Spain: Man Hits UFO Sphere -
Explosion Of Multicolored Lights

Scott Corrales

Source: Jos Manuel Garc'a Bautista/Rafael Cabello
July 23, 2002
UFO Sightings Over Seville Continue
The province of Seville appears to be experiencing a startling amount of UFO activity. In addition to cases involving landings and humanoid encoutners in recent months, we must add a new event of which details have already been made known. This sighting occured in the vicinity of the town of Aznalcollar.
Around 21:45 hours that evening, L.L.R. was heading back toward Seville after spending a day working in the Sierra de Hueva. The witness was driving along the road belonging to the Aznalcollar-based Boliden-Apirsa mining company (currently closed), when he saw a small light in the distance which appeared to be crossing the road.
"As I approached I thought it might be a motorcycle, and that it would stop at the crossing to yield," he told us. The driver, believing that the light belonged to a normal vehicle, did not slow down, but was struck by the bluish-white hue of the light. When he was some 20 meters away from the object, he realized that the "thing" appeared not to be aware of his presence. "I kept getting closer, and when I saw that it had no intentions of braking, I flashed it with my high beams without slowing down. Next thing I knew, that thing was right in front of my car."
Reconstruction of the eyewitness's encounter with the small spherical UFO.
At that very same moment, the driver thought that an impact was inevitable and imagined his vehicle running over the alleged motorcycle. However, none of that occurred.
"I collided against it and turned away, expecting an impact, but it didn't occur. There was only an explosion of multicolored lights. I got out of the car to see what happened, but there was nothing on the road! No accident, no casualty, nothing whatsoever! I became hysterical. I scanned the length of the road and even looked under my car, but found no traces of glass or other materials..and of course, there were no casualties either."
Although the witness found no signs of an impact, the hood of his car showed signs that something had indeed made contact with the vehicle. "I thought that if I'd collided with something, the front of the car must be very damaged," admitted L.L., "but when I looked there was nothing, only some sort of a thick water that vanished upon touching it...nothing more...I thought I was going to pass out, but I was glad not to have run anyone over. I returned to Seville as calmly as I could, but I had trouble starting the car, and the battery refused to work. The following day I took it to the shop and I was told it looked new...but, given its age, it should be nearly exhausted."
Translation (C) 2002. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Rafael Garcia V.


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