis, 81nT in Y-axis, and 11nT in Z-axis. Comparisons were made with other manmade object signatures recorded at this location, such as automobiles, aircraft, and trains, none of which matched in wave form, or approached peak to peak magnitude (being less than), or duration (being shorter than). Short term transients caused by solar wind activity are another potential source, but has not been observed creating such symmetric sinusoidal signatures. Solar wind induced variations tend to have more irregular wave forms although peak to peak values of this magnitude do occur."



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