Streiber Calls For Serious
Scrutiny Of UFO Evidence
By Ihosvani Rodriguez
Express-News Staff Writer
UFO writer Whitley Strieber challenged both the scientific community and news media Monday to focus more attention on what he described as the "ever-increasing" evidence of encounters with extra-terrestrial beings.
Backed by recent video footage of apparent sightings, Strieber, a native San Antonian, made his plea before more than 300 people at a Mind Science Foundation-sponsored lecture at McAllister Auditorium.
"We are depriving ourselves (of) an incredible amount of resource that is out there," Strieber warned. "There is a filter (of skeptical scientists and media workers) that is preventing us from learning more."
During the lecture, Strieber acknowledged alien encounters are as common as they were centuries ago. However, because of vastly improved technology " particularly in video cameras " UFO sightings have received more attention than ever before, eliciting more interest and scrutiny in the process.
Strieber showed videotape footage from three separate incidents of purported visits from out of this world.
The videos included UFO sightings that appeared at the same place in California three years in a row each Nov. 22. That footage showed a round, bright object that seemed to self-destruct after a brief appearance.
Strieber said he believes the annual sighting actually is a "theatrical" performance conducted by intelligent life from space seeking human attention.
"They are goading us to interact with them in whichever form we can," Strieber explained.
Another video tracked a smaller object, also round and bright, as it made its way around a Sao Paulo, Brazil, neighborhood. A 7-year-old boy shot the footage, which reportedly later was authenticated by Brazilian authorities.
Perhaps the most intriguing image of the night was taken aboard a 1996 NASA space shuttle mission.
On the video it appears as if astronauts focused their attention on circular objects hovering above the Earth's atmosphere. The camera zooms in on these unexplained objects, including a number that zigzagged in and out of focus immediately above Brazil.
Some audience members gasped or shook their heads incredulously during the video. Strieber seemed appalled that NASA officials have refused comment on the video allegedly smuggled out of the agency's Jet Propulsion Lab.
A controversial giant within the UFO community, Strieber claimed in his breakthrough book "Communion" that aliens had been abducting him regularly since 1985.
His first-person account of being studied, probed and mind-scanned inside alien "clean rooms" brought hundreds of other "abductees" out of the closet when it became a best seller in 1987.
More notably, Strieber's accounts " whether true or not " have been widely recognized as boosting the acceptance and discussion of UFOs into mainstream America's psyche.
On Monday, Strieber spoke very little of his own experiences " for a man who has gained so much attention for personal interaction with aliens.
His only personal insight came late in the evening as he discussed an apparent implant found behind his left ear.
Strieber said doctors tried once to remove the object, but it moved suddenly when a scalpel touched it. The surgical procedure was featured during a NBC special broadcast earlier this year.
Strieber said the implant still is lodged in his ear.