North Dakota UFO Buzzes
B-52 And Missiles In 1968
George A. Filer <>
Director - Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #27 7-10-00
North Dakota UFO Buzzes B-52 And Missiles In 1968
From George A. Filer < Director - Mutual UFO Network Eastern MUFON Skywatch Investigations Filer's Files #28
MINOT AIR FORCE BASE - Ken Seven writes, "Regarding last weeks Filer's Files #27, I can verify verbally, and have the papers to prove that I was stationed at a radar installation about 22 miles south of Minot during 1966 to 1968 with the 786th Minot Radar Station." I was involved in the incident alluded to your Files last week and in the book "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good, that states on page 300, "The much respected researcher Raymond Fowler, who once served with the USAF Security Service, had revealed details of a NORAD-related incident that occurred on 5 March 1967. NORAD radar tracked an uncorrelated target descending over the Minuteman missile site at Minot AFB (91st Strategic Missile Wing), North Dakota. Strike teams were notified immediately and sighted a metallic disk-shaped UFO with bright flashing lights moving slowly over the site. Three armed trucks chased the intruder until it stopped and hovered at 5000 feet. The teams had orders to capture the UFO undamaged if it landed, but it then began circling over a launch control facility. F-106 jets were about to be scrambled when the UFO climbed vertically and disappeared at high speed. Fowler has received confirmation from undisclosed sources that there have been other instances when UFOs have hovered directly over nuclear missile sites."
Anyway, your mentioning this incident makes me think it was the same one that I was involved in. My "experience" was from an entirely different perspective than from the air but only adds validity and depth to your case. I was involved in an indirect-direct sort of way with the missile incident involving a UFO. My friend, who was on the shift manning the radar scopes, during this incident, even though we were told later that the incident was classified, wrote a letter (brave of him, or, naive) to the then military's spokesperson Dr. Hynek. He actually tried to correct Hynek, who at that time was saying publicly, "If there were solid aerial UFOs that our military radar systems would be tracking them." In other words, officially and publicly, our radar are not giving evidence to validate the public's claims, which my friend, and all of us knew quite the contrary. He wrote Hynek a letter saying the evidence is there, they are solid, they are maneuvering, and they were at that time showing a lot of interest in the missile sites in North Dakota. Not only that, there were two radar site fixes on that UFO with both the 786th's and Minot AFB; (see below), This pretty much ruled out that our radar site was faulty; plus, you had the Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) ground observation of it also.
I was in a position to verify the tampering with missile sites by the UFOs. There were a group of about ten NCOs, that were a maintenance crew at a missile site, who phoned our radar site reporting they had a ground visual of a UFO (or UFOs?) doing very odd maneuvering near their missile site. The UFOs would drop down from out of sight to about a mile in elevation and stop at that point; then float like a leaf to about 500 feet? They would reverse the floating leaf back to the mile elevation, and then repeat this maneuver. I have forgotten how many times, because it may have been several UFOs at one time. Only one dropped down as if to land. Meanwhile our radar got a fix on it such that it indicated a very real unknown/s. These were solid maneuvering object/s at the site. Our protocol required us then to phone the radar systems at Minot AFB for them to also get a fix on the unknown. They also got a fix on their radar, which meant, for a certainty, that it was a very real unknown. Protocol required that jets be scrambled to intercept and to identify the unknown. In this case, they sent two jets to intercept/identify the UFO, which meant, it wasn't ours.
Because of my job function, I unfortunately had to leave my access to this activity at the critical point in which, one of the NCOs said, "Several of the crew have taken one of the vehicles to get a closer look because a UFO has descended behind a nearby hill because it looks like it is going to land"! I could not find out later what the conclusion of that incident was. I did hear later from an officer who came to our radar site, "That the jets were unable to intercept (and that even though we had two radar fixes and the ground visuals, the jets could not lock onto or see the UFO/s. The radars showed that the UFOs and the jets converged or should have been seen visually? The UFOs would climb vertically and shoot upward from the mile high level to out of sight at more than either 3,000 or 5,000 mph, which my friend in the radar room corroborated.
I can confirm that the military were well aware of the UFO activity and that in this Minot instance, it was associated with a missile site, and the military at normal operational levels were dealing with such activity as standard operating procedure. "They were told to track but keep it quiet." Yet, publicly, Hynek was saying, there was no solid radar evidence. I vaguely recall that my friend was visited either by Hynek, or a representative of his. It was, as if, Hynek was not in the loop about the military's real stance; that he had to come and visit the radar site to get a confirmation rather than the military offering the evidence to his Blue Book investigative team. If they did, it was probably filtered; it was probably about this time that Hynek's thinking began to change, if I recall. Well that's my been my "experiences" while in the USAF ADC. Thanks to Ken Seven.
OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE - John Hickman writes, "I read your article about the B-52 at Minot with much interest- and I have a slightly similar story that may interest you. I was stationed at Offutt Air FB (55SRW) near Omaha from 1981 to 1984. Around 1982 or '83, a story was making the rounds about either one or several UFOs being seen over several missile launch sites in Montana. (I believe they would have been under the control of Malstrom AFB.) The interesting thing about the sightings was that shortly after the occurrences, several of the missile guidance computers located in the missile warheads had their data banks wiped clean- so they couldn't be launched- launch and preprogrammed course data was just gone. Since we were co-located with Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters, I am reasonably sure that this was a real occurrence that leaked out. At any rate, I have always wondered what they were trying to tell us, it is obvious we were pretty much helpless against their technology, or maybe just a warning that we'd better play with each other nice or they'd take our toys away. Thanks to John Hickman
MINOT AIR FORCE BASE - In Captain Kevin Randle's new book Scientific Ufology he reports on a Project Blue Book case dated October 24, 1968, when missile crews, control personnel and maintenance personnel observed a UFO in the vicinity of the base. The following is the tape between the air controllers and the B-52 crew with call sign JAG Three one.
At 0330 hours: The controllers received the information that there was a UFO 24 miles to the northwest. A B-52 jet bomber (JAG 31) flying at 2000 feet was on a calibration check and requests a clearance from radar personnel.
At 0334 "MIB (Minot) approach control does JAG 31 have clearance to WT fix at Flight Level 2000?"
JAG 31, Roger climb out on a heading of 290 climb and maintain 5000. Stand by for higher altitude. We're trying to get it from center now.
At 0335, the controller asked, "And JAG 31 on your way out to the WT fix request you look out toward your one o'clock position for the next fifteen miles and see if you see any orange glows out there? "Roger, roger glows 31, "Someone is seeing UFOs again!" "Roger I see a........ (Rest of transmission garbled)
At 0352, The controller then radioed, "Three one, the UFO is being picked up by weather's radar also. Should be at our one o'clock position three miles now"
The pilot said, "We have nothing on our airborne radar and I'm in some pretty thick haze now and unable to see out that way."
At 0358, the pilot then requested an instrument guided approach, and received instructions. The pilot called, and then the transmitter went dead, but they could hear instructions from the ground. The controller asked them to squawk ident," which meant to use the aircraft's transponder which would paint the controller's radar with a large, glowing blip with the aircraft's identification.
At 0400, the controller then radioed, "JAG 31 if you hear me squawk ident...JAG 31 ident observed. Cleared for the approach attempt. Contact on frequency 271 decimal three and you're cleared for the low approach. They continued to have radio problems for another couple of minutes.
At 0402, they were able to communicate easily. The pilot said, "Our UFO was off to our left side when we started penetration.
"Roger, understand you did see something on your left side." "We had a radar return at about a mile and a quarter, at nine o'clock position for about the time we left 200 to 14..."They discussed the troubles with the transmission and then, the controller asked, "Affirmative. I was wondering how far out did you see that UFO?"
"He was about one and a half miles off our left wing at 35 miles when we started in and stayed with us 'til about 10."
"I wonder if that could have been your radio troubles?"
"I don't know.... But that's exactly when they started. "At 0413, Jag 31 are you observing any more UFOs? Negative on radar. We can't see anything visually.
JAG 31, request you have someone report to base ops after you land.
What we have, then, was a group of sightings made by men on the ground, at the missile sites scattered around the base. There was radar sightings from ground and weather's radar. There were visual sightings from the crew of the B-52, and an airborne radar sighting where the target traveled at 3,000 miles per hour. Scope photographs were taken. There were sightings made by S.Sgt. Bond the FSC at Nov. Flight, S.Sgt. Smith at Oscar-1, Julelt, and Mike Flight Team and a number of men in widely scattered locations. The object landed at location AA-43 and the entire observation lasted for 45 minutes. Fourteen other people in separate locations also reported the UFO. Security alarm were activated for both the outer and inner ring at the missile sites. When the guards arrived at the outer door it was open and the combination lock on the inner door had been moved.
Editors Note: The case in my estimation was never investigated properly. Project Blue Book personnel never sent a representative and the case was essentially written off despite the interest of several Strategic Air Command generals including 15th Air Force's Major General Nichols. The sighting was officially explained by on November 13, by Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla who wrote, "The following conclusions have been reached after a thorough study of the data submitted to Foreign Technology Division. The ground visual sightings appear to be of the star Sirius and the B-52, which was flying in the area. The B-52 radar contact and the temporary loss of the UHF transmission could be attributed to a plasma similar to ball lightning. The air visual from the B-52 could be the star Vega, which was on the horizon at the time, or it could be a light on the ground, or possibly a plasma. No further investigation by the Foreign Technology Division is contemplated.
This is a classic Blue Book case where dozens of Air Force personnel who see B-52s and stars nightly have their testimony doubted. They know when they've seen a UFO. In this case the scientists doing the Condon report agreed that this was a real UFO. The apparent damage to the missile site and disruption of B-52 radio transmissions was in my opinion a threat to primary nuclear offensive systems and should not have been trivialized. The records speak for themselves. This article was taken from Scientific Ufology written by Captain Kevin D. Randle USAFR. I consider this his finest book and recommend its reading. This case like thousands of others are explained away with any simple mundane explanation that can be found. Yet many cases involve the tampering of key government weapon systems. It appears Quintanilla either did not care or had instructions to write off most of the sightings with any available excuse. I wonder why the reports were white washed, while the Air Force's scientific advisor Alan Hynek was coming to the opposite conclusion that, UFOs were real?

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